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4 Reasons Fireplaces are a Good Addition to Your Home

Family sitting near a fireplaceWhen you think of chimneys, the image of Santa Claus coming always comes to mind. But did you know that having a fireplace in your home has numerous benefits than simply being a piece of architecture at home? In fact, from 2008, the demand of chimneys in UK homes have shown a significant increase — an industry which was thought to be in decline.

Still putting behind your scheduled chimney cleaning in your London home? Here are some reasons having a fireplace is a great addition to your home:

1. Enjoy Cosy Fires

Having a fireplace gives that cosy warmth, especially during the cold season. It definitely is a good place to hang around with family and friends, read a good book, have some nice conversations, or simply enjoy numerous indoor activities. Moreover, it could give you that warmth you need when the electricity is out.

2. Indulge A Romantic Setting

Always thinking of date activities to do with your significant other? Your fireplace definitely gives the romantic atmosphere that you can enjoy with a partner. Dim the lights, set the table, have a dreamy dinner with your loved one and enjoy the warmth of the room.

3. Get Some Eco-Friendly Heating

Whether you are using an old-school fireplace, or any efficient wood burning appliance, then chances are you are using fewer fossil fuels from consuming too much energy. The lesser carbon dioxide you emit, the more you save the environment.

4. Saves Some Energy

Fireplaces are a cost-effective solution to keep the house warm without using too much electricity on heating appliances. Moreover, you can use your fireplaces to cook — heat some soup or roast some marshmallows when needed.

Thus, having a fireplace definitely brings a number of practical benefits. For better use, subscribing to chimney cleaning service is important to ensure the safety and efficiency of your fireplace.

Places to Get Creative Ideas for Your Home

House Under Construction

Ran out of ideas on how to improve your home? These places may just give you your next big idea for a home project.

Go to a Home Improvement and Garden Expo

A home and garden show is an event that gathers businesses engaged in the sale and service delivery of various home features like interior designers, home entertainment and automation, outdoor living, gardens and swimming pools.

They do not happen on a regular basis in most places, but when they do, they are rich with ideas. So if there is a home and garden show near you in Utah, you may want to grab the chance and visit.

Browse a Home Improvement Magazine or Website

Yes, home improvement magazines still exist. These magazines usually have an in-house team of interior designers and home improvement experts that curate creative arrangements and designs for your houses. Sometimes, they also encourage contributions from experts from outside their company.

If you are having trouble finding a home improvement magazine, you may want to check on the Internet instead as a lot of them have online platforms.

Be Inspired with Greenery

If it is your garden that you think needs to be improved, then maybe you want to see how other people manage their greenery in their respective homes.

Look at the Exteriors and Lawns of Affluent Neighborhoods

Do not worry, you are not stalking. You are just going to observe what you can see from the street of an affluent neighborhood. While this may not be too helpful in inspiring you in overhauling the decorations of your interiors, it will give you ideas on how to make your exteriors and your lawn more attractive.

Apart from the places above, it will also not hurt to bookmark pictures of great homes that you see on social media. Even pictures from hotels will help.

How to Detect Furnace Trouble and Save Money

Furnace being checked
A furnace problem in the winter is a great inconvenience, particularly if the cold is harsh. Such issues may even expose your family to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The cold season is still a couple of months away but that does not mean you can ignore the need for furnace service in Indiana. Legacy Heating & Air suggests that it is best to have your furnace checked, repaired, or replaced, if necessary, to prepare for the cold season. Temperatures in Indiana could drop from a high of 85.6°F in the summer to a low of 18.5°F in the winter. If your furnace is showing some issues, you might face a biting chill with a problematic furnace. But how do you detect furnace trouble in the first place?

Observe the Thermostat

Most furnaces, whether old or new, come with a thermostat which open and close depending on the temperature. Your furnace comes to life when the thermostat indicates that it needs heat. If the temperature in your home’s interior is lower than what you set in the thermostat, then it might have a problem. You can test this by looking for the red and white wires attached to the thermostat and then letting their endpoints touch. If your furnace comes on when you perform such test, then it is possible that the thermostat is the issue.

Check for Unusual Sounds from the Furnace

It is normal for your furnace to emit little noises as it tries to warm your home. Nevertheless, if you start hearing some strange clanging or banging that last for several minutes, then it may have a problem. The cause could be anything from a dislodged heating unit to a host of other, more serious, issues. Try to listen carefully to your furnace for any unusual sounds as it comes to life. If such sounds persist until the next day, then you should get in touch with experts on furnace service. Finding the root of the problem at an early stage would help prevent it from getting worse.

Check Furnace for Strange Odors

Your furnace may have a problem if it starts to emit a strange odor which indicates that it may be suffering from a leak. There might be parts in your furnace that needs replacement. Strange odor could also indicate loose nozzles or nuts, or even the presence of foreign materials near your furnace. If you are having these problems with your furnace, get in touch with an expert technician right away to fix the issue. Do not wait as such problems may not only trouble you but also endanger the entire household.

Early detection of signs can help avoid issues from getting worse. This means you can save a lot in terms of repairs and servicing. Not only that, you can also spare your household from the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or your property from going up in smoke. By calling in the experts at the first sign of a furnace problem, you save yourself a lot of trouble.

Walkways and Patios: The Frames of a Landscape Plan

Landscape Plan From your home or from your street, walkways will lure you into a garden and enhance your experience of it. This is why garden designers have to lay them out thoughtfully to make them stand out. Whether you choose a walkway canopy or a simple path, consider below information to make the most of its functions.

The Welcoming Walkway

In the order of walkways, the front walkway is always the most significant. It should be welcoming and wide, and has enough room for a couple to walk side-by-side. The path leading to your front door is the perfect spot to place fragrant plants, such as lavender or roses. You could also consider long-blooming perennials like small scale evergreens or spring bulbs like summer annuals. Pots full of flowers on your front walkway will be a delightful sight that your neighbours will envy.

Ensure that the path extends beside the door, so you can place a piece of sculpture, a pot, a bench or a chair that welcomes your guests.

The Drawing Paths

The rest of the path that leads to your vegetable garden and side yard do not have to be as wide. Grow some plants along its path to highlight the function. A straight walkway can help you rush to your destination and even enhance your mood when walking through the relaxing garden.

Walkways of different types are tempting invitations to explore. Your kids will be drawn to them as they happily play hopscotch over stepping stones, skip along brick paths and enjoy the feel of the crunching gravel underneath their toes.

Walkways and patios offer direction and structure to your guests. They do not only function as a safe walking surface to enter your home, but they also aesthetically provide a sense of permanence even in the new gardens.


4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Sliding Blinds Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary; as such, you desire to spruce it up whichever way possible. While major renovation projects may cost you a lot of money and time, there are easy and simple enough things that you can do to revamp your bedroom’s look and feel, minus the cost and hassle.

Here are some tips you may want to consider:

Build a makeshift walk-in closet

Building a “proper” walk-in closet may seem costly, but who says you can’t make one with inexpensive materials? Take a clothes cabinet, put it on one side of the room and install drape bars, leaving a bit of space around it. The makeshift walk-in closet will hide your clothes from plain sight and will add a fashionable feel to your bedroom.

Install sliding blinds

Specialists at yesblinds.com.au tell us that while sliding blinds are usually associated with offices, these can also work in the bedroom. These are especially perfect for bedrooms with expansive glass windows. Just place crossbars a little above the top edge of your window and install the blinds. Not only will the sliding blinds make your room more stylish, it will also give you privacy and protection from the sun’s glare.

Put a study table in your room

Reading documents from work, or maybe working on school tasks before you sleep is a common occurrence on weekdays. As such, it makes good sense to incorporate a sturdy yet stylish study table in your bedroom. Tables made from mahogany or maple wood are usually the best options as they fit with practically every room theme. For a chic touch, round wooden tables are also a great alternative.

Go ahead, put your bed in front of your window

It’s an old-school design rule that you cannot out a bed in front of a window. Positioning your bed this way whilst still achieving good design aesthetic can be challenging – but it is not impossible.  This works best with higher windows, and with those that have a good window treatment (such as panels or drapes).

Freeform: A Pool Shape for Any Backyard

Pool Builders in Brisbane If you’re looking to build a pool, deciding on a shape is one important consideration. The shape should work in harmony with the layout and design of your backyard, complementing the existing landscape. A rectangle pool is a common choice for many homeowners, but can you still choose other shapes if this doesn’t fit the available space.

A freeform pool is a great choice that works well in most backyards, notes a specialist from Bellevista Pools. It can complement any landscape and can be patterned around the elements of nature. Pool builders in Brisbane share a few other reasons to consider this shape.

Great for Any Layout

When it is not possible to alter the existing layout of your backyard, freeform pools are an excellent alternative. As they don’t have a specific shape, it is easy to custom design to fit and maximise the available space. The round edges mean that the pool can flow freely around your landscape.

Flexible and Adaptable

Freeform pools are gaining popularity because they are flexible and can adapt to any design element in the outdoor space. The soft curves and free-flowing motions of this shape make it a great choice for recreational use in a typical backyard setting.

Resembling a Body of Water

Many contemporary freeform pools today have natural rock and flagstones around the perimeter. These are usually designed to resemble a natural body of water like a lake or pond. You can also combine the stones with water features and pool lighting for an impressive backyard oasis.

Maintaining Flow and Balance

While its name suggests freedom in design, a freeform pool still needs to have flow and balance. Consistency is important, and it should not have plenty of curves. It should have gentles and soft curves for a relaxed and natural appearance. You don’t want the pool to look inconsistent and busy.

Whether you have a small or a big backyard space, a freeform shape is an excellent choice. You may consider other shapes like a kidney bean or a lap pool if you have a limited space. Just be sure to choose a reliable pool builder avoid issues regarding installation.


Landlord-Approved Ways to Decorate Your Rental

Rentals in Wellington Point Decorating your temporary home can be complicated because you have to weigh a number of considerations, including your deposit. The problem is, most landlords do not really permit the tenant to make permanent modifications on their property.

Fortunately, there are houses for rent in Wellington Point, such as those offered by patbarrettrealty.com.au, that allow minor changes or room repaint as long as the tenant takes care of its original condition.

Even though you cannot incorporate traditional decorating methods, you can still rely on below ideas. These will help you enhance the personality of your rented home without jeopardising your deposit.

Set Up Bold Wall Art

Be fearless and cover your walls with intricate artwork. Do not even think about those old student posters because they are outdated already. Instead, choose a more mature and chic design, like screen prints and lettering prints. You can even combine and match designs for a contemporary appeal.

Consider Wall Hangings

Wall hangings can serve as a speedy fix if you have unwanted things you want to cover up on your wall. This can range from a stain, a crack or a doorframe. If you use it in your bedroom, it can also be a stunning headboard that is not really complicated to make yourself.

Use Wall Stickers

You can personalise your walls without getting your landlord mad by adding stickers to liven up a room. Choose ones that are easily removable, so you can take them off once you move out. There are even functional wall stickers that come with hooks to hang coats.

Include Statement Lighting

Even though you cannot change where your lights go in the ceiling, you can still manage the level of mood lighting in a room. You can do this by investing in statement pendant lights, lamps, candles or lanterns.

Who says you cannot have your freedom when you are renting? Follow the above design tricks to unleash your creativity in your own rented space.

Accident Prone Areas of the Home

Accident Prone AreasFor most people, the home is a safe haven – a private space away from the stress of work. Many would not consider their house to be a dangerous place. A false sense of security has people believing their homes are not high-risk areas, especially for young children.

Some places in the home are more prone to accidents than others. Here are some of the riskiest areas of the house:


Garages are usually dark and difficult to navigate, leading to bumps and falls. An improperly installed garage door bears the risk of being crushed. Install garage doors with sensors to lessen the risk. Capital Garage Doors says the sensor detects objects that are blocking the door. It keeps the door open to prevent injury and damage to vehicles.


The kitchen is perhaps the most dangerous room in the house, for obvious reasons. The worst accidents typically occur in the kitchen. Firstly, it is filled with a variety of sharp objects such as knives and utensils. Secondly, open flames and hot surfaces also bear the risk of scalding and burns. Keep your kitchen organised, and practice caution when preparing and cooking food.


The bathroom has hard, slippery surfaces that may cause falls. Falls in the bathroom can be serious, as they could lead to broken bones, head trauma and other related injuries. Keep your bathroom clean and dry, and use non-slip surfaces for added safety. Children and the elderly are prone to accidents while in the bathroom.

Take the correct safety measures to prevent accidents at home. Practice constant vigilance, especially in high-risk areas. This can prevent someone from sustaining serious injury inside the house. The home is a safe haven if you are careful.