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Better Exteriors: Enhancing Your Property’s Value

a fancy gate leading to a courtyard
Ornamental metal gates are one of the more popular products installed at properties to enhance their intrinsic and aesthetic value. These gates also perform an important function of protecting your pavements, curbs, driveways, or act as barriers at your backyard exit and garden entrance. These gates ensure that you have a secure and beautiful property all year round.

Lends a touch of elegance

Ornamental gates make estates inviting and attractive — the two traits that your exteriors should aim to have. They make your garden and yard a secure place to spend holidays and weekends in. For a relaxing afternoon, the garden can be a retreat to bond with your family, children, and pets. You can add a stylish and artistic gate to make the ambience of your garden even more interesting. A well-designed gate will protect your pet and children apart from adding a touch of sophistication to your exteriors.

Security and driveway gates

Iron and aluminum security gates are known for their variety and elegance. These are a delight for designers as these also offer good security. You can paint them over again and do not require that much maintenance. Being made from sturdy metals, these gates are also highly durable and reliable. Both can keep intruders away, provide easy access, and protect your pets and children.

Other types of gates

Pedestrian pavements or pathways can have some sort of protection with ornamental gates. Smaller gates provide exit and entry points for smaller vehicles, cycles, and pedestrians. There are also the classic front entrance gates that can be the entry point to your garden or front lawn. Apart from your landscaped garden, a beautifully designed gate will catch the attention of the visitor or a prospective homebuyer. You can give a classic, contemporary, modern, or sophisticated touch to your home, with appropriately designed gates.

Thus, you can increase the value of your home and property by adding chic gates to your property.

Give Your Home Some European Elegance

Close-up of an old stone fountain with dripping water and blurred backgroundOld world European homes have conquered elegance with their rich colors, beautiful layouts, and amazing furniture. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel back in time to capture that look for your home.

Invest on a Water Feature

Garden fountains or ponds are extremely popular during the Victorian era when people used their gardens for long walks and relaxing afternoons. According to Authentic Provence, there’s no need to install a big fountain or pond – just something small enough to facilitate a water feature that offers the sound of running water for that amazing atmosphere.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

European colors are mainly deep and cozy. English country houses often display yellow, white, green, and blue hues in soft tones. Others opt for deep red, dark brown, blue, orange, and olive green for a more traditional look. If you want a Spanish look, however, warmer colors are ideal. These include deep peach, yellow, stone, stucco, burnt orange, deep peach, and taupe.

Opt for Rustic Style Lighting

Fortunately, it’s easy to find hanging lights that have an old-school elegance. Chandeliers are the best choice for living rooms and bedrooms as they add rustic aesthetic appeal to every space. Opt for something sleek and elegant, preferably made from glass that helps illuminate a room completely.

Large and Rustic for the Furniture

Furniture choices follow the same rustic feel as lighting. Opt for wrought iron or wood as these are the most common materials used in European designs. Choose sets with exquisite detailing and unique accents.European style home design needs a bit of research. As you contemplate the different periods in history and the changing design trends, It’s usually best to choose your favorite period in Europe’s history and start from there.

For the Love of Beige: How to Use Beige Paint in your Home

living room and dining area in beigeBeige, beige, beige — it’s simply everywhere and plain boring. The thing is, it’s often used as a default colour with no actual thought to value, hue, and tone, as well as other colours that might look good with it. Beige is a subtly dramatic colour — the right shade could change the entire atmosphere of your home and would look different subject to different types of lighting and architecture.

Gavin Chan Decorators Limited and other designers list some inspiring ideas that could make anyone reconsider using beige for their homes:

  • Layering different tones of beige create a calming and soft look that would make you feel as if you’re walking on a cloud of cashmere. Beige, regardless if they’re dark or light, works well with crisp white trim. If you’re after a traditional and classic look, this might be the ideal option for you.
  • Cool and light beige tones, when used in a massive space, would add some warmth and cosiness, but would still look modern. These are ideal alternatives to white in large, modern spaces.
  • In the kitchen, beige appliances and cabinets are an awesome substitute for sterile white or silver. Your kitchen would still look clean and crisp, but less austere and warmer.
  • Warm rich beiges with vivid colours, like bright red for instance with some crisp white trim, is a winning combination. You could easily showcase intricate architectural details with the contrast between white trim and the beige walls.
  • Why limit to using beige on your walls when you could also use it on the trim? Consider a door in dark beige with light beige and white walls. In addition, why not use beige as an accent colour instead of a base colour? Beige walls could showcase different angles in a space and provide it much needed depth.

Do you see it now? Although beige is favoured in more traditional home styles, you could use it anywhere in your home regardless of the style of your home. Whether your home’s aesthetic is a classic, contemporary, eclectic, mid-century, or bohemian, you’d definitely find a space for beige in your home.

Finding and Creating the Perfect Base for Your Design Taste

Plantation Shutters While dated architectural features bring much character to a home, your taste and circumstances may change over time. Choosing bare bones architecture that can take on the personality of different design periods means more funds left over to refurnish your rooms.

The Value of Timelessness

Most homeowners don’t think as far forward as to the possibility of selling their home. But, this is something you may want to consider when buying or building a home. Life changes may happen that end up with a decision to move and sell. A blank template will make it easier for people viewing the house to envision themselves moving in — and make it easier for you to sell.

Notable Details

Other than timelessness, another way to make your home design flexible is to choose easily adaptable details.

Custom plantation shutters at Timbershadesgroup.com.au are a good example of such details. Plantation shutters are a versatile and functional architectural touch. They can easily filter light, maintain privacy, and promote excellent air circulation. Depending on the material, plantation shutters can be easily retouched in case of wear and tear or repainted to match the room décor.

Another great detail is the ceiling beams. Though some might prefer to mask them, some ceiling beams add a great visual impact to a room. Wood beams can be particularly desirable for rustic motifs, while smoother beams are best for modern designs.

Style it Your Way

A well-structured home is easy for most people to personalise. Most spaces are easily styled through the use of colours, furnishing, and accessories. It helps to already have a basic concept for the look you want to achieve. Most times, you may find that evaluating your existing furnishing already showcases your basic design sensibility. You can then choose to work with or around what you have. Search online for further inspiration or visit local furniture stores to see what you can add to solidify your concept.

When in doubt, you can always enlist the help of a professional to help you define the space and make it your own.