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The Health Benefits of Owning a Pool

a family swimmingSwimming can be one of the best ways to improve your well-being while enjoying yourself. Aside from the standard health benefits, home pools can give you more advantages. Read on to learn about the benefits of owning a swimming pool.

Psychological Benefits

Swimming improves one’s psychological health. It is one of the best ways to relieve stress and to improve one’s mood, as the calming waters soothe one’s spirit. Also, swimming has been proven to provide deep sleep afterward. Thus, it is ideal for those who have a particularly stressful career or lifestyle.

Promotes Healthier Skin

Swimming and exposing your body to the sun has more benefits for your skin aside from giving you a tan. Sunlight gives you more vitamin D, which helps improve your heart’s health and shields you against most common skin problems. As with anything, avoid overexposure and utilize protection when bathing for long periods. This advantage is a valid reason to call a construction company like Dolphin Pools & Spas.

Strengthens Your Endurance

The physical benefits of swimming go beyond weight management or exercise. As people age, our bodies grow weaker and break down, something that regular athletic activities like swimming can help resolve by keeping our bodies active. Also, thanks to the water relieving the pressure and impact of your movements, you can stay active without the risk of injury. Finally, you can build your muscles while enjoying yourself.

Swimming pools can be such a luxury when you consider the benefits they offer you. After all, they provide a lot more than just pure recreation. Beyond that, they also give you and your family better health and happy memories.

Diabetes with Ease: 3 Habits That Help Manage This Illness

Kid with diabetes having his blood checkedLiving with diabetes is tough. Aside from feeling so tired, hungry, and thirsty all the time, some people struggle with the stigma around this chronic disease, feeling excluded and blamed. But there’s hope for diabetes patients. There are everyday habits you can do to manage the condition better. Take charge of your health by adopting these habits:

Monitor Your Blood Sugar

Some people who already have diabetes for a long time forget the importance of this. Monitoring blood sugar will allow you to assess if you’re hitting your treatment goals and see how your lifestyle affects blood sugar levels. These are all important in preventing serious complications.

So, don’t skip self-monitoring. And also, don’t forget having monitored by your family doctor in West Jordan. He will know better how you can move forward with your treatment plan if you’re diligent in monitoring blood sugar levels.

Eat Greens for Lunch

Diet plays a huge role in diabetics since food affects blood sugar. Throw in some non-starchy green vegetables, like asparagus, cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli, into your meals. Health experts highly recommend adding high-antioxidant fruits as well, including mango, apples, and berries. Make sure to choose non-fat dairy and lean meats too.

Get Moving

You don’t have to go to a fitness center. A simple walk or bike around your village could already make a difference. Just how? Exercise reduces sugar in the blood because the muscles need and use that glucose to sustain physical activity. So even if your body is insulin resistant or doesn’t have enough insulin, you can bring that blood sugar down just by exercise.

These are simple habits you can do every day that make a huge impact on your life as a diabetes patient. Stick to this routine, and you’ll be able to live with ease, even with diabetes.

Overcoming Obesity: 3 Ways to Help Your Suffering Kid

a kid looking at the cookiesStatistics show that more than 12 million kids in the U.S. are struggling with obesity. That’s one out of every six children. If your toddler is part of that statistic, then they’re at risk of severe diseases later in life, including diabetes and heart disease. Not to mention the negative impact on mental well-being, making them vulnerable to depression, low self-esteem, and isolation.

Although genetics plays a role in obesity, you have a responsibility of keeping your toddler’s lifestyle in check. If the problem runs in your family, you should pay closer attention to their habits. Here’s how you can help them fight obesity:

Plan fun exercises.

Most toddlers would rather play with apps than exercise. And that’s because apps sound more fun, right? The strategy here is to choose fun exercises. Swimming, for instance. If they’re doing it with their friends on your yard, while you’re having a barbecue party, doesn’t the swimming activity look a little more fun?

Just a little word of caution here though. Make sure that you secure the safety of your pool since it’s the kids who’ll use it frequently. You may install one of GreatFence.com‘s DIY pool fences and use pool covers to keep kids from going into the area without your permission.

Encourage healthy eating habits.

You know this already — make them eat fruits and vegetables — but the keyword there is ‘encourage’. Serving healthy meals is one thing, but making them choose it and want it is another. They have to reach a point where they would want to eat vegetables more than sugary sweets. And this is hard because naturally, toddlers never want to see greens on their plates.

The key to changing their attitude is proper education. You have to sit down and discuss with them what healthy eating means and why it’s beneficial, so the correct behavior follows.

Lead by example.

Of course. And this is the most important. If your little ones don’t see that exercise means a lot to you, why would it be important to them? Kids copy adults’ behaviors. So when they see that you’re enjoying that broccoli, chances are, they’d try it for themselves as well.

Make healthy eating and exercise a norm in the family. If your little kids have big brothers and sisters, let them model these good habits as well.

Obesity starts in the home — and it should end there fast. Save your child from obesity, fast.

Taking Care of Your Child’s Teeth with Proper Dental Hygiene

a boy brushing his teethPart of your responsibility as a parent is to take care of your child’s teeth as soon as they appear. A good start is by bringing them to a family dental clinic in Indianapolis or anywhere else that’s close to your home. While this seems like a chore, you’re actually doing your child a favor.

When cavities appear in the milk teeth, problems could occur and lead to inadequate chewing. If left alone, these can even affect the permanent teeth’s growth. Here’s what you need to do:

Brushing Techniques

From zero to two years old, it’s best not to use toothpaste since children still don’t know how to spit it. In the meantime, use a soft-bristle toothbrush and water only. If possible, get a character design to make brushing a fun activity. Make your child get used to brushing before introducing them to toothpaste.

Introduce fluoride toothpaste when your child already knows how to avoid swallowing it. Flossing could be introduced during this time, as well. You can use either regular floss strings or special floss holders.

Children, like adults, should brush their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes. Remind them of this rule, so they won’t forget it as they grow up.

Limiting Snacks

Kids are always hungry and are looking for a snack. Unfortunately, snacks like cookies, candies, and cakes are high in sugar. This sugar can convert into acids and damage the teeth. This occurs up to 20 minutes after a snack. The best thing you can do to prevent tooth decay is to limit snacking. While that’s not always possible, you should instead encourage your child to drink water after snacking.

Dental Checkups

A regular dental checkup is necessary for healthy teeth. For children, they should have their first dental visit when they turn one year old or even earlier than that. Afterward, your children should visit the dentist at least twice a year.

Even with the best dental hygiene, things don’t always turn out well. Children will be active, and they may damage their teeth accidentally. The teeth may chip, be broken, or completely fall off. When that happens, bring your child to the dentist immediately.

What’s the Difference Between Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery?

Beautiful womanMany professionals would interchange terms such as cosmetic and plastic surgeons. The subtle yet important difference between the two lies in their core mission. Simply put, cosmetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery.

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery, such as facelift, breast augmentation, and breast reduction, aims to improve the physical appearance. It’s a unique discipline of medicine that uses surgical and medical techniques.

If you don’t want to go under the knife and only want to fix minor issues related to aging, however, you may want to choose the non-surgical offers of med spas. Clarity Skin and other experts noted that you could find chemical peels, microneedling, microdermabrasion, and many more treatments in Utah clinics.

Keep in mind, however, that cosmetic surgeries are rarely included in health insurance plans. After all, you’re undergoing treatment to improve your appearance alone.

What is Plastic Surgery?

The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) defines plastic surgery as a form of repair concerning physical defects in the skin, breast and torso, external genitalia, extremities, hand, musculoskeletal system, and craniomaxillofacial structures.

What is the Difference between the Two?

One of the reasons people are confused between the two is that plastic surgery also aims to improve the physical appearance of a patient. Think of it this way: If cosmetic surgery is about creating your dream nose, then plastic surgery is about repairing your nose.

The training requirements of a plastic surgeon are more intense than those undergoing training to become a cosmetic surgeon. As cosmetic surgery is only a part of plastic surgery, plastic surgeons are expected to have a three-year residency and a three-year plastic surgery training. In addition, becoming a board-certified plastic surgeon can take as long as eight years.

What are Their Benefits?

Plastic surgery has emotional and physical benefits. As it aims to fix and restore the function of a specific body part, it could improve the patient’s self-esteem. This kind of surgery aims to restore the body to its original form, or even improve it for better function. A patient who acquired several injuries as a result of an accident, for instance, can reap emotional benefits from plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is solely for aesthetic purposes. In medical terms, cosmetic surgery is not essential. However, many patients still choose to undergo cosmetic surgery for its emotional benefits.

You have to be thorough in choosing between plastic and cosmetic surgery. Both of these practices are considered as investments, so better make sure what you’ll be getting yourself into.

Technology: Redesigning Healthcare

a group of happy doctors at hospitalDigital technology. Gadgets. The world wide web. This is the world we live in today, and it’s just warming up. The way technology has changed the world is phenomenal. There are messaging apps, online shopping, and network gaming, which all make connections easier whichever part of the world you’re in.

Healthcare is one industry that’s greatly reaping the benefits of technology. An example of this is telemedicine providers or using 3D printing. As technology continues to develop, so do the industries that rely on it. Here’s a look at some ways technology has improved the world of healthcare.

1. Social Media

Many platforms have now developed into virtual places where industries can connect with their customers easier and faster. They can also launch campaigns or provide awareness on various health issues through posts.

2. The Internet as a Medical Encyclopedia

Because of the endless information available online, patients or their families can now do their own research about diseases and illnesses they might encounter in their lives.

Doctors are more knowledgeable when it comes to different types of practices, making it easier to communicate within the industry.

3. Better Medical Equipment

3D printing and laser treatments are just two examples of equipment upgrades health care now has. This equipment makes diagnosis and treatments less intrusive and less painful. Because results are received faster, treatment can also be done sooner.

4. Electronic Databases

Instead of stacking physical folders filled with patient history and information, providers can now directly input this information on a hand-held device that automatically stores it in an electronic database.

This is only the beginning of how technology will be shaping the world. It is fast-paced and eager to make changes that will make work easier, more efficient, and more effective for consumers, suppliers, providers, and everyone else in between.

Maintenance Care for Dental Implants in Sutton Coldfield

A dentist holding a fake set of teeth in her hands showing how implants work

A dentist holding a fake set of teeth in her hands showing how implants workDental implants are a long-lasting tooth replacement solution and, while they do not require extra-special care, taking good care of them and cleaning them regularly along with the rest of the natural teeth is highly recommended. Caring for dental implants, as well as caring for natural teeth, can help prevent gum disease and other oral health issues in the long run.

Nowadays, there are various types of dental implants and some of them may need more care. An experienced implant dentist, such as those at Sutton Implant Clinic, will offer as much advice as possible to the patients who wish to have (or already had) dental implants in Sutton Coldfield and provide information on products that suit their needs. These many include special brushes and mouthwash.

Do dental implants accumulate plaque?

As expected, any natural and prosthetic structures in the mouth can be a reservoir for plaque and bacteria. This includes dental implants in Sutton Coldfield as well as other prosthetic structures such as crowns and veneers. Though dental implants cannot develop cavities, gum disease can be easily developed on the surface of the implants or below the gum line leading to ultimate implant failure. For this reason, regular brushing and flossing as well as cleanings and examinations are recommended.

Do dental implants get infected?

Bacteria can collect on the surfaces of the dental implants and if not removed properly, this can lead to a condition known as peri-implantitis. This is a reversible process as long as it is treated at an early stage and does not lead to advanced gum disease. Symptoms include swelling and redness.

Do dental implants require special care?

For most teeth supported with dental implants, patients can easily brush and floss them. In some areas, special floss, interdental toothbrushes and other cleaning aids may be needed to maintain good oral hygiene. Special care may also be needed during the first weeks after the implant operation. The dentist may ask patients to visit more frequently; however, as soon as they are satisfied that the dental implants are healing properly, ongoing care will be like that of any patient with natural teeth.

How to Enhance the Psychological Well-Being of an Elderly

A stressed out man being comfortedAlong with deteriorating physical health, seniors also have to battle mental health issues. Here are some things you can help them do to ward off feelings of helplessness and low self-esteem.

Maintain a Routine

Following a routine gives them a sense of purpose. Even something that’s seemingly mundane, such as taking a bath, can do a lot to boost the self-image of an elderly. Bathtubs for disabled individuals can especially help if seniors have limited mobility. For those who have no problem moving around, exercise can do wonders in improving mood, so it helps to include it in the routine.


There’s nothing like a sense of belonging to keep depressing thoughts at bay. That’s why any activity that enhances social interaction is always good for them. Joining an activity center, getting involved in charity events or staying in touch with family and friends reduces the feeling of loneliness in old age.

Challenge the Mind

Anything that engages the mind helps boost the mood. Old age is typically the time when there’s too much time and too little to do. Picking up a new hobby or getting fascinated with puzzles can be very stimulating and help improve mental health. Alternatively, no one’s too old for new skills, so seniors can focus their time on learning something that interests them.

Get Enough Rest

Ample rest is key to maintaining a positive well being. Unfortunately, disrupted sleep is a common problem for most seniors. So to maximize their rest time, they need to have a regular bedtime, avoid nicotine, caffeine, and heavy meals before sleeping.

Proper Nutrition

A nutritious and balanced diet is a must for seniors. They are generally more prone to diseases and lower energy. Supplying the body all the nutrients it needs can help increase resistance to illnesses and improve alertness.

With improved psychological well-being, seniors can still enjoy life and make a difference in their communities.

The Biggest Christmas Health Risks—and How to Overcome Them

Christmas Room Interior Design, Xmas Tree Decorated By Lights Presents Gifts Toys, Candles And Garland Lighting Indoors FireplaceReady for Christmas?

The holiday season is a time for celebration with family and friends. But while you may have your Christmas menu planned, your presents wrapped, and your tree decorated, the most wonderful time of the year also comes with a list of health hazards.

Here are some of them:

Colds, Sniffles, and Flu

When the weather outside is frightful, the flu finds its way into our homes. This is especially true for adults, as alcohol, stress, late nights, and parties are a great recipe for colds and viruses. In fact, there are more cases of the winter vomiting bug norovirus around than in the recent years.

To minimize your risks, have a flu shot, stay warm, wash your hands regularly, and call Family Health Services or your family doctor as soon as you get the symptoms.

Overeating and Holiday Weight Gain

This is the mother of all Christmas hazards. Most of us gain weight over the Halloween to Christmas stretch, which is dangerous, considering that more than one-third of Americans are already considered obese.

To avoid holiday bingeing, eat slowly. Visualize the bingeing, too; according to a 2010 study, visualizing yourself eating everything you want to eat and not sparing any details about the taste will help you eat less than you would have.

Holiday Heart Attacks

It’s the worst time of year for heart trouble, with heart attacks and other heart-related deaths peaking from late December to early January.

There are many reasons for this, which include heavy and large meals, holiday stress, and skipped meds. In addition, medical practitioners have long known that cold weather is hard on the heart. The blood vessels constrict and blood clots easily.

No one wants to be a Grinch, but a few sensible precautions could help prevent this festive period from becoming the most dangerous time of the year.

5 Traits Of A Good Personal Trainer

Client Working Out With Her Personal Trainer

Client Working Out With Her Personal TrainerFor you to achieve your fitness goals, it is important to hire a personal trainer to guide you through the journey.

The Fitter Female suggests that you look for the following traits when hiring a personal trainer in Acton:

Qualified and Experienced

Confirm that your personal trainer is qualified for the job. A Masters or Bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology, sports science, or physical education means the trainer has the necessary knowledge. This knowledge, coupled with experience, makes the trainer a suitable candidate to help you achieve your goals. You can do a quick search on the Internet for reviews from people who previously worked with the trainer.

Committed to Your Goal

A good personal trainer should care about your goal. He should be ready to walk with you through the fitness journey by providing guidance and advice on the necessary actions to take. He should also advise if your goals are realistic and achievable.

Good Communication Skills

A personal trainer should listen keenly and patiently to your past struggles, your current situation, and your goals. This way, he can offer effective strategies since he takes the time to listen and analyze your situation.

Passionate About Fitness

A good trainer is dedicated to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He must be fit to serve as a role model. A fit trainer understands the importance of healthy living and is dedicated to your fitness journey.


A personal trainer should maintain professionalism at all times. Client-trainer relationships can be friendly, but remember this is still a business service. A personal trainer needs to be clean, neat, and punctual.

The society is focused on fitness and healthy living. This has seen a vast growth in the industry, and the number of personal trainers has increased. You need to choose a trainer wisely.