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Leveraging the Power of Motion Graphics for Content Marketing

Digital marketing concept

Digital marketing conceptYou’ve probably seen short animated videos on YouTube that tell a story or explain a process, event, or concept — like an info graphic but in video form. These are motion graphics. They combine visual design elements and styles, such as typography and illustration, with animation to create eye-catching video compositions. Their uses run a wide range, from digital advertisements to video games and title sequences in movies and TV shows to explainer videos.

One Floor Up, a video production firm based in Denver, Col., says that video content doesn’t only help increase audience engagement; motion graphics can also be effective in helping your audience retain information.

More Information Time

Attention spans are decreasing. Motion graphics, therefore, are more crucial a tool than ever because they can relay more information to your audience in a short span of time. Technical or complex information can be broken down into bite-size pieces and paired with relevant visual cues, for example. This technique results in animated visual representations of the data that help the audience retain more information for an extended period.

The clever use of colors, illustrations, and animations, moreover, make motion graphics more appealing and capture the attention of your viewers from beginning to end.

Better Engagement

Motion graphics are more shareable than other types of content because they draw more people to your page and encourage them to spend more time on the website. In fact, a Cisco study projects that by 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will be generated by video content.

Explainer videos that incorporate animated typography, in particular, have a higher chance of getting views on social media sites as it can share information even without any sound. Facebook shares 85% of its eight billion video views are watched while on mute. So, consider using short, eye-catching, and informative videos to drive engagement rates.

Creative Freedom

Explainer videos come in all shapes and styles. For instance, you can opt for a video with a serious or professional tone or go with the complete opposite: a fun, quirky theme.

The different animation styles available, such as kinetic typography, stop motion, 3D animation, allow for greater freedom in creating your narrative. You can even combine live-action videos with animated illustrations. Your creative freedom to choose your music, narration, and the other motion graphics elements will be critical to how you tell your story and capture the emotion of viewers.

Motion graphics give you the chance to create a marketing tool that will perfectly fit not just your whole brand but each message you want to convey to your audience. With the help of professional designers and producers, you can leverage motion graphics to boost your business.

Strategies to Boost and Diversify Your Link Profile

SEO Elements Written in PaperLinks are still a viable parameter when it comes to determining the rank of a website on a results page. You will need a diverse profile to stay ahead of the competition; one bad link or two may knock you down a few spots.

An SEO company here in Sydney cites the following strategies that keep your profile diverse.

Content Building

As the years have gone by and with it Google’s continuous evolution, content still plays a vital role in the success of any link building campaign. Websites and users still want to consume and share valuable content, whatever form it takes.

Videos, blog posts that combine the latter and text, information-rich infographics and other types keep a visitor engaged and willing to recommend what you post.

You’ll have to invest in design, layout, production and guest posting to diversify your links. The higher quality of your posts, the more interest and clicks it will generate. Post at least once a week to keep visitors engaged.

Hybrid Anchors and Keywords

Gone are the days when website owners can stuff a page with some highlighted or bold keywords. Do that now, and you’ll quickly see your ranking drop. You can still insert exact match or long tail phrases for search engines to index your pages but do so sparingly and strategically.

Mix the keywords or keep them a word or two apart from each other.

Resource Pages

If you want referral traffic and a diverse link profile, use resource pages or directories. However, don’t just simply put your links in one. Research and determine the level of engagement and traffic it gets. Identify its niche to find out if it is relevant to the content you publish and the brand you are building.

These are some of the strategies to consider implementing to diversify your link profile. If the latter is diverse, you’ll rank higher, reach a wider audience and convert at a better rate.

All the Reasons You Need an SEO Campaign Right Now

An illustration of SEO on a laptopWhen effectively and properly executed, SEO will have an astounding impact on marketing results. From significantly increased brand awareness to improved brand recall, all these benefits ultimately lead to improved revenues. As such, it has become one of the most popular online marketing strategies today.

You may still be in the process of deciding whether to work with a highly reputable and experienced Denver SEO company or not, most likely because you feel intimidated of the costs. However, you shouldn’t let these get in your way of reaping the many benefits it’ll bring. Instead, you should look at the huge impact that not having an SEO campaign has on your brand. And here are all the reasons you should have one as soon as possible.

The results need time to take effect

Optimizing your online assets for search engine definitely brings great results, but you can’t expect to see them overnight. You need to give it some time to take effect, but once you start seeing the results, you’ll continue seeing them, with constant monitoring and updating.

This means that the longer you put off implementing your SEO campaign, the longer you’d have to wait to see results. And the longer you delay, the more potential customers you lose.

Your SEO-using competitors are already taking your market share

Because SEO has become so popular, you can’t discount the possibility your competitors already have their own campaigns. In other words, they are already benefiting from this online marketing method. This means they’re most likely enjoying the patronage of consumers who could have been your customers.

Keep postponing having your own SEO campaign developed and implemented, and you’ll just suffer from even more loss. Seeing as you don’t want your competitors to take over your market share, then you should no longer think twice about working with SEO experts.

Recommendations For A Hotel Digital Marketing Plan

Hotel Reservation Booking on a Tablet

Hotel Reservation Booking on a TabletEven in tough economic times, leisure and travel trends remain high. People are still going on tours where they could have fun and take a break from the ordinary. This makes it imperative for you to consider online hotel marketing for your business to tap into new markets and expand its profit prospects. Below are three strategies that you shouldn’t leave out of your plans.

Website Design

If you are considering online strategies, then having a good website design is a must. Ensure that the construction of your site makes it possible for major search engines to reward you. Ideally, search engines want websites that are compatible with mobiles and have fast download speeds. They also reward websites that are easy to navigate, enticing to visitors and have original and relevant information.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram are powerful tools that could be used in creating brand awareness. They could also come in handy if you want to engage your customers. It pays to know that search engines like sites that introduce users to their network. Your hotel business could profit a lot if you invest in social media marketing.

Review Monitoring

Travelers often review the hotels and facilities they visit. Unfortunately, they will not always drop a review on your company website. They could alternatively choose to provide feedback on independent consumer watch platforms. Being in a position to monitor guest reviews and respond quickly would be a plus point for your hotel. This would see to it that any concerns raised are addressed promptly, and your hotel is portrayed as one that is abreast of technological advancements.

Any effective digital marketing plan should aim at impressing your loyal customers. It should also aim at attracting the attention of prospective clients. In short, the strategies implemented should drive profits, increase brand awareness and boost brand engagements with its customer base.

Promote Your Business Through Digital Advertising

Digital MarketingThe number of people using the internet will go beyond 3 billion by the end of 2016. Internet users from developing countries will have doubled in 5 years – and they make up two-thirds of the world’s internet users.

This is why marketers and advertisers are going digital. Though print advertising is still relevant, the surge of individuals who go online 24/7 is unstoppable, which is why most companies shift from print to digital – sometimes even using both methods.

Welcome.DigitalAds.com.au shares that even small businesses can do digital advertising. After all, they need this as a marketing strategy – to promote their products.

It Is Flexible

One of the reasons why the digital method is immensely popular is that it is flexible. With print, mistakes can’t be easily rectified and it’s all downhill from there. But when you go digital, things are easily manipulated and modified. It is also fast paced, which increases your reach because of all the possibilities. At any given time, once production is complete, you may access it on any platform at any given time.

Compared to print, which undergoes a lengthy process before delivering it to the target audience, digital ads can be rolled out in a few moments.

Digital Advertising Can Drive Interaction and Direct Communication

With digital advertising, you can entice your target audience in a number of ways. It engages your audience in a way that print cannot – kind of like a direct pathway of communication between your business and consumer. For example, posting a video is more descriptive and vivid compared with reading an article. Both engaging, but one technique trumps the other.

It Generates Greater Revenue

Social media, search engine optimisation, display advertising, and paid search have positive impacts on revenue. Data tracking is important because it tells you how your business is doing – what’s working for your business and what isn’t.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or a big business, with the right marketing strategies and advertising technique, your business will thrive. With digital marketing, there is a multitude of solutions that will fit your needs.