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4 Tips for Creating a Minimalist Living Space

Kitchen integrated with living room

Kitchen masterfully integrated with living areaSo, you’ve cleared out most of your stuff and just left what’s truly necessary. You’re now taking a step further into the life of a minimalist — beginning with your home design.

Creating a minimal living space, like one of the projects on Scenarioarchitecture.com, can sometimes be challenging, especially if you’re used to heavily designed spaces.

You’ll have to control yourself when picking out materials because choosing furniture and accents on a whim can open up a door to another interior design theme. The four tips below will guide you in creating a minimal living space.

1. Use a tight color palette

Choose shades from the neutral color palette that’ll bring out this new-found personality you want to showcase. You can choose different shades of yellow and stay in that color. Try not to use too many bright colors. Accents would do perfectly.

2. Display plants and art

As a minimalist newbie, those neutral colors might bore you. Place a lively plant or painting strategically in each room and let them be the life of the space so things won’t have to look so monotonous.

3. Play with texture

Sticking to a tight color palette is crucial for the minimalist home design, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play with texture. As long as you keep the same colors, you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to texture.

4. Use simple lines and shapes

Straight lines and basic shapes will create more harmony in your design compared with asymmetrical pieces and crisscrossing lines. Keep furniture shapes and wall pieces simple.

Surely you have your reasons you’ve chosen to cut down from busy home designs. Keep that in mind as you brainstorm what you want your home to look like.

You’ll find that it’s easier and will take up less time if you practice self-control in choosing colors and furniture for your new, simple, and refreshingly spacious minimalist home.

The Truth About Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo matWhen thinking about bed sheets, Egyptian cotton or fleece materials often come to mind. But, other bedding materials can provide you with the same comfortable sleeping experience – or better.

You may not think of bamboo sheets as soft and fluffy, but comfort specialist Cozy Earth says they are!

So, how good is bamboo as a bedding material? Read on.

Where the Bamboo Material Comes from

Bamboo is easier to manufacture than cotton. The material is stronger and needs less water maintenance. It is more sustainable as it requires fewer materials and less labor to create more products.

The Awesome Fiber

Bamboo beddings are among the softest materials you can find on the market. Unlike cotton, it is repellant to germs and bacteria. It also repels odors. It does not keep odors even after use. Thus, it is ideal for use by people with extreme allergies and sensitive skin. Bamboo fibers are breathable.

They can thermo regulate as well. Cotton does not. It absorbs oils and water from the body. Thus, it retains the temperature emitted by the person using it. Bamboo is resistant to temperature changes in the body. It stays fresh even when the nights are hot.

Organic versus Chemical Treatments

Unlike in the past, they no longer treat bamboo plants with chemicals. They do not need a controlled environment to grow. This makes it possible for bedding manufacturers to produce 100% organic sheets. Cotton is notorious for being among the most treated plants in the entire world.

Cotton planters need pesticides to keep pests away. This is because bugs thrive in cotton’s moisture-rich environment.

The Final Word

So, is bamboo ideal as bedding material? The answer is yes. It is not all hype. Cotton may have a very slight edge on machine wash toughness. But, bamboo has the decided advantage in feel, hygiene, and environmental safety. It is also safe for people with allergies.

Places to Get Creative Ideas for Your Home

House Under Construction

Ran out of ideas on how to improve your home? These places may just give you your next big idea for a home project.

Go to a Home Improvement and Garden Expo

A home and garden show is an event that gathers businesses engaged in the sale and service delivery of various home features like interior designers, home entertainment and automation, outdoor living, gardens and swimming pools.

They do not happen on a regular basis in most places, but when they do, they are rich with ideas. So if there is a home and garden show near you in Utah, you may want to grab the chance and visit.

Browse a Home Improvement Magazine or Website

Yes, home improvement magazines still exist. These magazines usually have an in-house team of interior designers and home improvement experts that curate creative arrangements and designs for your houses. Sometimes, they also encourage contributions from experts from outside their company.

If you are having trouble finding a home improvement magazine, you may want to check on the Internet instead as a lot of them have online platforms.

Be Inspired with Greenery

If it is your garden that you think needs to be improved, then maybe you want to see how other people manage their greenery in their respective homes.

Look at the Exteriors and Lawns of Affluent Neighborhoods

Do not worry, you are not stalking. You are just going to observe what you can see from the street of an affluent neighborhood. While this may not be too helpful in inspiring you in overhauling the decorations of your interiors, it will give you ideas on how to make your exteriors and your lawn more attractive.

Apart from the places above, it will also not hurt to bookmark pictures of great homes that you see on social media. Even pictures from hotels will help.