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No Show: 3 Reasons Why Dental Patients Miss Appointments

Dentist with smiling patient

Dentist with smiling patientIt’s a common problem many dental practitioners face: patient no-shows. While it may seem a mundane thing, this can have a serious impact on both your patients and business. For one, a missed appointment is a missed opportunity to check up on your patient, which may compromise the quality of care.
Before addressing the problem, it’s important to know the root of the problem. Here are common reasons dental patients skip appointments:

1. Fears

One of the biggest hurdles patients face is dental anxiety. While this is common among kids, adults suffer from it, too. The thing with anxiety is it often stems from fear of the unknown. Your patients don’t know what you’re doing when you put wheezing metal instruments in their mouth, so they panic.

What you can do is to guide them through the steps; say, when putting orthodontic appliances, tell them what they’re for and how you’re going to use them.

2. Question of Need

Some people don’t go to appointments simply because they don’t feel the need. Perhaps, by their own evaluation, they’re already healthy, so they don’t need any more treatments. Communication is important in such situations. The patient has to understand clearly why they need to follow through treatments.

3. Finances

As cited in American Dental Association’s 2014 research, one in four adults is unable to afford dental care. Your patients who belong to lower social economic status and don’t have medical insurance are more likely to bail out on scheduled check-ups. Others find dental care as not much of a priority when compared to other day-to-day household expenses.

There are many ways to help patients afford treatment. One of them is presenting them with different options or planning treatment in phases.

A no-show patient can hurt your patient’s health and your business, so don’t underestimate this mundane, everyday issue. Have a good talk with your patient to understand them better.

Reasons to Choose Invisalign

Dentist positioning the overhead light towards a patient

A dentist adjusting the searchlight above the patient Choosing the right dental treatment for you starts with knowing what your priorities are. You can then match them up with the options in consultation with your dentist. You will be surprised by how closely your dental treatment can integrate with your life with minimal disruption.

If you are having your teeth straightened, a dental practice like Weybridge Orthodontics, might work in concert with an external braces supplier to give you effective equipment made to a high standard. Invisalign is a good example of one of the popular companies used.

Ease of Treatment

Compared to traditional braces treatments, working with Invisalign is easy. No equipment is attached to your teeth and you do not have any metal in your mouth. When the treatment is over, you just stop using the aligners. There’s no removal of brackets and wires.

There are some things you need to do during your treatment that are important. The first is wearing your aligner for most of the day even while sleeping. You can refrain from wearing them for no more than 2 hours per day and you will take up a portion of this when you take Invisalign out to eat, brush and floss.

Food and drink can stain your Invisalign aligners. When you do consume anything, ensure you brush your teeth straight afterwards. All of these habits are ones you will pick up quickly after you have started using Invisalign.


Many people choose to have their teeth straightened to correct a cosmetic issue. Some misalignment issues can cause damage or pain and will therefore create a clinical basis for treatment.

If you want to look good after your treatment, chances are that you would be happy to look good during your treatment as well. Invisalign aligners are made from clear plastic and fit closely against the teeth. This means that they are difficult to spot while you are wearing them.

This benefit appeals to people who have public facing jobs in particular. If you have a special occasion or presentation coming up, it’s possible for you to face it while looking great and having your teeth straightened at the same time.

4 Easy Tips to Look Presentable Wherever You Go

Dentist working on a patient

A dentist tending to a patient during an appointment There’s no denying the importance of creating a positive first impression everywhere you are. However, to make this impression last, you need to sustain it every day. Hence, the importance of looking presentable all the time. Here are some quick tips to remain elegant both at home and in the office.

Pay attention to personal hygiene

Keep yourself clean by taking a bath every day. Take care of your teeth by cleaning them regularly. Visit a dentist in Indianapolis to have your dental crowns inspected and treated if need be. Ensuring you are clean in the morning boosts your self-confidence for the rest of the day.

Make sure you are well-groomed

Keep your hair properly groomed. There are a variety of presentable hairstyles that work well with women. For men, keep your mustache neat and your hair trimmed. Remember to care for your nails too by keeping them short and clean. Avoid elaborate nail art, particularly in the office.

Wear clean, fitting clothes

Your outfit immediately communicates your personality. People who don’t know you judge who you are based on what you are wearing, so ensure you are sending the right message. While selecting your outfit for the day, go for what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and attractive.

Go easy on the perfume

Your choice of fragrance is crucial for your image. Go for something mild so that you don’t make people uncomfortable. Avoid wearing too much perfume. People shouldn’t smell you unless they come too close to you. The last thing you want is to become associated with a strong smell by people around you.

Your friends and family may know you as a beautiful person on the inside, but you still need to make that beauty seen by everyone on the outside. Taking the initiative to look good can leave a powerful impression on people wherever you go.

Braces help you say goodbye to your crooked smile

Braces Having straight teeth can make a major difference to how we feel about ourselves and how we relate to others. When you’re feeling positive and confident about your appearance, especially your smile, it’s likely that you will be more relaxed in your approach to other people. The problem is, very few of us have naturally straight teeth and many adults still have crooked, gappy or protruding teeth. In addition to affecting how we feel about ourselves, poorly aligned teeth can affect our long term health in a surprising variety of ways. As well as being harder to care for, teeth that are misaligned can cause problems with your bite; this can lead to issues with your jaw and may even cause recurrent headaches.

Having something to smile about

While many children are fitted with braces these days, you may think that as an adult your chance for a straighter smile has passed. Thanks to innovative developments in orthodontic methods, this is no longer true; there is no need to live with crooked teeth any more. Different designs of braces are now available for both children and adults and some brands can produce results in just six months. Many dentists such as Smilecraft in Stevenage are able to offer orthodontic treatments for their adult patients. These short-term treatments generally focus on aligning the front teeth only and they are fast, effective and very discreet.

Can braces work for me?

All braces work on a similar principle; by applying gentle pressure on the teeth, they are gradually moved into position within the jawbone. This pressure is usually achieved by fixing small brackets to the fronts of the teeth. Wires are then fixed to the brackets to apply the necessary force to cause the teeth to move. Throughout the treatment time the braces are adjusted at regular intervals to maintain the tension on the teeth.

During the tooth straightening process, it is essential to be especially diligent about your oral hygiene. Fixed braces can make keeping your teeth clean more difficult so it is essential to pay extra attention to your brushing routine to ensure that you achieve the maximum benefits from the treatment.

Four Common Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Dental Procedure in Brownsburg Ever since it was first performed, cosmetic dentistry has been continuously gaining popularity among the public. More and more people are driven to this branch of family dentistry in Brownsburg to enhance or improve the condition of their teeth. However, more than just on the aesthetic side, this procedure has a restorative component to treat and support your mouth’s basic functions. Here are some of these treatments:

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

This process focuses on treating discoloration (stains) in your teeth enamel which is usually caused by:

● Cigarettes

● Coffee

● Cola

● Medication

● Tea

Though this process is originally designed to remove stains or discoloration on teeth, some people use this method just to give their dentures a whiter and brighter shade.

Dental or Composite Bonding

The next procedure refers to the repair of damaged, discolored, or decayed teeth. This process involves filling in gaps by using composite materials which have the same color to your tooth enamel. Depending on the severity of the case, the dentist may need to drill, sculpt, or reshape the composite to bring back the original appeal and function of your teeth.

Dental Veneers

For this one, the treatment usually involves a prefabricated porcelain shell which is fitted over to your teeth. It fixes worn out enamel, misaligned dentures, as well as chipped or cracked tooth. Just be reminded that veneers fall under the invasive procedure which means it requires permanent alteration of your natural teeth.

Dental Bridges and Implants

The dental implant is a popular dental procedure that replaces your teeth permanently. The method consists an artificial tooth root which will be implanted into the jaw to support and hold your crown. On an average recovery usually takes about three to six months.

If ever you’re thinking about undergoing to any of these procedures, be sure to look for a dentist who really performs this treatment. As you know, each professional has their own area of specializations and getting help from the wrong professional can ruin your smile forever.

Incredibly Easy Tips That Will Help You Care of Your Teeth with Braces

Teeth with BracesHaving braces can be a hassle. But, there are things you can keep in mind to have them taken out soon — and make sure your teeth will be in great condition!

  1. Know which foods to avoid

If you had braces done in Belfast, make sure that you use them for your benefit — and that you now keep your teeth strong. According to Blue Sky Dentistry, the first thing you can do is avoid foods that are utterly bad for the teeth. These include corn on the cob, chewy foods like caramel or toffee, tough and hard foods like bagels, popcorn, and hard pretzels. A little avoidance would do a lot of good for you.

  1. Floss right

Using the floss might be tricky when you have braces, but here’s what you have to do: make sure that you let the short end of the floss pass through the space between the upper portion of the teeth, and the main wire of your braces. Don’t use too much force or you might damage the wire — and even hurt yourself!

  1. Brush even better

Yes, it’s not impossible to brush teeth with braces on. What you can do is brush each tooth from top to bottom — this is easily done with a mirror in front of you so you can track your progress. Use Proxabrushes — brushes made for braces — and make sure to insert from top to bottom so you can keep the braces clean. Make use of many strokes in one direction, and do so for the rest of the teeth.

  1. Set appointments if braces get damaged

And, in the event that your braces get damaged — if the bands get loose, or the brackets do, make sure that you set an appointment with your dentist so solutions could be done right away.

By keeping these tips in mind, you get to make sure that your braces will be in good condition — and of course, your teeth will definitely follow!

Perks of Having Dental Implants

Dental CareHaving dental implants is a good way of replacing missing teeth, and they blend well with the remaining teeth that you have. It’s a great option to restore your smile that you’ve always hidden for fear of ridicule.

Going for a dental implant in Northern Ireland is not a far-fetched idea; after all, there are a lot of benefits that come with it.

There are three phases in getting a dental implant, BlueSkyDentist.com explains. This is usually how it works:

  • Your dentist will first place the implant into your jawbone. During this stage, you may have to eat only soft foods or cold foods.
  • Then, the bone around the installed implant will heal; the bone will grow around it and hold the implant in place. It’ll take a while before the process will be completed, so you’ll have to wait before you can proceed with the next step.
  • Finally, your artificial tooth can now be installed. The dentist will have to create and personalise a new crown for you, based on shape, size, fit and colour, and how it blends with your other teeth.

What’s good about getting dental implants?

  • It helps preserve your natural tooth tissue by not needing to cut down the other teeth for the usual bridgework.
  • It helps reduce the load on your remaining teeth by providing support and retention to the bridgework, crown and overdentures.
  • Implants are believed to last longer when compared to the usual restorations done on teeth.
  • Overdentures can help improve or control facial contours that end up lessening premature wrinkles.
  • If you’re used to wearing loose fitting dentures, you can replace them with dental implants that have improved stability, support and retention.
  • Installing a dental implant will help you chew food and speak better. Compared to dentures, dental implants work better.

Dental implants are for patients who wish to have a better smile; they are proven to be stable and secure. There are phases that you have to undergo, and once it’s all done, you can experience the benefits offered by dental implants.