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3 Telltale Signs You Should Take Your Car for Brake Repair

Mechanic and client giving the thumbs upIs it time to have a mechanic fix your car’s brakes? If it is, then the sooner you do that, the better for you. The fact is your car’s brakes may be the most crucial safety feature it has. They’re a reliable lifeline when a collision becomes a real possibility. Fortunately, there are easy ways to tell when your ride’s brakes are in trouble. Here are three of them.

Eardrum piercing sounds

All that screeching, squealing and grinding that you hear every time you hit the brakes is an indication that your brakes are worn. What’s going on is that metal grinds on metal when you are trying to brake, hence the funny noises. What the car now needs is an inspection and replacement of brake pads and shoes. Take the can to a Toyota service provider in Layton before you have a bigger problem on your hands.

The brake pedal is soft

If you have to press the brake pedal until it’s almost on the floor for you to get a reaction, then the brakes may have a serious problem. Usually, the problem is that the brake pads are low and need fixing. Or it could be that your car has a brake fluid leak, which can be very dangerous unless it is fixed right away.

The brake light is on

Your car’s dashboard has a brake light that tells you when you have potential or current brake light problems. The light reads ABS, and when it’s on, you want to get a mechanic to examine your car to find out what the issue might be.
A car with failing brakes is an accident waiting to happen, so you should never attempt to drive it in the first place. By paying attention to sounds, lights, and other sensations, you can easily tell when something is out of place and respond appropriately.

Is It Time To Use Your Car Less Often in Utah?

Gas pumpsGas prices in Utah have been on the rise based on the American Automobile Association’s (AAA) tally, which ranked the state as the ninth most expensive in the country.

An AAA Utah report showed that the average gas price in the state amounted to $2.45 per gallon in March 2017. It now rose to $2.61 as of early February and continued a growth streak for six weeks in a row.

Expensive Fuel Prices

The increase stemmed from issues with the Wasatch Pipeline, which delivers crude oil to different parts of Utah, according to AAA Utah spokeswoman Rolayne Fairclough. Due to the high cost of fuel, many people have now considered driving electric vehicles or buying customized bicycles from a cargo bike company like MADSEN Cycles.

These alternatives could be a more common sight on roads, especially in California and Minnesota where prices have risen by 21 cents and 19 cents, respectively, according to the AAA. Drivers in Texas may have noticed the lowest increase as prices there only average $2.36 per gallon.

Transportation Infrastructure Funds

AAA President and CEO Marshall Doney urged the federal government to raise the U.S. gas tax, which would then help in paying for road and bridge infrastructure upgrades. A “modest increase” could approximately match inflation and boost the Highway Trust Fund. The country has not increased the fuel tax since 1993.

Of course, any increase in the federal gas tax would mean higher costs for consumers. Hence, it would either force people to spend less time on the road or finally consider buying vehicles that rely on other power sources.


High gas prices should prompt drivers in Utah and other states to consider other alternative options for transportation. These alternatives will not only save you money but also help the environment by reducing the carbon footprint from vehicle smoke.

Keep Your Car Looking Like New For Longer

Man cleaning his carKeeping your car running great and looking like new is the true mark of car care. Not only does it keep you feeling good about your choice of vehicle, but it also protects your investment. A well-loved car can fetch a price that may be thousands of dollars more than one that absolutely looks its age, come time to sell or trade it in.

Consider these suggestions to keep your car looking like you just drove it home from the dealership for the first time:

Keep it in the shade

Shade does not mean right next to a tree, where it may be victimised by bird droppings and tree sap. Shade means keep it a garage. If you do not have a garage, find a company that builds carports in Brisbane. Just Patios notes that carports are more affordable and can be built more quickly than a garage.

Clean the cabin before anything else

Many car owners start hosing down their car before they remember to clean the interior first. By doing the cabin first, you prevent debris, dust and other dirt from ending up on your freshly washed and waxed exterior. To clean the interior, start with a vacuum cleaner. After vacuuming all the loose dirt and removing all the sand and dust from your carpets and seats, use a mild cleaner and protectant for the plastics.

Use a specific cleaner, as well, for fabric seats. Leather seats may require a conditioning paste. Wipe your tinted windows and windshield with a water and vinegar mixture.

Wash the exterior

Use a high-quality car shampoo for washing your vehicle; do not use detergent or dishwashing soap. Good car shampoo protects your paint and trim, and does not strip wax. Use a microfibre wash mitt or cloth and apply the shampoo into the car’s surfaces gently. After shampooing your car, rinse it properly by hosing it down from top to bottom.

Observe the beading of water on the surface. If the beads are tiny, your wax is still working. If the beads turn into streaks or if the water doesn’t seem to slide off easily, your car needs a fresh layer of wax.

By giving your car that tender loving care, you can enjoy driving and showing it off for a longer time. If it seems like too much work for you, just remember that the amount of work you put into keeping your car looking good is equal to how good it actually looks.

Hiring a Car for Your Road Trip? 3 Hatchbacks Perfect for a Long Drive

Road Trip in AucklandPlanning a road trip this summer? You need a car that can handle a long drive!

Before you hire a car in Auckland for a fun summer road trip, check out this list of hatchback cars that are perfect for a long drive. Not only that these cars are fuel-efficient, but they also offer features that are beneficial while you’re on a long drive.

  1. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is a small car with roomy interior space, specifically in the rear seat. In times you need to stretch your legs and arms after several hours of driving, the spacious interior layout of this car is heaven-sent! Apart from that, its fuel economy is around 32mpg – an impressive number you’ll appreciate more during long distance driving.

  1. Honda Fit

This car boasts an impressive 33mpg, so it can save you hundreds of dollars on fuel on a month-long road trip. In addition, Honda Fit’s generous legroom and trunk space are ideal for packing luggage and other things for your adventure. But more importantly, this car has a reliable engine that can handle the long distance of driving.

  1. Toyota Prius

Known for its space and fuel efficiency, Toyota Prius is considered to be one of the great cars for road trips. It offers a sizeable interior; you can actually fit a twin-sized mattress in the back as long as the seats are folded down. Another thing that this car provides are the climate control features. With this unique system, you can sleep comfortably in a car without feeling too cold or hot. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt that this car has a sleek exterior design!

With road trips, you need a reliable, fuel-efficient, and spacious car. Since these three cars hit the qualities needed for a long drive car, remember to consider hiring them before hitting the road this summer.

The Sensible Car Buyer: Why You Don’t Need that V8

Sensible Car Buyer in Hollywood Blame it on Hollywood and the music industry. Every rapper around the world seems to be spewing either angst-ridden lyrics or a study in their escapades beginning with promiscuity and ending with their brand of “rides,” and don’t forget all the “ice.” Whenever a popular celebrity arrives at some party on Sunset Strip or a suit-and-tie event at the Nokia Theater, they do so in a long, black limo, a sports car too fast to be legal, or an SUV that can power a few houses with the fuel it consumes from one city block to the next.

While there’s nothing wrong with living it up the way they do (they’ll be the first to say they’ve “earned it”), if you don’t make half as much money or need half as much PR, you don’t need that kind of extravagance.

Why a simple car makes more sense

Apart from the price tag of a luxury SUV or a limited edition supercar, there is also the cost to own it. Think about that for a second. It is likely that a bigger, fancier model will set you back a hefty sum (purchase or lease), then you’ll need more money to gas it up. The maintenance and insurance can be crippling too if you’re not making as much as Dr. Dre.

In stark contrast, if you head over to a Corpus Christi Kia dealership, for example, you might be in for a few surprises. First of all, Kia is ranked highest among all the most popular car brands in the 2016 Auto Pacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards. You don’t even have to pay a fortune to own a Soul, and the maintenance and fuel requirements are small too, says an expert from Mike Shaw Kia.

Why you don’t need all that speed

You might argue that a bigger, more powerful engine will get you to your destination faster. That may be true, but how much faster, especially if you factor in the traffic? You might get there about five minutes earlier and that’s it. You’ll have used up enough fuel to buy a small used car in the process, and imagine how much more it hurts the environment. Besides, having an extremely fast car will tempt you to, well, drive faster. Speeding is one of the leading causes of vehicular crashes, and it’s one of the most common reasons you’ll be paying for tickets.

Image is not everything when it comes to driving. There are more important factors like safety, satisfaction, comfort, the cost to own, and value in the long term. Consider these factors before you give in to that dream of driving an Italian sports car. Leave that to the celebrities.

No Pain, All Gain with Recycled Auto Parts

broken car PerthYou may be driving in Perth one day, when you suddenly have an accident and an auto part gets damaged. You may then need to have your car repaired if it is not too badly broken.

Broken Car Issues

Problems can rise out this. For one, you will have to decide whether to buy brand new parts or recycled auto parts. The former is the expensive option, while the latter is cheaper. Another problem arises if your car is an old model. You can easily find spare parts for recent models of vehicles. You, however, will have a hard time looking for parts for an old model.

Money Saving Solution

One solution to these problems is to go ahead and buy recycled auto parts from car wreckers. You can benefit a lot from these recycled parts. You can save a lot more money, for example, and you won’t break the bank if you are on a tight budget.

Quality Parts You Can Trust

You may be worried, however, that the recycled parts may easily break. On the contrary, recycled auto parts are checked and ensured to be functional and of quality. Wreckers will not scam you with a broken auto part. More than that, wreckers also give a product warranty along with the recycled part you buy.

Name It, Wreckers Have It

Another benefit is that you can easily find the part you need no matter what model your car is. Wreckers  have acquired tons of vehicles over the years that they will surely have what you need. From sedans to trucks to 4×4 vehicles, Perth wreckers like jtwautoparts.com.au promise you won’t have to look far for your auto parts.

Recycling: The Green Solution

Perhaps the ultimate benefit of recycled auto parts is that you are contributing to the preservation of the environment. The more you use recycled parts, the less car parts are thrown away, and the less car manufacturers produce brand new parts.

Save yourself the trouble of paying for a very costly brand new auto part and settle for a recycled one. You may gain a lot more and save a lot more money with recycled parts.

Spotting Suspension Problems While On the Road


AutoWhile driving, you may notice that there seems to be something wrong with your car. It may feel like it is not moving as smoothly as usual. This can actually be a sign of vehicle structural issues.

PremierAutomotive.co.nz says if your vehicle creates unusual noise, vibrations or handling issues, it can be a sign of a dangerous suspension problem.

The suspension is composed of parts that keep the tyres in contact with the road and provide easy handling of the driving wheel. It can be difficult to determine the exact issue with your suspension due to its multiple parts.

When Your Cars Don’t Run Like They Used To Before

Here are some noticeable signs that your suspension is not working well:

  • When you run over a bump or hole and your car does not drive comfortably right away

Worn out struts and shocks are the causes of this. Those parts absorb the impact of the bump on the road to the car. It will feel shaky inside the car if they wear out.

  • Odd Tilting in Corners

There can be unusual handling if you have worn out struts. This can also affect the tires and result in lumps. Tires with lumps can indicate suspension troubles, too.

  • Swaying Steering Wheel

This is simple to spot. The steering wheel turns slightly by itself, making the vehicle sway and stay out of the lane. This is a result of bad tie rods and struts.

  • Clunking When Running Over Rough Surfaces, Bumps and Holes

You may hear unwanted sounds of clunking metals while driving. This is an indicator of problems with the strut bearings and ball joints. The ball joints are important suspension parts responsible for connecting the wheel and tires.

  • Vehicle Pulling to One Side

This is a risky sign. Tires with different pressures and treadwear cause this — a sign that the car has incorrect alignment or the suspension needs replacing or repair.

These signs are not fully accurate ways to spot suspension trouble. But, these are simple ways to find out if your car has issues, whether with the suspension or other parts, that may cause problems while on the road.

Car Hire: 3 Major Things to Remember

Car Hire

Car HireIf you want to travel abroad conveniently, then you should rent a car. It is better than taking one cab to another, and cheaper than driving your own car. You get to avoid the stress caused by hopping from ride to ride, and the money for fuel, maintenance and repair.

However, as easy as it sounds, you should always watch out for these 3 main factors.


Always choose a licensed company. You are guaranteed to be driving a car owned by them and not something that is stolen. You won’t have to worry about being busted in the middle of the road.

A company with legal certifications will also likely have insurance. When the inevitable happens, you get to assure yourself that you won’t take the fall for repair expenses. In case you rent a ute or truck, says littlegreentruck.com.au, your belongings in the vehicle are also protected.

Company Rules

Hiring car services is like having your own ride, only it’s not really yours. That is why you need to check the company’s terms and conditions. If you want to successfully hire vehicle services, you have to follow their check in and out rules.

Fuel is often included in the deal. However, you need to ask how much gas is in the tank beforehand to avoid misunderstandings. It is best to see it for yourself.

Type of Car

When choosing the type of car you want to rent always consider your purpose in getting one. Do you need to bring some heavy tools?Are you driving by your own? Or will you be accompanied by many, like a hired driver?

This way, you can decide whether you need to rent a ute or other types of vehicles. You will be able to anticipate how much space you need.

Once you get the paperwork done, you can start driving. Other companies offer drivers too. This gives people with no driving skills a fair chance to rent a car.