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4 Tips for the New Auto Business Owner

car seller and buyer talking

car seller and buyer talkingOwning and managing an auto repair and restoration shop involves many responsibilities. First of all, your mechanics should be experienced with the different makes and brands of cars. You need to know a trusted company who can do steel fabrication in Indianapolis, as well. Your shop itself has to be organized at all times to pass safety and security standards.

While you stay on top of things, you also need to take care of financial matters. If you’re new to all this, there’s no need to worry. Here are some tips to help run your auto business successfully.

1. Be flexible

In 2016 alone, there were 268.8 million registered vehicles in America. They all come in different shapes and sizes, and they’re all progressing with technology. You should also be this flexible and open when it comes to running a shop that mends to these ever-changing machines.

2. Earn your customer’s trust

Trust is a big issue when customers come in to have their cars checked. Take the time to explain things to them and make sure they understand what you’re going to do with their car and what it entails. This will show them the sincerity in your services.

3. Satisfy your customers the best way you can

Going the extra mile is the best way to satisfy customers. Set up a waiting room where they can have a cup of coffee or use the Internet as you fix their car. Find ways to add more value to your services other than repairing and maintaining the car itself.

4. Learn the art of delegation

You may be a grease monkey, but there are times you’ll also have to face customers. Know when you should let others do the job so you can focus on the more important business matters.

Whether it’s because you love working on cars or because you want to carry on a family business, you must always keep in mind the reason why you chose this line of work. You can always use that as your goal to reach the success you’ve always wanted.

4 Easy Ways to Make Sure That You Are Getting Genuine Car Parts

Mechanic looking for car partsEveryone wants to save money on car maintenance, but when it comes to taking care of your Skyline, getting genuine car parts from K.D. Auto Spares during repairs is vital. Many car owners buy car parts without bothering to check their condition, only to regret later when they discover the parts are riddled with flaws. Here are simple ways to make sure that you always buy genuine parts for your ride.

Check whether the part is available on the OEM website

Before snapping up an item, it’s vital to cross-reference it with the original manufacturer’s website. Check whether the item is also available on the OEM site. If you can’t find the part there, then it’s very likely that it’s a fake.

Be wary if the price appears suspiciously low

Some websites have a large collection of car parts that are hugely discounted. Keep in mind that just like in all other items, you always get what you pay for when it comes to car parts. If there’s a huge difference between the price of the car part you are looking at and that of an OEM part, chances are the lesser priced item is a fake.

Use your vehicle identification number

Your VIN gives you all the vital information about your car such as the year of manufacture, its make, and model. This information can help you choose the perfect part for your car, especially when you are thinking of replacing your car’s engine or transmission. Your car’s VIN can be found on your dashboard, hood, trunk, and engine.

Take the time to know your seller

Do not rush to seal a deal before getting to know a little bit more about your seller. Find out whether they are authorized or not. Should you buy from an unauthorized seller, you risk not getting redress should you experience problems with the car part.

With so many auto part dealers out there, it may seem confusing who you can trust to sell you a genuine part for your car. But with a little bit of diligence and patience, you can find just what you are looking for.

Side By Sides: For Adventure, Farming and More

Off-road car headed to a farmThe sales of UTVs or utility vehicles in the past year have substantially increased, primarily because more people are finding more uses for these versatile rides.

If you’re looking at UTVs, also known as side by sides, in Salt Lake City, you might be amused to know you can use them for these purposes:


Many retailers have noted that a growing number of customers are buying these vehicles for pure leisure. Most of these customers are or were once owners of ATVs or all-terrain vehicles, but the appeal of sportier models of side by sides have attracted them.

ATVs are like motorcycles in that they have a handlebar and a saddle. Riders lean forward too, just like on a bike. They are usually fast, but riders often complain that it takes more out of them to ride an ATV. A UTV, on the other hand, has a more comfortable bucket seat and a steering wheel instead of a handlebar and allows for at least one passenger plus cargo space. A UTV also has roll bars and seatbelts and can be fitted with a roof and doors.


ATVs can usually take one or two people to a campsite, but a side by side can carry up to six people plus room for gear. UTVs, for this reason, are the preferred ride when camping with friends or family. ATVs may be built with speed in mind, but UTVs — though costlier — are now faster and sportier, and have more space. They are also built with more power for hauling, say, a camping trailer.

Farming and Hunting

A hunting party can comfortably fit in one UTV, and the cargo space can take rifles and game. UTVs may not be able to squeeze through areas ATVs can maneuver in, but there are UTVs that you can ride even on water (amphibious). Farmers also prefer them because UTVs have room for carrying fertilizer, tools, and animals.


Although ATVs can also be fitted with the right tools for landscaping, such as a mower or a rake, a UTV simply has more space to carry gardening tools. You can also fit the UTV with a bigger snow plow attachment.

A UTV or side by side is not limited to one or two purposes. It’s highly capable and often a joy to ride off-road.

Keep Your Car Looking Like New For Longer

Man cleaning his carKeeping your car running great and looking like new is the true mark of car care. Not only does it keep you feeling good about your choice of vehicle, but it also protects your investment. A well-loved car can fetch a price that may be thousands of dollars more than one that absolutely looks its age, come time to sell or trade it in.

Consider these suggestions to keep your car looking like you just drove it home from the dealership for the first time:

Keep it in the shade

Shade does not mean right next to a tree, where it may be victimised by bird droppings and tree sap. Shade means keep it a garage. If you do not have a garage, find a company that builds carports in Brisbane. Just Patios notes that carports are more affordable and can be built more quickly than a garage.

Clean the cabin before anything else

Many car owners start hosing down their car before they remember to clean the interior first. By doing the cabin first, you prevent debris, dust and other dirt from ending up on your freshly washed and waxed exterior. To clean the interior, start with a vacuum cleaner. After vacuuming all the loose dirt and removing all the sand and dust from your carpets and seats, use a mild cleaner and protectant for the plastics.

Use a specific cleaner, as well, for fabric seats. Leather seats may require a conditioning paste. Wipe your tinted windows and windshield with a water and vinegar mixture.

Wash the exterior

Use a high-quality car shampoo for washing your vehicle; do not use detergent or dishwashing soap. Good car shampoo protects your paint and trim, and does not strip wax. Use a microfibre wash mitt or cloth and apply the shampoo into the car’s surfaces gently. After shampooing your car, rinse it properly by hosing it down from top to bottom.

Observe the beading of water on the surface. If the beads are tiny, your wax is still working. If the beads turn into streaks or if the water doesn’t seem to slide off easily, your car needs a fresh layer of wax.

By giving your car that tender loving care, you can enjoy driving and showing it off for a longer time. If it seems like too much work for you, just remember that the amount of work you put into keeping your car looking good is equal to how good it actually looks.

Hiring a Car for Your Road Trip? 3 Hatchbacks Perfect for a Long Drive

Road Trip in AucklandPlanning a road trip this summer? You need a car that can handle a long drive!

Before you hire a car in Auckland for a fun summer road trip, check out this list of hatchback cars that are perfect for a long drive. Not only that these cars are fuel-efficient, but they also offer features that are beneficial while you’re on a long drive.

  1. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is a small car with roomy interior space, specifically in the rear seat. In times you need to stretch your legs and arms after several hours of driving, the spacious interior layout of this car is heaven-sent! Apart from that, its fuel economy is around 32mpg – an impressive number you’ll appreciate more during long distance driving.

  1. Honda Fit

This car boasts an impressive 33mpg, so it can save you hundreds of dollars on fuel on a month-long road trip. In addition, Honda Fit’s generous legroom and trunk space are ideal for packing luggage and other things for your adventure. But more importantly, this car has a reliable engine that can handle the long distance of driving.

  1. Toyota Prius

Known for its space and fuel efficiency, Toyota Prius is considered to be one of the great cars for road trips. It offers a sizeable interior; you can actually fit a twin-sized mattress in the back as long as the seats are folded down. Another thing that this car provides are the climate control features. With this unique system, you can sleep comfortably in a car without feeling too cold or hot. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt that this car has a sleek exterior design!

With road trips, you need a reliable, fuel-efficient, and spacious car. Since these three cars hit the qualities needed for a long drive car, remember to consider hiring them before hitting the road this summer.

A Smart Guide for Chevrolet Car Buyers

Yellow ChevyChevrolet is undoubtedly one of the most famous American brands in the automobile industry, as they manufacture different cars of excellent quality and features. A Chevy, as many people call them, come in sedans, coupes, hutchbacks, SUVs, mini vans, and trucks. From car enthusiasts to a typical car owner, Chevrolet cars are more than just stylish rides, but also dependable road buddies.

Due to the brand’s popularity, Blossom Chevrolet and other car dealers noted that you could find many sellers specializing in Chevy cars. They offer a range of new and pre-owned models and parts. If you’re looking to visit a Chevy dealer soon, the following tips may help you.

Know your Chevy model

With years in the automobile business, Chevrolet has produced many car models that either break new sales record or set new standards in the industry. You have a range of choices, so a trip to a Chevy dealer lot may become overwhelming. It’s best to have in mind a particular model the suits your needs and preferences beforehand. Whether you’re eyeing on popular ones, such as Stingray, Traverse, and Camaro, or other less famous models, it pays to research and find the ideal one.

Check out dealers’ prices and services

Check the prices of the cars in every dealership. This is especially important when buying a pre-owned vehicle. One wise move is to check the seller’s website and get a quote. At this point, it will also be beneficial if you learn more about their services. Check out their after sale services, repair, oil change, as well as whether they sell genuine Chevy parts.

Learn about their finance options

On matters of financial practicality, explore your Chevy dealer’s financing options. Make sure they provide flexible financing services, so you get your car without much fuss. A good dealer must be able to understand your needs and provide you with a suitable solution. Only deal with a registered and reputable trader to make a safe and easy purchase.

Buying a car may be challenging at some point, but if you’re a wise buyer and you know how to get the best deal from the best vendor, you can successfully have your dream Chevy in the end.

Spotting Suspension Problems While On the Road


AutoWhile driving, you may notice that there seems to be something wrong with your car. It may feel like it is not moving as smoothly as usual. This can actually be a sign of vehicle structural issues.

PremierAutomotive.co.nz says if your vehicle creates unusual noise, vibrations or handling issues, it can be a sign of a dangerous suspension problem.

The suspension is composed of parts that keep the tyres in contact with the road and provide easy handling of the driving wheel. It can be difficult to determine the exact issue with your suspension due to its multiple parts.

When Your Cars Don’t Run Like They Used To Before

Here are some noticeable signs that your suspension is not working well:

  • When you run over a bump or hole and your car does not drive comfortably right away

Worn out struts and shocks are the causes of this. Those parts absorb the impact of the bump on the road to the car. It will feel shaky inside the car if they wear out.

  • Odd Tilting in Corners

There can be unusual handling if you have worn out struts. This can also affect the tires and result in lumps. Tires with lumps can indicate suspension troubles, too.

  • Swaying Steering Wheel

This is simple to spot. The steering wheel turns slightly by itself, making the vehicle sway and stay out of the lane. This is a result of bad tie rods and struts.

  • Clunking When Running Over Rough Surfaces, Bumps and Holes

You may hear unwanted sounds of clunking metals while driving. This is an indicator of problems with the strut bearings and ball joints. The ball joints are important suspension parts responsible for connecting the wheel and tires.

  • Vehicle Pulling to One Side

This is a risky sign. Tires with different pressures and treadwear cause this — a sign that the car has incorrect alignment or the suspension needs replacing or repair.

These signs are not fully accurate ways to spot suspension trouble. But, these are simple ways to find out if your car has issues, whether with the suspension or other parts, that may cause problems while on the road.

Safety Reminders Before a Long Drive


DrivingReady for your next trip? Whether it’s a drive to the supermarket a couple of blocks away or a 68-mile tour to a mountainside campsite, there are important driving tips to help anyone save money and lives. You need these, especially during long drives.

Let the driver rest

Before embarking on a long drive, it’s important the driver gets enough rest and sleep, and eats enough food to last the length of the ride. While drinking energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages may give a jolt of energy, the effects may die down.

Not having full alertness and attention during driving is the reason for many car accidents. The driver should never consume alcohol shortly before driving.

Take breaks

Tiredness will set in after a few hours of driving. Pull over at intervals to recover and freshen up a bit. Stretching or walking around is a good way to have blood circulate over muscles that are probably cramped from driving.

Know your route

Have both digital and printed maps ready to help locate routes. Having printed maps is necessary, especially when phone connection may be unreliable.

However, if you have data connection, using apps to direct the routes are better, as the driver can rely on voice-overs instead of looking at the maps directly. Look at maps only after pulling over to a safe location, not while driving. The focus should be on the road and the markings, especially during trips alone.

Always keep emergency numbers

Have the local numbers of police and hospitals, as well as towing service companies. When you get stranded, Ready Towing, a towing company in Brisbane, says reliable services ensure the safety of the passengers and the drivers. Towing companies offer short and long drive towing and other services to transport passengers to safety.

While drivers should drive carefully to avoid accidents, it also helps if you know what to do in case of an emergency.

The Other Earth Hazard Your Car is Causing – and What to Do about It


Cars in PerthTaking care of the environment is currently one of the most discussed issues these days. So it’s no surprise that you may have heard again and again about how the things you do every day have an impact on the Earth. Even more so if you own a car; at least once a day, you will hear about how cars and driving have the biggest contribution to your carbon footprint.

Along with these, you might have also encountered elaborate infographics about ways to reduce the impact your car has on the environment. They seem easy enough, so you wanted to give it a shot.

But you might not have heard about another environmental hazard your car is causing. It has nothing to do with the gases your car burns or releases into the air. In fact, it has something to do with what you car is made of.

The Makings of Your Car

Your car may be valuable to you now, especially because it’s a great part of your day-to-day living. But at the end of the day, your car is just a gigantic chunk of metal. You won’t be able to avoid any scraps coming off of it, especially if you replace old parts and upgrade some components.

As the years pass and your car stays with you, you’ll eventually be able to collect some old metal parts that you no longer need. So what do you do with them? You simply throw them into the dump, right? Wrong.

Another Man’s Trash Is…

It’s very tempting to just throw your metal junk out along with the rest of your trash. But the problem with that is the metal waste won’t be processed properly. They’ll end up rusting away at the dump, and they’ll get so worn out that they won’t be of use to anyone anymore.

That becomes a problem if the waste starts accumulating in dumps, and even more if you know that metal is one of the Earth’s non-renewable resources. That simply means that once our supply of metal runs out, we won’t have any more metal to work with.

What to Do About It

This is why it’s so important to dispose of your metal waste properly. When you find someone who buys scrap metals, such as scrap yards in Perth, you can be assured that they know how to handle the waste properly. They  would process it so that the metal can be reused, good as new.

Recycling metal will prevent it becoming useless waste, and will end up being reused – which helps the Earth in the long run.