SEO NewsBites: 3 Google Updates You Should Expect in 2017

google search engine
SEO trends are constantly changing — and this is because of Google updates. Google releases algorithm updates almost every week on their Webmaster blog, keeping the digital marketers on their toes.  But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Google, after all, is user-oriented, and it will do everything to fulfil the search goals of its users. With that, digital marketers just have to find ways to anticipate those updates.

If you’re an SEO specialist or a business owner with SEO campaigns, here are some of the Google updates you should expect this year:

Expanded Use of Rich Cards

In 2016, Google introduced rich cards that appear on the SERPs to show users information snippets of their searches. At first, rich cards were only applicable to the film and recipe industry, as Bambrick Media noticed. But in November, Google announced that its team is actively experimenting with rich cards, aiming to provide website owners more opportunities to display previews of their content.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project

Have you noticed the label “AMP” and the lightning bolt that have been popping up on SERPs? That symbol and label refer to the Google program called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). With this project, any website can gain a faster site speed on mobile, as well as more exposure in SERPs. Google did not leave the site owners or SEO experts in the dark with this one, as it already provided an overview of deploying the AMP.

No More Pop-up Ads

Recently, Google posted a blog post saying that its team is now working on an update to eliminate pesky pop-up advertisements. With this update, it is expected that websites employing annoying pop-up ads will be fined. Google believes that these ads decrease the user experience of the searchers, hence, the penalties.

Now that you already know some of the Google updates that will happen in 2017, it’s time to adjust your SEO strategies. After all, staying on top of the game starts with being able to anticipate these kinds of changes in the industry.