Regained Stability

For adults in Herefordshire, dental implants offer a convenient and powerful solution to the difficulties that come with missing teeth. These fully-customised dental replacements integrate with the patient’s jawbone. They are as user-friendly as a natural tooth. Unlike other types of substitute tooth, the patient doesn’t need to fiddle with clips or adhesives to ensure their dental implant stays in place. Once it’s installed, the implant remains where it is.

Customised comfort

Dental implants in Herefordshire are crafted with precision to optimise their performance for each individual patient. At contemporary practices such as Warrendale Dental, the patient will have an in-depth consultation with the dental team. Using special software, the team will take detailed images of the patient’s mouth, so that the new tooth fits in comfortably alongside the remaining ones.

An oral health check is also part of the preliminary work. Dental implants in Herefordshire require a good standard of oral health and sufficient jawbone density before they can be placed. One or two preparatory treatments might be needed to ensure the patient is ready.

The implants – resembling small metal screws – are then placed into the jawbone in a minor surgical procedure. Following a short spell of rest, the patient then returns to the practice to have their custom-made new teeth firmly attached to the implants.

Enhanced dental experience

For many patients, the Herefordshire dental implants procedure is a big improvement in their overall dental experience. Having become used to the inconveniences of missing teeth, the patient can enjoy once more the simple pleasures of chewing food. They no longer have to be cautious about what they choose from the menu. Nor is there any risk of the new teeth falling out of their mouth while they dine.

There are many more benefits to having dental implants in Herefordshire. An important one is that they help to preserve the facial bone structure. When missing teeth are not replaced, the bones can deteriorate, and the patient can develop a sunken appearance. Herefordshire dental implants are a great way to stop this from happening. Many practices provide payment plans, so that the patient doesn’t have to pay for all of their treatment in a large lump sum.