Elderly Woman with Her Carer

Reducing Carers’ Stress

Elderly Woman with Her CarerCarers undergo a lot of stress with the type of work they provide, and this, in turn, can adversely affect their health. Fortunately, there are now software tools that eliminate factors that cause stress like dealing with tedious paperwork or coping with delayed payments.

Stella, a carer who now uses services management software, shared how she had to make weekly reports on spreadsheets before she started using the software. She also had to wait for at least 15 days before being paid.

With the management software, she now uses, however, she no longer has to type in her roster, and she receives payment on time. You can learn more about her story at realsupportchoices.com.au.


These software tools make billing an efficient process as these can be linked with both parties’ bank accounts. Only the exact amount will be deducted from the patient’s fund, and the carer can receive his/her payment immediately.


These management software tools allow patients or their family members to indicate the care they need and tasks available carers for different hours and days. Carers, in turn, get notifications of who they will be caring for that week and the time they will be asked to come in. As the schedule for this software is updated in real-time, carers will be immediately updated should there be a change in schedule.

Working With Other Carers

Carers can also see their patient’s schedule for the day and week. This allows them to see what other carers have already done for the patient and better plan what care they will be giving to the patient.

Finishing Reports

Since the carer’s tasks and working time are already indicated in the schedule, the software allows them just to send their roster, and they no longer have to input the information on spreadsheets.

Starting Own Service

With a system that eliminates paperwork and makes billing more efficient, carers can start their own service and no longer have to go through agencies or companies.

Caregivers still face challenges, but with the development of more technologies designed for caring for the elderly and those with disabilities, unnecessary stress can be eliminated.