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Landscaping: Don’t Believe These Misconceptions

commercial landscaping

commercial landscapingAn establishment’s landscape speaks volume about its image as a whole. Although most companies hire commercial landscaping services in Brookfield to help maintain its condition, a lot of people still believe in a few misinformation about keeping their landscape lush. So, here are a few misconceptions about gardening and landscaping that you shouldn’t believe.

Watering the Lawn at Night

One of the most common misconceptions about landscaping is that it’s better to water at night so that sun won’t evaporate the water and at the same time, save on water costs. However, the best time to water the landscape is during the morning. Watering the plants at night would only cost fungi to grow, which can cause damage to the grass.

Trees are for Aesthetic Purposes Only

Although trees can be a great addition to any landscape, they offer more than just to complete a landscape’s overall look. You may want to carefully think about the area where you’ll plant the tree so it’ll serve you more. Trees can effectively provide a net cooling effect to a certain area, helping you save money on energy costs.

No Need for Maintenance

All plants grow over time, which means that you’ll need to do a few upkeeps to maintain their overall appeal. You may want to check the sprinkler system regularly to ensure that the sprinkler heads are working properly. Also, keep in mind that lawns need proper weed control, fertilizer, and mowing to prevent any outgrowth.

These are just a few misconceptions that people have when it comes to landscaping. You may want to work with a landscaping company who can provide you with all the services that your business needs when it comes to lawn services.

Office Situations that Need Your Immediate Attention

Man on his desk having problems

Man on his desk having problemsYes, your business is still a small one. It’s growing, and you think you can ignore problems until they’re big enough, to save money. What you don’t realize is there might be no opportunity for your business to make it big if it is already known for small but horrible problems.

Take a look at these issues:

Pest Infestation

There is no such thing as a small rodent problem. When you notice signs of their presence, you need to act fast. They may be hiding in places you wouldn’t think are habitable, and they might be strolling through the office at night, exposing everything and everyone to diseases they carry. They may come out anytime they want. Commercial pest control is necessary for Salt Lake City if you don’t want them coming out at the most inopportune time–such as when you’re having a meeting with investors, perhaps?

Inconsistent Quality

You want to protect your brand by selling only quality products. Fail to do this, and you might be looking at authentic items getting out and looking like imitation due to their poor quality. Random quality checks can be done before shipments are sent to product distributors, and you can also hire employees to oversee the manufacturing process and catch errors as they happen.

Unhealthy Culture

Gossip travels fast, and it’s harder to kill if there’s a shred of truth mingled with the fabricated story. Your reputation may be tarnished by a former employee saying you tolerate bullying in the workplace or, worse, don’t make yourself aware of the situation at all. It may start as chatter among employees, then one person tells their friends, who tell their acquaintances. Neglect will decide the image of your company for you, and it’s not going to be in your favor.

Who would want to work for a company with known problems? Give your business the best chances of survival by being on top of difficult situations.

Improve Air Circulation in Your Home in These 3 Ways

cold air blowingMany people tend to keep any open ventilation closed to avoid the accumulation of dust on solid surfaces. They are, therefore, likely to ensure that all windows in the house are sealed, and the door is always shut. That prevents air circulation, which may increase the concentration of pollutants within the house, which, in turn, may have adverse health effects.

Exhaust Fans and ACs

You should ensure that your house has such equipment to improve air quality. If your AC is broken, you may search for an air conditioning repair technician in Gastonia, NC to correct its faults. Such equipment facilitates the flow of air within the house. Exhaust fans and AC units should be used together with open windows. Otherwise, the same polluted air will remain in the house.


Aerosols, such as body sprays and air fresheners, tend to reduce the purity of air in your house. Their effects are far much worse in situations where air circulation is limited. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep the use of aerosols at the bare minimum. Their presence in relatively high concentrations may result in respiratory diseases or eye irritation.

Cigarette Smoking

Cigarette smoking continues to be a major contributor to home pollution. That’s because the amount of smoke produced takes a longer time to diffuse out of the room in comparison to the time needed for clean air to diffuse into the room. It may be useful to designate a specific area as a smoking zone.

Fresh air is not only healthy for you and your family but also provides a conducive environment. It’s impossible to relax in a place polluted by smoke regardless of whether the smoke has negative health impacts or not. It is, therefore, important that you ensure that your home has adequate ventilation for optimum air circulation.

Covers for HVAC Vents

Dust from Air VentMany things will influence your decision of getting an HVAC for your property. When it comes to buying one, your choice of vent cover is something that you will have to consider. This is, after all, the most noticeable part of your unit and influences the flow of air throughout your home.

The cover of your HVAC’s vents also plays a significant role in its energy efficiency. AC installation in Gastonia is convenient because there are various options for your unit. Here are some options that you might come across.

Basic Covers

A basic vent cover consists of a simple metal grate that circulates air throughout your building’s interiors. Though inexpensive, the cover’s seal is weak. This causes a leakage, which decreases the pressure and temperature of the air. It also contributes to the rapid buildup of dirt in your AC and accelerates the rusting of its interior components.

Magnetic Covers

These are modular and airtight. They are easy to install and inexpensive. Magnetic vent covers are mounted on top of basic covers to mitigate the latter’s limitations. They can be painted with various colors to match your interior décor. In addition, they are ideal for property owners battling high heating and cooling expenses.

Decorative Covers

These covers are the most aesthetically pleasing among the ones in the market. They come in various designs and colors to match all interiors. Other than their aesthetic value, decorative vents are energy-efficient. Thus, they will reduce your heating and cooling expenses. They are inexpensive despite all their benefits.

Keeping your vent covers clean is vital. A dirty vent cover will compromise your interior air quality and the AC unit’s efficiency. DIY weekly cleaning is essential, but bi-annual professional cleaning is recommended. You might need more frequent expert cleaning for vent covers in areas with heavy traffic.

Finding the Inexpensive Cargo Bike Is All About Defining Your Needs

Selfie of a Man Cycling

Selfie of a Man CyclingCargo bikes are the next generation of delivery trucks and minivans. They are also great options for travel. And for the past few years, they are also getting cheaper. Well, still not as cheap as you would have wanted, but it is getting there.

While it is still hard to find an inexpensive cargo bike, one can save by being more critical with the type of bike and the purpose of buying it. MADSEN Cycles tells us more.

You get what you pay for

Yes, cargo bikes are rather expensive. But, you get what you pay for. It is not that affordable significantly because of less demand and, thereby, lower supply to meet such demand. With a cargo bike, of course, you get benefits that a road bike cannot provide. It can carry loads of stuff — as well as people.

It is bulkier and is manufactured using more materials. That is where the other half of the priceyness comes from. When you think about purchasing a cargo bike, decide on safety, handling, and capacity. These are where you can eke out some savings. Most importantly, what is it for? Base it on your need.

Being wise can save you bucks

A decision point to guarantee savings is the type of cargo bike: two-wheel or three-wheel. With a two-wheel bike, you would buy it because you need less load to carry. It is made more for speed and handling. But for a three-wheel cargo bike, which is more versatile but less maneuverable, it is bought for space and stability. Choosing a two-wheel cargo bike is definitely less expensive.

Another thing to consider shaving off cost is whether you are choosing an electric or non-electric cargo bike. Obviously, the latter is cheaper. But electric-run cargo bikes give more. There are two types of electric bikes: the "hub" type, and the Crank or mid-drive type.

For the Hub, the motor is in the wheel (rear or front) and moves only the wheel you are pedaling. With the Crank, the motors lie in the pedals, and they move with you, and that gives you higher torque, and, naturally, a bigger price tag.

A No-Nonsense Guide on Maintaining Commercial Landscapes

commercial landscapeWhen it comes to planning your landscape, it’s essential to hire only the best services. That’s why most people only choose the best commercial landscaping services in Kissimmee to achieve their desired outcome.

However, there are times when you just have to learn things your own way to understand the process better. So here are a few life hacks when it comes to commercial landscaping.

1. Be wary of invasive plants.

One of the things that you may want to be wary about is having a few invasive plants in your landscape. You might want to find ways on how to properly control their growth so it won’t become an eyesore in the future.

One way of doing so is by cutting out the bottom part of a standard pot and then burying it in the ground. Then, put the invasive plant inside the pot so you can properly control the roots from spreading in the entire landscape.

2. Consider using ground covers.

Consider using ground covers in areas prone to dust and erosion. There are also specific types of plants that thrive in tough terrains. Consider getting these plants as to prevent any erosion in your landscape. These plants also need very little water and wouldn’t be harmful to other plants as well.

3. Use coffee grounds.

Instead of throwing used coffee grounds in the office, you may want to reuse them as a fertilizer for your flowerbeds. According to Pergola Kits USA, the coffee ground can bring the soil closer to the perfect pH level that can help promote plant growth.

These are just a few important life hacks that you may consider with your commercial landscape. It’s always best to ask a few more tips from experts who know a lot about ground care so that you can properly maintain your landscape.

4 Fun Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

Friends at Camping SiteSpending time at a campsite can be a thrilling experience. If you’re just starting out in this popular activity, then you’re probably still unsure how to get the most out of the few days you’re going to spend in the wild.

Well, you’ll need a few camping essentials such as a Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow VX tent, a camping stove, toiletries, and so on. Once you’ve set up camp, you can try out these four fun activities.


If you love exploring the wild, then spelunking is the one activity you must have on your to-do list. Look for caves in the camping area and go in to find out what treasures they hold. It’s really fun for all age groups. Just don’t forget to ask the rangers if the caves are safe before going in, though.

Trail Hiking

The majority of camping grounds have lots of fascinating scenery you can enjoy. Set aside a day for climbing rocks and just enjoying the scenic trails. It’s best to head out in the morning when temperatures are cooler. Be sure to find out the default of the trail before starting to hike.


When camping near a lake or a river, consider spending an afternoon splashing around. The campground will most likely offer a kayak, a paddle boat, or a canoe rental that you can use to get out into the water easily. Just make sure you make it back to the campsite before dark.


How about catching your very own dinner out in the lake? It’s a relaxing afternoon camping activity after a morning spent hiking or exploring the caves. Even if you don’t catch any big fish, you’ll still get to enjoy the recreation of it.

There are endless fun activities that you can enjoy while out camping. You can always enquire from the camping ground what possibilities are on offer, so you can plan appropriately.

Travelling to Cornwall: 3 Popular Cornish Ghost Tales

Ghost in a DungeonLocated in the southwest of England, Cornwall is a peninsula that’s renowned for its diverse coastlines, rugged cliffs, and wild moorlands. Apart from the beauty of its natural environment, Cornwall is also famous for its many ghost stories.

Here are some of these popular Cornish tales of ghosts:

A remorseful mother

The spirit of one Selina Wadge is said to wander Bodmin Jail, now a museum and regarded as one of the most haunted attractions in Cornwall, if not the UK. The story goes that Wadge was incarcerated and eventually executed by hanging in 1878 at the said prison for murdering her young son.

Reports claim that young children visiting the museum often see a lady, believed to be Wadge, in a long dress crying and reaching out for them.

A grieving wife

Prideaux Place, a sixteenth-century Elizabethan manor house owned by the Prideaux-Brune Family, is believed to be the roaming grounds of the ghost of Honor Fortescue. It is said that Fortescue, grieving for her husband Humphrey Prideaux, fell to her own death after jumping off a balcony.

However, some believe that Fortescue didn’t die by her own hand and was instead pushed off by someone else. Today, the ghostly “Green Lady” who turns people out of the bedrooms is thought to be Fortescue.

A restless mentor

Perhaps the most fascinating ghost tale is the one from Tintagel as the spirit is said to be that of none other than the legendary wizard Merlin. Tintagel hosts the ruins of a twelfth-century castle that is believed to be the home of King Arthur, and it’s reported that, under the castle, a dark cave lies.

According to accounts, the king’s mentor is often seen coming out of this cave and speaking a mysterious language.

More than the peninsula’s natural beauty, visitors will have a grand time in Cornwall because of its many intriguing tales of ghosts. Plan your next visit and prepare for a spooky yet memorable adventure.

Leveraging the Power of Motion Graphics for Content Marketing

Digital marketing concept

Digital marketing conceptYou’ve probably seen short animated videos on YouTube that tell a story or explain a process, event, or concept — like an info graphic but in video form. These are motion graphics. They combine visual design elements and styles, such as typography and illustration, with animation to create eye-catching video compositions. Their uses run a wide range, from digital advertisements to video games and title sequences in movies and TV shows to explainer videos.

One Floor Up, a video production firm based in Denver, Col., says that video content doesn’t only help increase audience engagement; motion graphics can also be effective in helping your audience retain information.

More Information Time

Attention spans are decreasing. Motion graphics, therefore, are more crucial a tool than ever because they can relay more information to your audience in a short span of time. Technical or complex information can be broken down into bite-size pieces and paired with relevant visual cues, for example. This technique results in animated visual representations of the data that help the audience retain more information for an extended period.

The clever use of colors, illustrations, and animations, moreover, make motion graphics more appealing and capture the attention of your viewers from beginning to end.

Better Engagement

Motion graphics are more shareable than other types of content because they draw more people to your page and encourage them to spend more time on the website. In fact, a Cisco study projects that by 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will be generated by video content.

Explainer videos that incorporate animated typography, in particular, have a higher chance of getting views on social media sites as it can share information even without any sound. Facebook shares 85% of its eight billion video views are watched while on mute. So, consider using short, eye-catching, and informative videos to drive engagement rates.

Creative Freedom

Explainer videos come in all shapes and styles. For instance, you can opt for a video with a serious or professional tone or go with the complete opposite: a fun, quirky theme.

The different animation styles available, such as kinetic typography, stop motion, 3D animation, allow for greater freedom in creating your narrative. You can even combine live-action videos with animated illustrations. Your creative freedom to choose your music, narration, and the other motion graphics elements will be critical to how you tell your story and capture the emotion of viewers.

Motion graphics give you the chance to create a marketing tool that will perfectly fit not just your whole brand but each message you want to convey to your audience. With the help of professional designers and producers, you can leverage motion graphics to boost your business.

No Show: 3 Reasons Why Dental Patients Miss Appointments

Dentist with smiling patient

Dentist with smiling patientIt’s a common problem many dental practitioners face: patient no-shows. While it may seem a mundane thing, this can have a serious impact on both your patients and business. For one, a missed appointment is a missed opportunity to check up on your patient, which may compromise the quality of care.
Before addressing the problem, it’s important to know the root of the problem. Here are common reasons dental patients skip appointments:

1. Fears

One of the biggest hurdles patients face is dental anxiety. While this is common among kids, adults suffer from it, too. The thing with anxiety is it often stems from fear of the unknown. Your patients don’t know what you’re doing when you put wheezing metal instruments in their mouth, so they panic.

What you can do is to guide them through the steps; say, when putting orthodontic appliances, tell them what they’re for and how you’re going to use them.

2. Question of Need

Some people don’t go to appointments simply because they don’t feel the need. Perhaps, by their own evaluation, they’re already healthy, so they don’t need any more treatments. Communication is important in such situations. The patient has to understand clearly why they need to follow through treatments.

3. Finances

As cited in American Dental Association’s 2014 research, one in four adults is unable to afford dental care. Your patients who belong to lower social economic status and don’t have medical insurance are more likely to bail out on scheduled check-ups. Others find dental care as not much of a priority when compared to other day-to-day household expenses.

There are many ways to help patients afford treatment. One of them is presenting them with different options or planning treatment in phases.

A no-show patient can hurt your patient’s health and your business, so don’t underestimate this mundane, everyday issue. Have a good talk with your patient to understand them better.