Open Your Lines: Pointers For Consulting Your Dentist

Consultation with a Dentist

Consultation with a Dentist

Your dentist is one of those people you should be open with when it comes to matters concerning your oral health. But more often than not, some are not comfortable with the thought of telling them everything that may affect their dental well-being.

Nevertheless, you should know how to communicate your concerns to them, especially if you are undergoing major procedures, such as getting dental implants here in Shrewsbury. On the other hand, expressing your dental concerns to your dentist eases up diagnoses and treatment of your problems.

If you experience stress and anxiety when talking to your dentist, here are some pointers that you may want to consider.

Be honest

Honesty is the best policy – this could not ring any truer with dentists (and other medical specialists for that matter). Knowing this, you should be honest with your dentist with your problems so that they can easily diagnose you and choose the right treatment.

Be direct: if your molar hurts, tell them that it hurts. If you think that the fit of your dentures is quite problematic, tell them.


To maintain an open line of communication, you should ask questions. It will be good for you! If you do not understand a thing your dentist says, ask them again. Better yet, ask them to tell the problem in simple terms. Ask how the problem occurred or how they arrive at a particular treatment. 

It may be quite anxiety inducing, but you need to ask about the consequences if the problem is left ignored.

Be concrete

As much as possible, you may want to put some of your conversations to writing. With this, you need to keep all the receipts, waivers, and other documents that concretise your communication and transaction with them. Doing this will prevent you and your professional relationship with your dentist.

Being open is the first step to a harmonious working relationship with your dentist. Keep the tips as mentioned above to start opening your communication line with them.