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Obedience Training: When Does your Dog Need It?

Dogs are part of the family. Dog owners can attest to that. They see and treat their canine pal like their child. They feed and take care of their dog. Apart from providing their pooch with necessities of food and shelter, pet owners should make sure to discipline their dog. Their pet needs to behave accordingly.

As much as you love your pet and would like to believe that their behavior is okay, there are dogs that might need a behavioral adjustment. While you have the option to training your pet by yourself, it is a good idea to leave the work to professional dog trainers in Loxahatchee. These professionals know the ins and outs of dog behavior and can provide you with tips to manage the behavior of your furry friend.

Not sure if your dog needs obedience training? Take note of these signs:

Excessive Barking

Dogs bark. It’s a fact of life. Excessive barking, however, can be incredibly frustrating.

Most pet owners have a hard time distinguishing a normal bark and excessive bark. If your dog alerts you and barks because there is an intruder, then this type of bark is okay. If your furry pal, however, barks at the slightest movements of objects, then it is a sign that you need to enroll your dog in obedience training.

The good news is that this type of training can curb a dog’s instinctive need to yell for attention. Your dog can learn powerful commands, such as “quiet”, “calm”, or “stop.”

Food Aggression

Canines that express this type of aggression are exhibiting a form of resource guarding. This goes back to a dog’s wild instincts where aggression instills fear to other animals that are looking to take away their food.

This kind of behavior is not something you want to see in your home or in a public area. Food aggression is a misplaced behavior that points to a canine’s underlying insecurities. Resolving this issue as soon as possible is crucial, as this type of aggression could lead to nipping or biting.

Leash Pulling

An excited dog pulling the leash to get to the park and play in the sand might seem cute and innocent. This scenario, unfortunately, may actually be a sign of bad behavior. You should be able to walk your dog comfortably without grabbing too hard on the leash. If you are having difficulty controlling your furry pal with your leash, it may be time to enroll your dog in obedience school.

Separation Anxiety

close up picture of a sad dogDoes your canine pal whine, bark, or become destructive when you leave them alone (even for a short period)? Your pet may be experiencing separation anxiety. Particular sensitive pooches may defecate, urinate, or even chew their way out just to escape. The reasons for this behavior may be due to loneliness or claustrophobia. When you enroll your pet in an obedience school, you allow your pooch to develop confidence, which could reduce the symptoms of separation anxiety.

Excessive barking, food aggression, leash pulling, and separation anxiety are just some of the signs that should compel you to enroll your dog in an obedience training program. Having a well-behaved dog is every pet owner’s dream. The right actions, however, are required in order to achieve that goal.