Woman putting on the invisalign

Modern Braces for All

It used to be that metal braces were mostly fitted for teenagers. Dentists considered braces would work well, since teeth are still growing at this age. Unfortunately, braces didn’t have great appeal, as they caused wearers to feel self-conscious, they were material-heavy and difficult to clean.Products such as Invisalign in St John’s Wood now offer an alternative solution to traditional braces. They are designed to offer a more comfortable way of helping straighten the teeth and improve the problem of overbite. They can also close gaps.

About Invisalign

As the name suggests, these aligners are virtually invisible, since they’re made of light and transparent material that cover the teeth. They can offer more comfort for patients than traditional braces with metal brackets, so patients feel less self-conscious when out and about. To find Invisalign in St John’s Wood, dental clinics such as Aura Dental are available to offer this to patients.

How does Invisalign work?

The dentist will discuss with their patient how they’d like their teeth to be realigned and appear by the end of the treatment. The dentist can then use 3D technology to create an image of the teeth based on the consultation.Once agreed on the desired outcome, the aligners will then be custom-created to fit the individual’s teeth. Depending on the extent of the problem that needs to be corrected, they need to be worn anything between 6-18 months. For the aligners to work effectively, patients need to wear their aligners 22 hours per day. At first, each aligner feels uncomfortable, but as the teeth move, this feeling wears off.

Looking after aligners

Patients remove the Invisalign aligners before cleaning their teeth, which makes cleaning as easy as ever. The aligners should also be taken out before eating and drinking so that the aligners do not get discoloured and so show up over the teeth.

The aligners themselves need to be cleaned when taken out, too. They can be kept in a special box when not being worn, so that there’s no chance of them getting damaged. It’s important for aligners to be changed every 7-10 days when they have done their part of the alignment process.