Making Sense of Conflicting Restaurant Reviews

Feedback on a restaurantA lot of things depend on the internet these days. Even the simple act of choosing where to eat is made more complicated by the conflicting reviews you see online. If one restaurant has good praises, you’ll be inclined to give it a try. But what if the same restaurant has negative reviews? Which one do you believe?

When checking restaurants in Springfield, consider the following factors:


The kind of service you receive has a great impact on the experience when dining out. Whether you’re headed to more casual Mexican restaurants like El Paso Mexican Restaurant or posh French restaurants, the staff should treat you with respect and make you feel welcomed. They should accommodate special requests, such as if you prefer a dish to be mild or spicy, or if you need a booster chair.


If a restaurant is boasting of its fresh ingredients, you should be able to tell the difference. The quality should be consistent across the menu, and among different days of the week. There is no excuse for them to not uphold the same high standards just because it’s lunch rush or the weekend. Look for reviews that specifically talk about how the pasta tasted, and whether there is anything said about the spices used. If anyone comments that the dishes tasted stale, that’s a sign to look somewhere else.


Staples and specialties stay, but novelties come on go. While they’re on the menu, however, feel free to indulge–if they are of the same quality as the rest of the restaurant’s offerings. There were plenty of Pokemon Go inspired burgers when the game was hyped. Now, meals and beverages inspired by Tide Pods are everywhere. If you’re looking for something like this, a look at the photos posted on Instagram from actual diners can give you an idea of what the novelty offerings look like in real life.

Each person looks for something different in a restaurant. To make sense of conflicting reviews, look for quality and in-depth assessment.