Person planting rosemary in a container

How to Start Your Container Gardening Project

Person planting rosemary in a containerGardening is a great way to release stress while making your home look aesthetically pleasing. It has become one of the most popular types of gardening, as it is fairly easy yet it gives off a creative and elegant vibe in your garden.

Here, we will discuss some of the most important tips you should take note of before putting those plants in your large vintage copper garden planters.

Decide What Type of Container You Want

Plants are not that particular when it comes to pots and containers, however, you should always give their roots some space to grow. If the plant you are trying to grow needs ample space for its roots, then consider getting a larger pot. It should also have enough holes so the excess water will be easily drained.

Choose which type of material you want when it comes to the containers. There are different types of materials available, including ceramic, copper, wood, terracotta, plastic, and others. The finish and type of material should go with the whole theme of your garden if you want an aesthetically pleasing look.

Know the Lighting Condition That the Plant Needs

Woman planting on the rooftopThere are plants that should be under the sun most of the day, while there are some that could not grow when placed directly under the sunlight. Make sure that you know if your plants are sun-loving plants or not, and separate them from each other. If you truly want these things to grow, then you must know how to nurture them and care for them properly.

Some plants that are always in need of sun include verbena, petunias, calibrachoa, and geraniums, while those that should be in the shade include torenia, caladium, begonia, and impatiens. All types of vegetables and herbs should also be under the sun when growing.

Give Them Enough Water

Make sure to remember to water your potted plants when they need it. Check the soil and if it looks parched or dry, then go ahead and water it right away. This is especially important during hot days and during the summer, so if you always forget to water your plants, then make sure to set an alarm.

If you want, you can install a drip irrigation system where you can set a timer so it will automatically water your plants when they need it.

Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize

If you want your veggies and flowers to bloom, then make sure to fertilize them when they need it. While some soils already have slow-release fertilizers in them, it is still wise to add a drop or two of fertilizer to your plants to make sure that they will bloom. Remember that flowers and vegetables absorb fertilizers heavier than other plants, so you can add their dose up a little bit more.

Do your research first and make sure that you know everything you have to know before trying to grow plants in pots and containers. Take good care of your plants and reap the benefits later on.