How to Detect Furnace Trouble and Save Money

Furnace being checked
A furnace problem in the winter is a great inconvenience, particularly if the cold is harsh. Such issues may even expose your family to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The cold season is still a couple of months away but that does not mean you can ignore the need for furnace service in Indiana. Legacy Heating & Air suggests that it is best to have your furnace checked, repaired, or replaced, if necessary, to prepare for the cold season. Temperatures in Indiana could drop from a high of 85.6°F in the summer to a low of 18.5°F in the winter. If your furnace is showing some issues, you might face a biting chill with a problematic furnace. But how do you detect furnace trouble in the first place?

Observe the Thermostat

Most furnaces, whether old or new, come with a thermostat which open and close depending on the temperature. Your furnace comes to life when the thermostat indicates that it needs heat. If the temperature in your home’s interior is lower than what you set in the thermostat, then it might have a problem. You can test this by looking for the red and white wires attached to the thermostat and then letting their endpoints touch. If your furnace comes on when you perform such test, then it is possible that the thermostat is the issue.

Check for Unusual Sounds from the Furnace

It is normal for your furnace to emit little noises as it tries to warm your home. Nevertheless, if you start hearing some strange clanging or banging that last for several minutes, then it may have a problem. The cause could be anything from a dislodged heating unit to a host of other, more serious, issues. Try to listen carefully to your furnace for any unusual sounds as it comes to life. If such sounds persist until the next day, then you should get in touch with experts on furnace service. Finding the root of the problem at an early stage would help prevent it from getting worse.

Check Furnace for Strange Odors

Your furnace may have a problem if it starts to emit a strange odor which indicates that it may be suffering from a leak. There might be parts in your furnace that needs replacement. Strange odor could also indicate loose nozzles or nuts, or even the presence of foreign materials near your furnace. If you are having these problems with your furnace, get in touch with an expert technician right away to fix the issue. Do not wait as such problems may not only trouble you but also endanger the entire household.

Early detection of signs can help avoid issues from getting worse. This means you can save a lot in terms of repairs and servicing. Not only that, you can also spare your household from the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or your property from going up in smoke. By calling in the experts at the first sign of a furnace problem, you save yourself a lot of trouble.