Closeup photo of a dental implant

High-Quality Replacement Teeth

Closeup photo of a dental implantThere are many options for replacing lost teeth. Contemporary technology enables a high degree of precision in creating personalised dental substitutes. Crowns, bridges, and dentures all have their advantages in terms of appearance, convenience, and affordability. Southampton dental implants, however, provide a level of stability and longevity that other types of substitute teeth can’t match.Dentists are able to place implants within the patient’s jawbone. This means the new teeth are safely anchored and can be used like natural ones.

Receiving Southampton dental implants

Southampton dental implants are available from many contemporary dentists, such as Smilemakers Dental Implant Clinic. They are a great solution for any kind of tooth loss. Single missing teeth will benefit from this process as well as entire sets of lost teeth. Implant dentistry may also be used to stabilise partial dentures.

There are a few distinct stages in the process of receiving Southampton dental implants. The first is an in-depth consultation at the dental practice. The dental team will assess several aspects of the patient’s dental health. Jawbone density is an important consideration. Some preliminary treatment might be necessary to ensure the success of the patient’s implant treatment. Detailed measurements of the teeth will be taken, and a precise treatment plan produced.

Then there will be a minor surgical episode, during which the dentist will place small titanium posts into the patient’s jawbone. These posts resemble tiny screws, and the jawbone forms a strong bond with them. After a short time of rest, the patient will return to the practice to have their custom-made new teeth firmly affixed to their implanted posts.

Living with Southampton dental implants

Implants provide a dramatic improvement in a person’s ability to bite into and chew their food. Increased enjoyment of mealtimes contributes to a better overall quality of life. Also, the new teeth don’t need to be removed from the mouth, so they’re easy to take care of. They can last for decades as long as they’re given the right level of care.

Once the patient has received their Southampton dental implants, they can start to experience the oral health and cosmetic benefits this treatment provides.