Going Green: Creating an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

bathroomThe path to creating an eco-friendly home begins in your bathroom. As this is the place that requires the largest amount of water usage, going green not only helps you save money, but also benefits the environment.

There are plenty of ways to make your bathroom environmentally friendly. Try these tips to turn it into the greenest room in your abode:

Use Tankless Water Heaters

While steamy hot showers feel nice, heaters require a lot of power. It is best to replace your water heater with a tankless heater to reduce energy costs. These models use less energy than traditional units, as they only heat what is needed.

Replace the Toilet

Toilet flushing is the biggest contributor to your hefty water bill. Replacing it with a low-flow installation reduces your overall water consumption, helping you save money. You can also retrofit your existing toilet using controllable flush handles. Putting pebbles in the tanks can instantly reduce water consumption.

Use Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiling is one of the most eco-friendly options for consumers. It is not as easily damaged by moisture and can be made following a low-impact manufacturing process. They can also withstand heavy foot traffic because of their resistance to abrasion and tread wear.

Add Plants and Decorations

A bathroom with a selection of lush plants and graphic artworks can change the overall atmosphere. Renovation experts from Million Dollar Makeovers and Home Life suggest hanging plants that draw the eyes upward and creates interest in all areas.

Choose Green Products

Consider investing in green products such as recycled toilet papers and green shower curtains. Replacing toxic bleach cleaning items with sustainable products is also advisable to create an eco-bathroom.

Simple adjustments can reduce the impact of your bathroom on the environment. By being wise with your remodelling project and choice of products, you can turn the room into the most environmentally friendly space in your house.