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Go on Patrol: The Secret of a Successful Security Officer

If you want a career in the security industry, you need to pass a licensing program. To earn a security licence in QLD, a successful completion of Certificate II in Security Operations is a must.

security guard

Certificate II in Security Operations is the minimum Queensland Government requirement to obtain a Security Officer Endorsement and licence. Upon completion of this program, you become eligible to apply to the Queensland Office of Fair Trading for an unrestricted Security Officer Licence.

Once you’ve earned your Security Guard licence in QLD, keep in mind that like any other career, the training never stops. Here are two tips on becoming a better security officer:

Review all Your Course Manuals

Refreshing your knowledge might be the last thing on your mind. All too often, you learn enough for the exam and then forget about it after a week or two. For this reason, you need to review all your study manuals to keep everything you learned in mind.

Learn Self Defence Techniques

One of the most important aspects of being a security officer is to adhere to a high standard of self-defence. Stay fit and exercise every day and practice self-defence with a colleague. You’ll never know when you’ll need it.

Keep in mind that the initial security training and the subsequent licence are only the first step. To be successful in your career path, make sure to prepare yourself by studying everything you learned, whilst developing new techniques.