Getting the Right Fire Safety Warning and Signs for Your Business

fire warningWarning signs and labels are one of the most critical parts of safety and security guidelines in the manufacturing industry, especially in a fire emergency. Aside from educating your employees about regulations and guidelines during emergencies, you should also have fire signs and labels to help them be aware of the location, use, and direction of fire safety equipment.

When purchasing fire safety labels and signs for the workplace, Clarion Safety Systems advises that businesses should make sure that these signs use the right color and imagery that will reflect their proper use and need. Fire emergency equipment also need to have the following features, so they could help your workers keep safe.

Signal Words

Any fire equipment sign or label should have a signal word prominently displayed in the sign. Common signal words include danger, warning, and caution. Look for signs and labels that are appropriately sized for maximum visibility.


The proper information and direction should be contained in your fire safety warning signs and labels. The machine or equipment that needs to be turned off or on, the location of the fire alarm, sprinklers, the emergency phone, should be placed inside the fire safety sign. The content should be clear and succinct with the appropriate image for complete understanding.


For your fire labels and signs to be effective, they have to be appropriately placed, so they can be visible. These signs should also be placed along the line of sight, so your workers would quickly be aware of them in emergencies. These fire safety signs often include fire exit doors and the location of the fire alarm signals.

Safety labels are a vital part of making safety and security paramount in the workplace. For any workplace, it’s mandatory to follow the required fire labeling and safety guidelines to protect their employees.