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For High Schoolers: 5 Productive Ways to Spend Your Summer

When you have nothing planned, the summer break may seem long and boring. Fortunately, if you’re a high school student, you don’t have to spend all your time indoors. Instead, you can take the chance and be productive while adding on to your repertoire of knowledge.

Below are some appropriate summer activities that will boost your life skills and improve your resume:

1. Enroll in an Internship Program

An internship is a good alternative for students who are not ready for the commitment that comes with a job but want to gain exposure. Most companies have flexible hours for their Salt Lake City highschools internship programs and offer appropriate tasks that will make you competitive in the workforce.

There may not be much to take home in earnings, as you may only get a stipend (or none at all). Nonetheless, the internship experience is worthwhile and is an excellent way to thrust yourself into the work environment and prepare you for summer jobs in the future.

2. Take a Summer Job

A summer job improves your resume while allowing you to gain hands-on skills and some extra cash. It acquaints you with a working environment and boosts your people skills while exposing you to a world of endless chances. Learning the demands of the workplace early on puts you ahead of your peers. Earning, on the other hand, gives you financial skills as you learn how to budget for what you get.

3. Work Shadowing

Also referred to as job shadowing, work shadowing allows you to explore and gain insights on careers you are interested in through observation. The person you are shadowing transmits their knowledge in the field by allowing you to explore their space, as they perform their duties.

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A shadowing program gives you first-hand experience that will help influence your career choices. As you spend time observing, use the opportunity to gain knowledge, seek clarification, and explore the resources offered in the work environment. You can ask your mentor or parents to make such arrangements for you.

4. Volunteer

Volunteering is most lauded for the concept of giving back to society, but that is not all there is to it. In bettering the lives of others, it also allows you to polish up on your skills and feel good about yourself. You gain skills in leadership, teamwork, time management, and networking. There are different fields you can volunteer in, including coaching local teams, participating in communal cleanups, spending time in animal shelters, and serving in the kitchen soup.

5. Tackle your Weak Areas

By the end of the school year, you will know which areas are problematic for you. As you have already identified them, use the summer break to catch up so you do not lag behind once school resumes. Reading ahead on subjects you are not so good at could also help enhance your understanding and boost performance.

While the summer holiday offers an opportunity to lay back without stressing over school work, this doesn’t mean that all you should do is lazy around. Instead, make the most of your available time to better yourself, gain new skills, and be part of something great.