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Finding the Inexpensive Cargo Bike Is All About Defining Your Needs

Selfie of a Man CyclingCargo bikes are the next generation of delivery trucks and minivans. They are also great options for travel. And for the past few years, they are also getting cheaper. Well, still not as cheap as you would have wanted, but it is getting there.

While it is still hard to find an inexpensive cargo bike, one can save by being more critical with the type of bike and the purpose of buying it. MADSEN Cycles tells us more.

You get what you pay for

Yes, cargo bikes are rather expensive. But, you get what you pay for. It is not that affordable significantly because of less demand and, thereby, lower supply to meet such demand. With a cargo bike, of course, you get benefits that a road bike cannot provide. It can carry loads of stuff — as well as people.

It is bulkier and is manufactured using more materials. That is where the other half of the priceyness comes from. When you think about purchasing a cargo bike, decide on safety, handling, and capacity. These are where you can eke out some savings. Most importantly, what is it for? Base it on your need.

Being wise can save you bucks

A decision point to guarantee savings is the type of cargo bike: two-wheel or three-wheel. With a two-wheel bike, you would buy it because you need less load to carry. It is made more for speed and handling. But for a three-wheel cargo bike, which is more versatile but less maneuverable, it is bought for space and stability. Choosing a two-wheel cargo bike is definitely less expensive.

Another thing to consider shaving off cost is whether you are choosing an electric or non-electric cargo bike. Obviously, the latter is cheaper. But electric-run cargo bikes give more. There are two types of electric bikes: the "hub" type, and the Crank or mid-drive type.

For the Hub, the motor is in the wheel (rear or front) and moves only the wheel you are pedaling. With the Crank, the motors lie in the pedals, and they move with you, and that gives you higher torque, and, naturally, a bigger price tag.