Feeling so gassy? Getting sick and lightheaded? You may be pregnant. Expect the unexpected: here are some of the strangest signs of early pregnancy.

Expect the Unexpected: 3 Strangest Signs of Early Pregnancy

Feeling so gassy? Getting sick and lightheaded? You may be pregnant. Expect the unexpected: here are some of the strangest signs of early pregnancy.

Missed period, tiredness, nausea—these are the tell-tale signs of pregnancy that many people are aware of. Perhaps because they’re often reflected on TV or discussed over family reunions, these symptoms are considered normal for a woman expecting. What people don’t know, though, is that beyond the normal, there are strange symptoms that women often don’t easily associate with pregnancy but rather with their bodies acting up. The truth is that when you get pregnant, you should expect the unexpected. Here are strange signs of early pregnancy that you can expect:

You feel so gassy

It’s one of the embarrassing signs, but no, it’s not because you ate a lot for dinner. Reputable obstetric specialists in Provo know that the surge of progesterone during pregnancy relaxes smooth muscle tissues all over your body, including those in your gastrointestinal tract. This happens so that your body will absorb more nutrients from the food and supply it to your growing baby. Unfortunately, that means more gas for you. And sometimes, it goes along with feeling constipated. You can manage the bloating by having smaller meals throughout the day, rather than three big meals. Eat slowly and keep your hands off fried food, sweets, and beans as these can further exacerbate bloating. If the symptom becomes unbearable, talk to your ob-gyn about medications. To reduce the likelihood of constipation, eat fiber-rich food and drink plenty of water.

You get flu-like symptoms

Pregnant woman not feeling well

A lot of pregnant women wake up to a clogged nose every morning. Then, they will get lightheaded a few times throughout the day. Most people dismiss this as the occasional flu, but it may also be an early sign of pregnancy. The increased hormones in your body trigger increased mucus production, which means more snot and blowing of your nose. The dizziness, on the other hand, results from blood vessels relaxing and widening, supplying more blood to your baby. To manage stuffy nose, use saline nose drops and turn on your humidifier. If you experience a nosebleed, apply an ice bag on the bridge of your nose until the bleeding stops. To reduce the dizziness, avoid standing for a long time. Take occasional breaks from what you’re doing and try not to make sudden movements, especially when standing up.

You’re happy one moment, then sad or angry the next

No, it’s not PMS this time. Your mood swings may be an early sign of pregnancy. Blame it on the rising hormones and the changes in your metabolism. These affect neurotransmitters, the chemicals in your brain that control moods. The best way to take your sanity back is not to bottle up feelings but release them through healthy or creative outlets. Pick up the hobby you’ve always wanted to do. Buy maternity clothes. Get enough sleep. Exercise. Have a date night with your spouse. If the mood swings persist even with these outlets, consult your ob-gyn about it. A lot of pregnant women are at risk of depression.

Again, when you get pregnant, strange things happen to your body. However, as you learn more about pregnancy, you learn to embrace the weird and appreciate how your body supports your growing baby.