Email Marketing DOs and DON’Ts for Newbies

Email MarketingWhen trying out email marketing for the first time, hitting that ‘send’ button might give you some anxiety — is your email on point, is it clear enough, will recipients like it? You’re under pressure to make a great impression on your email subscribers. Prior to hitting send, make sure that you know these most basic email marketing DOs and DON’Ts advises a top online advertising expert from Singtel.

Email Marketing DOs

  • Make certain that you’ve obtained the permission of the recipient before sending an email.
  • Send your new subscribers a ‘Welcome Email’.
  • Have easy options for subscribers to unsubscribe.
  • Enable subscribers to effortlessly manage their preferences.
  • Stay focused on the needs of your subscribers.
  • Remain relevant, interesting, and personal.
  • Utilize a combination of images, graphics, and colour for greater impact.
  • Create your email messages for viewing in preview mode — edit as you go.
  • Include clear CTAs or call to actions in your messages.
  • Efficiently measure your results to determine what’s working and what’s not.

Email Marketing DON’Ts

  • Send email messages that are outright Spam or even those that resemble Spam.
  • Use ALL CAPS. Basically, it’s the equivalent of shouting. This also holds true for exclamation points! Stick to one at a time, if you really must.
  • Use misleading subject lines to get people to click on your message.
  • Clutter your messages — short, sweet, to the point always works.
  • Forget branding your email messages, landing pages, and forms accordingly.
  • Send messages that are in a single-image format.
  • Forget to include plain text versions of your HTML messages.
  • Continue sending messages to addresses that have consistently bounced.
  • Forget to test your messages before hitting send.
  • Focus on email marketing and not integrate it with your other marketing initiatives.
  • Send messages too frequently.

Keep in mind that the average person receives plenty of emails daily, but while it could be hard for yours to stand out, remembering these email marketing DOs and DON’Ts will increase your chances of increasing readership and fostering customer engagement.