t shirt printing

Effective Advertising: Using T-Shirts as “Walking Billboards”

Businesses thrive on marketing and advertising, so they need effective measures to reach their target audiences. One of them is distributing or selling tees with the company logo or tag line. This may seem like an old-fashioned practice, but it still works effectively. It is ideal for small businesses and start-ups. Customised tees function like a mobile billboard, a marketing tool with immense possibilities.

t shirt printing

Multiple Shirts

Many printing services offer discounts for bulk orders for T-shirts with prints. With this, your company can get all the necessary promotional tees at nearly half the original price. These tees with customised patterns can be distributed to the employees at any company event, as promotional takeaways. They can also be sold at a small price to guests at public relations meetings. According to shirt printing expert Fire Label, this is one of the easiest ways to promote a brand or a company’s name.

Shirt Details

When it comes to wholesale t-shirt printing, keep a few basic points in mind especially if you own by small start-up businesses. Innovate and look for new ways to introduce your company by creatively designing the tees. Make sure that the material is made from a comfortable fabric like cotton.

Also, ask your employees to wear them on specific occasions or days. Have variations like polo necks and full sleeves to suit any kind of weather. Also, have a separate colouring and styling for women and men. You can also have a few in smaller sizes for the employees’ children. These can be used as giveaways during the company’s annual sports or cultural meet.

Logo Design

While creating the company logo, make sure the colouring and pattern is easily recognisable. People should be able to associate them with your company. Apart from the normal tees, print limited designs for special occasions in the company.

Some contract screen printers offer their services at a discounted price. Apart from being reliable and fast workers, they have professional equipment for the job. The presses they use will ensure uniform quality with each print on any kind of garment. Companies like to change the tagline or the logo’s colour after a few years. These contract printers will be able to incorporate any changes without much trouble.