best ice cream

Dressing Up Your Scoop: Creative Ways to Serve Ice Cream

Australians, and practically everybody else, are ice cream fanatics. These delectable desserts have been around for so long, and you probably have your own way of savouring and enjoying it.

To help you out, here are some surprisingly simple ways to dress up your favourite ice cream in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, or wherever you may be in Australia. These are desserts you could easily dish up anytime.

best ice cream

It’s a Wrap

Ice cream isn’t just for cones and cups. Sandwich a scoop of your favourite Australian ice cream brand in between two chocolate biscuits or cookies, and gently squeeze together. Make as many as you need and then serve them right away, or wrap each one tightly in plastic wrap and store in the freezer.

It Takes the Cake

Take a regular sponge or chocolate cake to the next level by filling it with your favourite ice cream. Cut the cake in half horizontally, and then put small scoops of the frozen treat on the base. Put the top back and drizzle with chocolate or another sauce.

It’s a Cut

For the tub of Peters’ Original ice cream in your freezer, use cookie cutters to cut perfect servings. You can then serve it in any form you like. It’s also a great way of controlling the portions for your kids.

With some imagination and a tub of ice cream, you can turn a boring scoop into a party-worthy dessert, and it’ll only take you minutes.