Doulas and How they Provide Expectant Moms Support

a pregnant woman massaged by a doulaYou’ve probably heard or read about “doula” somewhere, and it has interested you ever since. But pregnancy can make your schedule busy with prenatal preparations. You may have very little time to do more research about it.

Doulas are quite beneficial not just to pregnant women, but the babies too. Even the rest of the family can benefit too. The many wonders of having a caregiver during pregnancy, at birthing, and after delivery should be enough to make you spend some of your time in search for the right doula in Holladay.

A quick 101 on doulas

A doula (a Greek word that means caregiver or ‘woman servant’ in English), is a professional caregiver specializing in providing both physical and emotional support to women and their respective partners throughout the entire pregnancy.

Commonly referred to as birth attendants, they firmly believe that “mothering the mother” brings about a great, positive impact in the lives of their patients, their babies, and their families.

Where and when the doula program comes into play

They understand that women’s needs change and become even more complex during pregnancy and childbirth. To help their patients have the most fulfilling birth experience possible, doulas deliver their mothering care and services from the very start – during the pregnancy – and well into motherhood.

From ensuring that women have access to safe obstetrical care to knowing and feeling that people who care are behind them to provide support, doulas take responsibility for all these tasks and more.

The non-clinical side of pregnancy and childbirth

Although medicine and technology play major roles in the lives of pregnant women today, this doesn’t eliminate the fact that they still need emotional and mental support. Having a doula by your side can help you feel more relaxed and assured that your needs as a soon-to-be mother are met and satisfied.