denture implants

Denture Implants: Effective Solutions for Common Dental Issues

Good teeth are nature’s gift to mankind, but not everyone is equally blessed. Some are born with good teeth, while others lose them due to accidents or old age. There are also some who suffer from problems like tooth decay and gum diseases. Before, the only solution to this problem was to extract the decayed tooth. Later on, root canalling was introduced, which was meant to salvage what is left of the good or the artificial teeth. Nevertheless, modern dental research has come up with a whole lot of treatment options, which patients can benefit from. Here’s a brief discussion from Guelph Denture Clinic about importance of implant treatments.

denture implants

Missing Teeth

High quality denture implants is a treatment option available for people with missing teeth. In the past, the only option for replacing missing teeth was to put in partial or full dentures, which are removable frames, or plates that could keep the artificial teeth in place. These are placed on the gums, but the fit changes whenever there was a bone loss or the jaw shrinks. When this happens, the plate and artificial teeth might slip, causing the raw nerves of the gum tissues to be exposed. This is can be painful, but with dental inserts, it can be eliminated. This is because they lend support to the replaced teeth. They can keep the teeth firmly in place as they get fastened to the jawbone.

Bone Loss Problems

People who wear complete artificial teeth become aware of the bone loss problems sooner. But for those who have lost only a couple of teeth they don’t realize the loss until there is a noticeable change in the profile of their face. If the bone loss spreads, it will lead to drooping muscles and thinner lips, among others. Dental implants help decrease the pace at which the bone mass is lost. In some cases, it can even reverse the damage caused and prevent further loss of teeth.

These durable denture implants make the bone assume that there’s still a natural tooth present on the jaw. As chewing becomes possible, this natural process helps increase the bone density in the area and reverse the bone loss. In the long run, if the bony cage of the jaw and the face is saved, you can prevent and even reverse any facial collapse. With this, you can enjoy a youthful appearance and better quality of living.