Covers for HVAC Vents

Dust from Air VentMany things will influence your decision of getting an HVAC for your property. When it comes to buying one, your choice of vent cover is something that you will have to consider. This is, after all, the most noticeable part of your unit and influences the flow of air throughout your home.

The cover of your HVAC’s vents also plays a significant role in its energy efficiency. AC installation in Gastonia is convenient because there are various options for your unit. Here are some options that you might come across.

Basic Covers

A basic vent cover consists of a simple metal grate that circulates air throughout your building’s interiors. Though inexpensive, the cover’s seal is weak. This causes a leakage, which decreases the pressure and temperature of the air. It also contributes to the rapid buildup of dirt in your AC and accelerates the rusting of its interior components.

Magnetic Covers

These are modular and airtight. They are easy to install and inexpensive. Magnetic vent covers are mounted on top of basic covers to mitigate the latter’s limitations. They can be painted with various colors to match your interior décor. In addition, they are ideal for property owners battling high heating and cooling expenses.

Decorative Covers

These covers are the most aesthetically pleasing among the ones in the market. They come in various designs and colors to match all interiors. Other than their aesthetic value, decorative vents are energy-efficient. Thus, they will reduce your heating and cooling expenses. They are inexpensive despite all their benefits.

Keeping your vent covers clean is vital. A dirty vent cover will compromise your interior air quality and the AC unit’s efficiency. DIY weekly cleaning is essential, but bi-annual professional cleaning is recommended. You might need more frequent expert cleaning for vent covers in areas with heavy traffic.