White rainwater tank in the backyard

Collecting and Storing Rainwater for Dry Spells

White rainwater tank in the backyardAustralia is facing a water crisis. An ever-growing demand and a dry climate have caused the nation’s water supply to go down to a very dangerous level. Australia has imposed strict regulations on water consumption. Watering your plants, washing your car or even cleaning your home’s windows now come under the purview of the government.

Making Use of the Rain

Australia is the driest continent on the planet, making rainwater extremely precious. One of the best ways to maximise this resource is through a rainwater tank. This type of specialised container allows you to store, preserve and use rainwater. Pipes connect the tank to gutters on your roof and once it rains, the water flows from the gutters to the pipes and into the tank.

Rain Is Free

Other than your one-time investment in your rainwater tank, everything is free. You can start storing water once it rains and this water comes at no cost, taxes, or restrictions. You might not be able to drink it, especially if you live in the city, but you can use it in practically everything else. You will not need to let your plants die, limit washing your car to once a month or let dust and grime accumulate in your windows; you can use rainwater without getting fined.

Water is Essential

Whilst most people have regular access to municipal water, some in the rural regions do not. In these areas, it is important to have a reliable source of water. A rainwater tank can reduce the need to buy water as well as the accompanying need to transport the water. You can even use a rainwater tank to fill your existing small water tanks at home, if there is sufficient rain.

The climate and regulations in Australia have made rainwater tanks a necessity in most households. Homeowners should do their part in conserving the natural resources and finding alternative ways to collect water, such as installing rainwater tanks.