CNC Machining vs Swiss-type Machining

A CNC MachineMetal equipment or metal products need not only large parts but smaller parts as well. You can easily have the large parts manufactured by your typical machinists, but how about the smaller parts?

Depending on how small your smaller parts are, your usual CNC machinists can handle most job orders. When you need tiny, intricate parts such as parts of watches, however, you will have to approach a precision Swiss machining shop.

From Watches to Multiple Industries

Swiss-type machining got its name from the watch manufacturers that used a highly-accurate Swiss turning machine to fabricate the tiny parts of watches. Today, however, you can use Swiss-type machining for more than just watch parts. The industries that make use of Swiss-type machining include the automotive, aeronautic, medical and defense industries.

Swiss Turning Capabilities

With a sliding headstock and a guide bushing, Swiss-type machining can achieve the small diameters and tight tolerances needed in many critical-use-application parts in the previously mentioned industries. Furthermore, a Swiss turning machine can perform grinding, milling, deburring, and other machining methods that eliminate separate additional finishing.

Reduced Costs

With no need of additional finishing, Swiss-type machining can help you save on costs and production time. You can even save on labor costs since computers run most of the machines. You can also fabricate parts from other materials ranging from plastic to engineering grade bar stock of up to 32 mm in diameter.

Extreme Precision

Of course, since Swiss-type machining has been used for tiny intricate parts, you can expect such a process if extremely accurate. The sliding headstock of CNC Swiss machines holds the workpiece material closer to the cutting lathe. The guide bushing supports the rotary slide, which ultimately minimizes the bending and deflection at the cutting surface at rapid speeds.

With these capabilities of Swiss-type machining, you can certainly have quality parts produced at reasonable prices. You can find a precision Swiss machining shop here in Minnesota. They provide services to customers who need overflow turning and Swiss-type machining.