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A Malay Wedding Affair

Malay marriageVarious facets of culture and tradition come into play in a traditional Malay wedding, culminating into probably one of the most lavish weddings in the world. Islamic and local customs make up this celebrated event that often lasts for days; the actual ceremony itself can typically last for 10 hours. Before, family, friends, and neighbors often help out at weddings but now, it is also customary to get professional Malay wedding services to orchestrate such a grand affair.

Marriage preparatory course

Couples often undergo a marriage preparatory course that can last for two days. The course covers basic knowledge of married, which includes topics on managing a couple’s times and finances as well as how to maintain a healthy relationship.


Rooted in Hindu traditions, berinai refers to the Malay wedding tradition of having the bride and groom get henna tattoos on their fingers two nights before the wedding. The henna designs are said to signify the bride and groom’s new statuses as a married couple.


Lagun Sari explains that it’s customary for guests who can’t attend the actual day to go earlier, Malay weddings often serve food to these early guests. Caterers can often come by and start preparations as early as two days before the wedding.

Wedding Ceremony

The first part is the solemnization of the wedding. Here, the father or the head of the family, known as the Wali, will marry off the bride to the groom. Before the actual ceremony begins, the solemnizer will ask the bride privately for her consent. After that, the ceremony begins wherein Koran verses are recited and the Wali formally marries her off to the groom.

Majlis Persandingan

Majlis Persandingan is the reception and the highlight of every Malay wedding. It is the time for festivities with family and friends, which is often conducted a day after the solemnization ceremony.

A grand affair is definitely the word to describe a Malay wedding. With so many facets that go into it, it is definitely one of the most memorable weddings one could ever experience.

Chemical Waste Disposal Gone Wrong: The Unfortunate Story of the Higgins Family

A chemical waste in HanoverOn August 2016, experts found that a hazardous waste burial in Dartmouth has contaminated the groundwater in a nearby neighborhood, Hanover. Now, the dangerous chemicals are on the move, affecting at least one family’s drinking water.

The Higgins Family

All the members of the Higgins family no longer use the water from the tap. Instead, they’d head over to a container of water provided by the Dartmouth College whenever they need a drink. It is also the water that they now use for cooking, washing the dishes, and brushing their teeth. This unique situation of the family began when Dartmouth College notified them that a supposedly properly disposed chemical waste – a 1,4-dioxane – had contaminated their drinking water.

Burial Ground for Lab Animals

Experts believed that the chemical waste moved downhill from a burial site for lab animals, which is about 800 feet away from the Higgins residence. According to the records from Dartmouth Medical School, this burial ground was dedicated to deceased lab animals, human fetuses, and other radioactive materials used for research. Dartmouth College tried to sell the property five years ago, so they cleaned up the site with the help of a waste disposal company. Little did they know that the digging that they’ve done back then was the possible root of all of this contamination.

Guinea Pigs

Two months before Dartmouth notified the Higgins Family, Debbie Higgins started experiencing unexplainable symptoms. She reported that she was suffering from vertigo and ear problems. Her husband, Richard, stated that he had short-term health issues too, such as open sores on his fingers and peeling skin in his mouth. But all of these symptoms stopped when the bottled water from Dartmouth College came. In spite of the help from Dartmouth, the Higgins family still feels that they are the human guinea pigs for other possible health effects of the 1,4-dioxane.

Dartmouth has been helping the Higgins family. In addition, the college conducted new tests to understand the contamination better. But the takeaway from this case is that one chemical waste disposal gone wrong could lead to multiple disasters. Hence, it is essential that every cleanup in labs, chemical burial grounds, and other hazardous sites should be done properly.

Popular Myths About Enlisting in the SG Military

Departing Military Men

Departing Military MenServing the Singapore Armed Forces is a dream of many; only a few, however, realise it. Not that they lack the will to protect and fight for the city-state’s peace and independence, but some misconceptions tend to hold them back. It’s unfortunate because the country can’t rely on the Enlistment Act alone to have the necessary manpower for national defence.

If you want to volunteer to the SAF but have some doubts, maybe it’s time to know the truth about it:

I’m a Woman and I Can’t Join

Volunteering in Singapore Armed Forces is not exclusive to males. As a matter of fact, thousands of women are currently part of the military and hold key positions across the board. Female soldiers in the SAF enjoy equal opportunities with their male counterparts. Even if the military world has been conventionally a man’s world, women edge men in certain departments, making them a valuable asset in combat and everyday operations.

I Can’t Enlist Because I’m a Foreigner

As long as you’re a permanent resident, you’re more than welcome to enlist. Your blood or nationality is irrelevant; your willingness to contribute to Singapore’s national defence is what truly matters.

I’m Going to Sacrifice My Other Interests

The notion that enlisting in military service keeps you from practising your passion is a fallacy. Believe it or not, you can play a specific role in the Armed Forces mainly because of your professional skills as a civilian. Whether you’re an esteemed dentist, a experienced IT supervisor or even an amateur swimmer, you can find your place in the SAF.

The SAF has no discrimination when it comes to its volunteers. There are requirements, of course, but if you’re eligible, nothing should prevent you from reaching your dreams and serve Singapore the most noble way possible.