Prague in 48 Hours

There’s something about travelling that opens your heart to new and exciting experiences. You may read travel books and shows, but nothing compares to actually being in a new place. If you want to see some enchanting sights and feel that spirit of adventure, then exploring Prague in 48 hours will do wonders for you!

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Sentosa Island

Holiday Extra: Fun Facts about Sentosa Island

A visit to Singapore won’t be complete without spending a day or two in the fun and exciting Sentosa. There’s more than meets the eye when you visit this island, though. shares some facts about Sentosa that will make you see your holidays in a different light: Early Defence The British Army saw the

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Walking Through A Horror Movie Village

Remember those movies that made you scream, “Don’t go there! Don’t do it?” Now you get to be that person you’re shouting at. Have you ever imagined yourself in any of the horror movies you’ve seen before? Asian movies embody fear and terror, since Asians are known for crazy and surreal stories that are sometimes

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motorcycle tour

Ride and Drink the Wind: Organising a Motorcycle Tour

Wake up. Go to the office. Go home. Repeat. Life can be downright humdrum at times. There are some occasions when you just want to break free from all of these and take some time to relax. Why not? You deserve it! Travel. Better yet, cruise with your motorcycle. Motoring around the country or simply

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Merlion Park Singapore

Fresh Travels: Places You Must Visit when You in Singapore

Singapore is a city known for its technological and architectural innovations. From breathtaking high-rises to ultra-efficient train systems, there are many things to marvel at when in the Lion City. Coupled with its unique culture and tradition, it comes as no surprise that Singapore ranks high on many visitors’ list of countries to visit. While

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Heliskiing is the Limit: Skiing vs Heliskiing

Ski enthusiasts obviously have some experience at resort skiing, and one of the more popular ones today is heliskiing. This is a type of skiing where a skier can access a suitable downhill slope using a helicopter, instead of the traditional ski lift. Here,a helicopter will take you to the top of the hill in

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Experience Shanghai

Around Shanghai in 48 Hours

Tour operators have many packages that meet different holiday needs. These are structured to suit all budgets and interests. Some of these packages are for a specific number of days and nights. They clearly state what the package includes. In some unique cases an extension of one night or day is allowed. • The most

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honeymoon trip

Rekindling the Love: Planning for Your Second Honeymoon

For couples who have been married for quite some time, it is easy to become overwhelmed with family matters and other domestic routines. It is because of this that many do not realise how their love lives have taken a backseat; they put off spending time together just to fulfil other duties. This can put

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river rafting

You Oughta Try These: 3 Things You Should Not Miss When in Utah

Visitors to a new place can learn so much about a location by trying out certain traditions and activities. There are many special places across America that offers a unique experience you should try at least once. If you are planning to go to the Beehive State, for example, prepare to have a jam-packed itinerary.

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quezon city

No Plans for the Weekend? 3 Staycation Ideas to Try in the Metro

That project you’ve been working on for days have probably left you feeling drained and exhausted. Now that you’re done with it, you are finally ready to spend some quality time with your family and enjoy a bit of self-pampering. Time off from the hustle and bustle of daily life can surely evoke hidden feelings.

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