The 3 Things That Will Doom Your Local SEO Campaigns

Search engine giant, Google, has a reputation for its constantly changing algorithmic patterns to monitor websites and separate the good ones from the bad ones. This is especially to those that continue to use black hat techniques. In fact, Google rolls out around 500 updates on an annual basis, and whether minor or major in

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Convincing Angels: How to be Attractive to Investors

As a young entrepreneur, you probably don't have the strong financial backing enjoyed by already established business owners and successful startups. This is the time when wrong decisions certainly have lasting effects. And since one of the primary reasons behind starting a business is to make money, you need to hold on to your finances

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Management Software

The Benefits of Using a Service Management Software

For the uninitiated, a field service management software (FSMS) serves to ease the workflow of organisations fielding technicians. This covers services such as plumbing, electrical, security and HVAC, to name a few. In automating the usual paperwork, it also betters communication between the administrative and technical personnel. JobLogic states how a service management software increases

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Reading Datasheets Made Easy

Every electronic device always comes with a manual. It’s important to understand what these manuals say not only to learn how to operate the device but also to find out how you’re going to troubleshoot it should the need arise. Some manuals are specialized and detailed. They’re called datasheets. As they’re usually technical and jargon-filled, reading

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Community Solar Energy Systems Help Local Projects

The alternative source of energy that is harnessed from the sun offers the consumers and the community a range of advantages compared to the traditional energy source. Referred to as solar energy, this form of energy has gained prominence recently. Traditional or conventional energy such as coal and oil are depleting and replenishing them will

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A Quick Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Optical Transceivers

Just like other devices, transceivers used in a fiber optic network require proper maintenance. These transceivers are based on either a stub fiber or an aspheric plastic lens. As such, they need a more thorough and careful cleaning. There are two kinds of optical transceivers: the single mode and the multi-mode. The single-mode transceivers contain

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The Virtual Bridge That Connects the Whole World

Communication is inarguably one of the most important aspects in life. With this factor, people can exchange ideas and messages that allow them to do a lot of things. The absence of good communication would most probably prevent people from functioning efficiently. Before, the only way for individuals to communicate with each other in long

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SQL Health check

SQL Health Check for Genuine Server Success

A majority of businesses have difficulty performing an SQL health check because it takes a lot of time and is downright confusing. A proper health check however is necessary and very rewarding for businesses to enhance the performance of their servers. When appraising your options, however, keep in mind that a health check is just

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web conference

Action Speaks Louder Than Words: 3 Ways to Use Web Conferencing

The Internet is making everybody’s lives easier. As such, business owners look for ways to make good use of it, especially when time and money is concerned. Productivity is important for businesses, so they try anything that can help their business succeed without compromising. Here are some ways you can use video web conferencing at

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