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Is There a Way to Stop Cyberattacks to GPS Satellites?

A satellite dishA South-Carolina-based university seeks to prevent cybercriminals from disrupting GPS satellite signals, which could be costly to different industries.

GPS now serves an important role in military defense, banking and financial, healthcare, transportation, and telecommunications. Clemson University researchers plan to use a $1 million funding grant to eliminate the vulnerabilities in GPS technology.

Digital Time-Keeping

Yongqiang Wang, the project’s lead researcher, said that the project also aims to prevent cyberattacks to digital infrastructure. For instance, a hacked GPS network may allow criminals to access old login information on your financial records.

It can also cut the supply of electricity in hospitals, immobilize train stations and even shut down ATMs. Wang said that the project particularly focused on the private sector, including the electric grid.

While certain vulnerabilities exist, satellite developers normally use a jamming simulator to test the viability of disrupting signals before launching it into space. In California, some lawmakers already understand the need to enhance digital networks.

National Security

California Rep. John Garamendi described interference to GPS networks as a “major national security and economic issue.” He cited a spoofing incident in 2017 when a hacked navigation system led 20 ships in the Black Sea to arrive at the wrong location.

Another case involved airplanes that were unable to land at the Newark International Airport in New Jersey. This occurred as a truck driver, who used a GPS jammer to hide the vehicle’s location from the company boss, passed by the airport.

The advent of GPS helped many industries to develop their services. However, the progress of digital technology also paved the way for more complex cyberattacks.

For this reason, the public and private sector should be proactive in dealing with potential threats, since the consequences of GPS hacking may lead to loss of lives and property.

How Can an HRMS Application Help Your Company?

Management team looking at laptop

Management team looking at laptopIn managing your business, one of the most daunting yet important tasks that you need to take care of is to keep track and manage people. As your business grows, the number of people you employ also grows along with it and, after a while, this becomes a cumbersome task.

You can make use of a Human Resource Management System or an HRMS application to make things easier, but it does entail an investment from you. For startups, doing this can be a daunting task because it is untested. If the new technology does not work well for your business, it could be a waste of money and time.

What is an HRMS?

HRMS applications are information systems that manage a company’s human resource processes. It computerises and automates the system and gives you both the hardware and software to handle all of the HR department logic. This provides you with a quick and easy way to manage all employee information, analyse employee reports and info, as well as administrative duties such as status changes, information updates, and enrolment status of employees.

Benefits of an HRMS

One of the key features of using an HRMS for your business is that it is accessible online. This means that it can easily be accessed, files can easily be written and retrieved when needed, and it has its back-up so you can keep track of previous changes. It has add-ons and modules that can be customised to your needs. This automation includes the payroll, taxes, and deductions.

Using an HRMS is a useful tool for applications such as training modules, guidelines, reports, and recruitment options. The idea of automating your company’s processes and investing valuable resources can give you rewards that could free up your time for more important tasks for your company.

Technology: Redesigning Healthcare

a group of happy doctors at hospitalDigital technology. Gadgets. The world wide web. This is the world we live in today, and it’s just warming up. The way technology has changed the world is phenomenal. There are messaging apps, online shopping, and network gaming, which all make connections easier whichever part of the world you’re in.

Healthcare is one industry that’s greatly reaping the benefits of technology. An example of this is telemedicine providers or using 3D printing. As technology continues to develop, so do the industries that rely on it. Here’s a look at some ways technology has improved the world of healthcare.

1. Social Media

Many platforms have now developed into virtual places where industries can connect with their customers easier and faster. They can also launch campaigns or provide awareness on various health issues through posts.

2. The Internet as a Medical Encyclopedia

Because of the endless information available online, patients or their families can now do their own research about diseases and illnesses they might encounter in their lives.

Doctors are more knowledgeable when it comes to different types of practices, making it easier to communicate within the industry.

3. Better Medical Equipment

3D printing and laser treatments are just two examples of equipment upgrades health care now has. This equipment makes diagnosis and treatments less intrusive and less painful. Because results are received faster, treatment can also be done sooner.

4. Electronic Databases

Instead of stacking physical folders filled with patient history and information, providers can now directly input this information on a hand-held device that automatically stores it in an electronic database.

This is only the beginning of how technology will be shaping the world. It is fast-paced and eager to make changes that will make work easier, more efficient, and more effective for consumers, suppliers, providers, and everyone else in between.

The Importance of Interlinking For Your Site

Building LinksInterlinking pages is a classic digital advertising strategy that has remained effective at improving search results ranks and the authority of website owners. Here are some ways interlinking can benefit your site:

Website Functionality

When you implement interlinking, it provides pathways to previously less accessible pages. It allows webmasters to organize pages based on certain categories such as keywords used in the anchor text and the URL. This approach makes it easier for users to navigate your site and find what they need faster. This makes your users more willing to use your site in the future.

When you interlink, the stronger page passes its credibility to those that link to it and the pages it links to. This is one of the ranking factors that search engines use to lower or improve the results rank of a particular site.

User Experience

Other than the search engine optimization value of interlinking, the latter is also valuable to improving the user experience. One of the ways to take advantage of your internal links is to add a navigation bar and a drop-down menu to help your users.

Provide distinguishable labels for the links. Doing so encourages visitors to interact with your website longer. This boosts the session length of a visitor, which in turn increases the likelihood of conversion

Link Authority

Internal links are different from backlinks. Internal links do not have a direct effect on the algorithm of Google. However, what this approach does is improve the flow of backlink authority that moves from page to page. New posts have no authority, that’s why a deep link to cornerstone pages and the home page may transfer earned authority to that new article. The better your authority, the more likely it would be for Google to show your page among the top results.

These are some of the important functions of interlinking.  Interlinking improves user experience, link authority and the functionality of your website. Implementing this strategy would help you gain a competitive advantage and increase conversion rates.

A Guide to Reaching and Engaging Your Target Market

A person working on an online marketing campaign on their laptop If you need help with promoting your brand in Singapore, an advertising company can help. This type of business offers targeted and customised solutions for different marketing and advertising platforms. Your brand will leave a lasting impression on your potential customers.

Below are the different services that you can get when you work with an advertising company.

TV Marketing

Advertising on television packs a lot of power. It can reach your target customers in no time – regardless of distance. An ad agency offers customised advertising that will suit your brand and business needs at cost-effective rates. You can likewise get insights from your audience. This will help you create actionable and relevant messages.

Digital Marketing

Like TV, Internet marketing allows you to convey your business message to millions of people. While the Internet is a highly effective and versatile platform to advertise, it is also competitive. Your competitors may already be in it. Singtel Media, for example, can help you devise advertising strategies that are not only effective, but will give you the edge over the competition.

Mobile Marketing Solutions

It is important that your marketing and advertising campaigns include strategies intended to reach both your existing and prospective clients. You can achieve this goal with the help of digital solutions that cater to your clients’ smartphones. An advertising company can help you create personalised SMS marketing messages that your target audience will receive at the ideal place and time.

Professionals will deliver the best results from your mobile marketing efforts. This is possible through perceptive consumer profiling, location based SMS services and large local database.

Direct Marketing Solutions

Look for a company that can deliver direct marketing solutions to a bigger audience. You can define your target demographic through the company’s smart analytic filters and tools. You may choose from a wide range of styles and designs of envelopes. With direct email marketing, you can deliver your message to your target customers in a quick manner.

When you need help in your marketing efforts in different platforms, you can count on a reputable advertising agency in Singapore. Discuss your needs with professionals and get your campaigns started right away.

3 Mistakes in SQL Server Security

A lock over a keyboard and networking cable, concept of secured data or serverWhen it comes to database administration, the first order of business is to keep each server secure. Every experienced DBA would agree that no server should operate without adequate security measures. It is for this reason that the language used in most databases is SQL, as it is designed to store data securely. SQL is downright impressive given the security features it has.

The problem is that some DBAs rely solely on these security features, and this shouldn’t be the case. Bad security practices are enough to compromise a server, regardless if the language it uses is secure. For this reason, aspiring DBAs have to be aware of some commonly overlooked mistakes in SQL server security. Here are three of them:

Unencrypted Backups

Any organisation that uses a computer needs a backup of all the data they have. It shouldn’t stop there, though. The backup itself should be secure with encryption. Surprisingly, this is one mistake many DBAs are guilty of. Simply because there’s a backup doesn’t mean everything is fine. You have to think about the potential scenario of the backup being compromised. It’s unlikely to happen, but being prepared for the worst is better than being caught off-guard.

Unwanted Access

Sometimes, DBAs forget to remove users that should no longer have access to certain SQL functions. This could lead to problematic system changes and other behaviour that may compromise information. Make sure that backup folders are accessible only to those who truly need it. If you need further SQL support, DBA Services recommend hiring experts and not just somebody who offers SQL services for a too-good-to-be-true price.

Unnecessary Privileges

As much as possible, you should only run SQL servers in local accounts that have minimal privileges. This ensures that there are no unwanted changes made in the system. As long as the service has full permissions to read and write activities for data, log, and backup directories, most functions should be fine.

Even the slightest opening can crack open the strongest of armour. Treat the server as an armour that safeguards your data and make sure that there are no cracks in it for any potential compromise.

Reducing Carers’ Stress

Elderly Woman with Her Carer

Elderly Woman with Her CarerCarers undergo a lot of stress with the type of work they provide, and this, in turn, can adversely affect their health. Fortunately, there are now software tools that eliminate factors that cause stress like dealing with tedious paperwork or coping with delayed payments.

Stella, a carer who now uses services management software, shared how she had to make weekly reports on spreadsheets before she started using the software. She also had to wait for at least 15 days before being paid.

With the management software, she now uses, however, she no longer has to type in her roster, and she receives payment on time. You can learn more about her story at


These software tools make billing an efficient process as these can be linked with both parties’ bank accounts. Only the exact amount will be deducted from the patient’s fund, and the carer can receive his/her payment immediately.


These management software tools allow patients or their family members to indicate the care they need and tasks available carers for different hours and days. Carers, in turn, get notifications of who they will be caring for that week and the time they will be asked to come in. As the schedule for this software is updated in real-time, carers will be immediately updated should there be a change in schedule.

Working With Other Carers

Carers can also see their patient’s schedule for the day and week. This allows them to see what other carers have already done for the patient and better plan what care they will be giving to the patient.

Finishing Reports

Since the carer’s tasks and working time are already indicated in the schedule, the software allows them just to send their roster, and they no longer have to input the information on spreadsheets.

Starting Own Service

With a system that eliminates paperwork and makes billing more efficient, carers can start their own service and no longer have to go through agencies or companies.

Caregivers still face challenges, but with the development of more technologies designed for caring for the elderly and those with disabilities, unnecessary stress can be eliminated.

Metal Fume Fever: A Serious Threat to Welders

Metal FabricationWelders and other people working in metal fabrication have an increased risk of getting metal fume fever. It is a dangerous condition caused by the inhalation of metal fumes, which are a byproduct of the welding process. Metal heated to extreme temperatures releases gases that are highly toxic when inhaled.

The formation of these toxic fumes is one of the reasons having a downdraft booth or table on hand is crucial. It sucks away the fumes and filters out toxins, preventing workers from inhaling them. Along with using a downdraft table, regulatory boards require welders to wear a mask for additional protection.

Toxic Compounds

Metal fumes contain a myriad of toxic compounds. While not all metal fumes are inherently toxic, common metals used in industrial applications can create incredibly noxious fumes when heated. Working with galvanized steel, for example, could expose workers to zinc oxide and magnesium oxide. The inhalation of these gases is one of the most common culprits behind metal fume fever.

Other metals that can cause metal fume fever include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Chromium
  • Nickel
  • Arsenic
  • Manganese
  • Cadmium
  • Cobalt
  • Copper
  • Zinc

Inhaling these metals could lead to unconsciousness within minutes of exposure.

Metal Fume Fever Symptoms

Along with the victim falling unconscious after breathing in metal fumes, metal fume fever can also have more lasting symptoms.

Sufferers will often exhibit flu-like symptoms, which may include fever, chills, nausea, headaches, fatigue, and body pains. They may also report that there is a sweet or metallic taste in their mouth, coupled with a dry throat and cough.

Exposure at higher levels could lead to severe metal toxicity, which leads to a burning sensation in the body, convulsions, bloody stools, and yellowed eyes and skin. The convulsions led to some people in the past naming it “brass shakes.”

Metal fume fever is a serious and potentially deadly condition that should not be overlooked. Welders should protect themselves and be sure to follow regulations.

Everyday Human Errors that Compromise Data Protection

Data Protection An IT company recently reported that one of the biggest security threats to a business is human error. This actually seems to be the case, as one health clinic in London inadvertently sent out an HIV treatment email newsletter detailing names and email addresses of 780 people — some of whom are HIV-positive.

Cyber-attacks, therefore, are not only activities that compromise data protection. Human errors, such as these, can also pose a threat to data security.

Sending Emails without Double-Checking

The health clinic incident is a clear example of not double-checking emails for any personal, private information. Employees that do not double check may accidentally copy-paste sensitive or confidential data to an email or include a link to a private document. The remedy to this is to always proofread the email prior to sending.

Falling for Phishing Scams

Employees who mechanically read through their inbox could open emails that redirect to phishing sites and may unknowingly launch a virus in their computer. This incident could then spread throughout the company’s network infrastructure.

To avoid this problem, companies must educate employees on how to recognise a phishing email. Employees should remember not to open any email from an unknown source and immediately request IT support to block these types of emails.

Setting Weak Passwords

Some employees make use of simple passwords that are easy to crack using brute force attacks. These passphrases include ‘123456’, ‘dadada’ and ‘password’, and they are never ideal. What makes things worse is that some choose to share these passwords with a colleague and/or fail to update them on a periodic basis. All these depict failure in the implementation of good data protection practices.

A good way to prevent these scenarios from occurring is to use complex passwords. Additionally, employees should change their password at least quarterly and not share it with anyone else.

These human errors can undermine data protection protocols. While people make mistakes, they should not use it as an excuse to take their responsibility for granted. Other than installing state-of-the-art data security systems, people should also exercise caution by staying focused on their job.

The Importance of Diagnostics in the Field of Medicine

Why Lab Tests are EssentialOne of the most important aspects of the medical field is diagnostics. Before any doctor can tell you what your disease is, they need to conduct diagnostic tests first. These provide baselines in the various specimens found in the body, such as blood, urine, and stool. When one parameter is lower or higher than normal, this might signal an illness.

The laboratory, therefore, is one of the essential parts of any healthcare setting. This is where diagnostic tests take place. Early detection is important, especially because this saves lives from chronic and potentially fatal diseases. When a disease is detected early, doctors can initiate proper and prompt treatment.

Provide Parameters for Various Specimens

There is always a normal and an abnormal reading. In a laboratory, medical technicians analyze the specimens submitted and determine if the parameters are normal or abnormal. Abnormal findings may indicate an underlying disease. This is important because early diagnosis to promote a better prognosis among patients.

Monitoring Treatment

Laboratory tests are also used to monitor if a patient is responding to treatment options, medicines and procedures. These tests will determine if the patient is improving or not. added that medical technologists can also use a laboratory data management system to organize test results and prevent switching. This will provide a faster way for patients to acquire their results.

Detecting Diseases Even Before Symptoms Occur

It is important to have laboratory tests because these detect and diagnose diseases more rapidly and at an earlier stage, even before symptoms occur. Moreover, these tests help determine disease risks earlier. For example, a lipid profile could determine the risk of a person in suffering from hypertension, heart attack and even stroke.

Diagnostics play a major role in controlling healthcare spending, monitoring patient prognosis and detecting diseases early on. Thus, it’s important to have high-quality equipment and tools to make sure the laboratory tests are correct and properly examined.