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3 Ways to Increase Online Sales this Christmas

Christmas TreeDid you know that in 2016, about 1.6 billion people around the world bought something online? And as more and more companies sell their products and services online, more and more people add to the lucrative world of online shopping. If you’ve just started on e-commerce, here are three ways on how to boost your online sales this Christmas.

Help people find you.

Let’s start with the basics. If people can’t find you online, how can they make a transaction? Chances are, they will land on you competitors’ websites and buy from them. If you have a website already, hire a Salt Lake City SEO consultant like SEO Werkz to optimize your website for you. Make it easier for people to find you.

Offer less options.

The wider the choices, the better for the consumers. Well, not all the time. Sometimes, when people are offered too many choices, they end up overwhelmed, confused, or worse, annoyed that they drop a transaction right then and there. Try to limit your options to a good number but make sure they are the best ones you can offer.

Create that sense of urgency.

The holidays are a great time to roll out sales because it creates a sense of urgency. First of all, people are already stressed out because of the holiday shopping madness so you can use this as your leverage. Creating that sense of urgency to make a transaction soon will help you boost sales.

Boosting Online Sales Year-Round

What’s good about these tips is that you can use them year-round. Remember that you don’t need to make sales complicated. You just need to help people find you, offer fewer options, and give them a deadline to make that transaction. Try these tips this holiday season and watch your sales increase.

Recommendations For A Hotel Digital Marketing Plan

Hotel Reservation Booking on a Tablet

Hotel Reservation Booking on a TabletEven in tough economic times, leisure and travel trends remain high. People are still going on tours where they could have fun and take a break from the ordinary. This makes it imperative for you to consider online hotel marketing for your business to tap into new markets and expand its profit prospects. Below are three strategies that you shouldn’t leave out of your plans.

Website Design

If you are considering online strategies, then having a good website design is a must. Ensure that the construction of your site makes it possible for major search engines to reward you. Ideally, search engines want websites that are compatible with mobiles and have fast download speeds. They also reward websites that are easy to navigate, enticing to visitors and have original and relevant information.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram are powerful tools that could be used in creating brand awareness. They could also come in handy if you want to engage your customers. It pays to know that search engines like sites that introduce users to their network. Your hotel business could profit a lot if you invest in social media marketing.

Review Monitoring

Travelers often review the hotels and facilities they visit. Unfortunately, they will not always drop a review on your company website. They could alternatively choose to provide feedback on independent consumer watch platforms. Being in a position to monitor guest reviews and respond quickly would be a plus point for your hotel. This would see to it that any concerns raised are addressed promptly, and your hotel is portrayed as one that is abreast of technological advancements.

Any effective digital marketing plan should aim at impressing your loyal customers. It should also aim at attracting the attention of prospective clients. In short, the strategies implemented should drive profits, increase brand awareness and boost brand engagements with its customer base.

3 Effective Strategies For Boosting Landing Page Conversion

Businessman Holding a Laptop With a Landing Page

Businessman Holding a Laptop With a Landing PageAre you wondering why your landing page isn’t delivering the results you are looking for? One of the causes may be is that you’re implementing ineffective strategies to boost conversion rates. Experts on graphic design from Provo list the following ways to boost the performance of your pages.

Provide Incentives

Landing pages are a great way to convert a visitor because these provide what a person is already looking for. A visitor has already made up their mind about something once they put in the search terms on Google. Once they click on your landing page, they will either move further down the purchasing funnel or click back.

You’d want them to do the former, of course. One of the ways to achieve this response is to incentivize their actions. Splash the discounts or plus ones you want to offer for the products or services that a customer may want to purchase. Once a visitor sees the price slashes and additional bargains, they may choose to buy immediately or even purchase more than one item.

Reduce Choices

The faster a person makes a decision the likelier they are to convert. You don’t want your visitors to linger on your pages without doing anything, right? A quick and decisive response is what you want, and one way to do this is to reduce the number of options they have. A minimalist approach, the right color buttons, and an effective copy improve the conversion rate of your landing pages.

Social Proof

Including real-time social updates of what other people are buying and what they’re doing on your site may convince a visitor to do the same. This shows that your company is reliable and many transactions take place. This builds the confidence of potential customers on the products and services you offer because other people trust you as well.

These are just a handful of ways to improve the conversion rates of your landing pages. Implementing these boosts your sales and enables you to build a strong online brand.

The Real Deal About SEO for Musicians

A musician singing into a microphone Musicians are two things: creators and entrepreneurs. Generally speaking, they have the ‘creator’ part down pat. What matters now is the ‘entrepreneur’ aspect of the job. Once they’re done creating material, it’s their job to sell that material. Most of the time, it’s through a digital platform. But when trying to sell via such a platform, it’s important to be found, first.

This is where search engine optimisation comes in. Musicians have to be aware, however, of the intricacies of SEO and to understand their priorities after figuring things out in the digital market.

Setting Priorities

When it comes to musicians being creators and entrepreneurs, they must understand that they are creators, first. Dave Cool of Bandzoogle, a service that allows bands to easily build websites, believes that SEO is a hot topic among musicians, these days. But they have to understand that musicians should focus on the creative side of the job, and leave the SEO to the professionals.

Practitioners of SEO in London and elsewhere dedicate themselves to staying abreast of all updates on the search engine scene. Fulfilling the two-way aspect of a modern musician’s trade requires a specialist in the digital entrepreneurship part. An SEO professional can efficiently fill that role.

What Search Engine Optimisation Is

SEO’s importance lies in its ability to bring music content to more people without constant personal, time and resource consuming promotion. When people go online and type a specific keyword (in this case, they’ll be looking for new music), they’ll be brought to a website which contains what they’re looking for. Once an SEO professional properly optimises a website, a search engine is likely to trust it and keep sending online queries its way; not to mention, relevant traffic.

For musicians, the content is already taken care of. People look for new music, in this case; not good written content. What this leaves is the importance of understanding keywords. This is where SEO begins and ends for a musician. Keywords are what people type into search engines to look for anything, online. For instance, people may type something like ‘best new rock acts in the U.K.’ or a similar phrase. That’s a set of keywords, or a phrase containing a keyword – and for musicians, these words must be tailor-fit to what their music is all about.

These days, it’s almost impossible for musicians to be found in the digital arena without the help of SEO. This is a reality for the modern musician and his or her craft. SEO is the last piece to the puzzle, so to speak. Fortunately, there are dedicated professionals who can help complete that puzzle.

SEO NewsBites: 3 Google Updates You Should Expect in 2017

google search engine
SEO trends are constantly changing — and this is because of Google updates. Google releases algorithm updates almost every week on their Webmaster blog, keeping the digital marketers on their toes.  But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Google, after all, is user-oriented, and it will do everything to fulfil the search goals of its users. With that, digital marketers just have to find ways to anticipate those updates.

If you’re an SEO specialist or a business owner with SEO campaigns, here are some of the Google updates you should expect this year:

Expanded Use of Rich Cards

In 2016, Google introduced rich cards that appear on the SERPs to show users information snippets of their searches. At first, rich cards were only applicable to the film and recipe industry, as Bambrick Media noticed. But in November, Google announced that its team is actively experimenting with rich cards, aiming to provide website owners more opportunities to display previews of their content.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project

Have you noticed the label “AMP” and the lightning bolt that have been popping up on SERPs? That symbol and label refer to the Google program called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). With this project, any website can gain a faster site speed on mobile, as well as more exposure in SERPs. Google did not leave the site owners or SEO experts in the dark with this one, as it already provided an overview of deploying the AMP.

No More Pop-up Ads

Recently, Google posted a blog post saying that its team is now working on an update to eliminate pesky pop-up advertisements. With this update, it is expected that websites employing annoying pop-up ads will be fined. Google believes that these ads decrease the user experience of the searchers, hence, the penalties.

Now that you already know some of the Google updates that will happen in 2017, it’s time to adjust your SEO strategies. After all, staying on top of the game starts with being able to anticipate these kinds of changes in the industry.

3 Ways to Hire the Right Web Designer

web designer
One of the most important factors of building a website is the design. This is because user experience will be greatly affected by the design of your website. It must be aesthetically appealing, be effective in persuading your visitors to do some shopping, and make people want to know more about your business by browsing through your web pages.

To achieve success, you should hire a professional designer to help you do this successfully. Here are some ways to help you find the right one:

Define the Scopes and Limitations

What do you want the designer to do? Ask yourself this question before moving forward. Knowing the scope and limitations of the work is important for you to determine the right price for the services. The homepage, About Us, contact page, service page, testimonials page, events page, and landing page are some of the essentials. These are good when you’re starting out, but you need more pages designed if you want to take your online marketing further.

Find Sites That Inspire You

Spending time to look at different websites and observing their Denver website design is a good way for you to have an idea as to how you want yours to look. Start with websites with similar a niche as yours and take notes on details you liked and what you didn’t like. This way, you can tell the designer how you imagine your website to be. This will help the designer come up with a design that can impress you and can be effective for your business.

Be Straight with the Numbers

Don’t hesitate to ask how much it would cost you to work with the designer. The figures will vary a lot depending on the experience of the designer. It’s important to be transparent about costs and make sure there are no hidden charges along the way. Manage your expectations and be clear about every pricing detail.

Follow the above-mentioned advice, so you can find the right web designer to design your website magnificently.

Email Marketing DOs and DON’Ts for Newbies

Email MarketingWhen trying out email marketing for the first time, hitting that ‘send’ button might give you some anxiety — is your email on point, is it clear enough, will recipients like it? You’re under pressure to make a great impression on your email subscribers. Prior to hitting send, make sure that you know these most basic email marketing DOs and DON’Ts advises a top online advertising expert from Singtel.

Email Marketing DOs

  • Make certain that you’ve obtained the permission of the recipient before sending an email.
  • Send your new subscribers a ‘Welcome Email’.
  • Have easy options for subscribers to unsubscribe.
  • Enable subscribers to effortlessly manage their preferences.
  • Stay focused on the needs of your subscribers.
  • Remain relevant, interesting, and personal.
  • Utilize a combination of images, graphics, and colour for greater impact.
  • Create your email messages for viewing in preview mode — edit as you go.
  • Include clear CTAs or call to actions in your messages.
  • Efficiently measure your results to determine what’s working and what’s not.

Email Marketing DON’Ts

  • Send email messages that are outright Spam or even those that resemble Spam.
  • Use ALL CAPS. Basically, it’s the equivalent of shouting. This also holds true for exclamation points! Stick to one at a time, if you really must.
  • Use misleading subject lines to get people to click on your message.
  • Clutter your messages — short, sweet, to the point always works.
  • Forget branding your email messages, landing pages, and forms accordingly.
  • Send messages that are in a single-image format.
  • Forget to include plain text versions of your HTML messages.
  • Continue sending messages to addresses that have consistently bounced.
  • Forget to test your messages before hitting send.
  • Focus on email marketing and not integrate it with your other marketing initiatives.
  • Send messages too frequently.

Keep in mind that the average person receives plenty of emails daily, but while it could be hard for yours to stand out, remembering these email marketing DOs and DON’Ts will increase your chances of increasing readership and fostering customer engagement.

Visual Appeal: Grab Customer Attention with a Catchy, Unforgettable Ad

AdvertsingWith increased access to the internet, users consume a huge amount of new images and fresh information every day. The resulting sensory overload is making it harder and harder for online advertiser to get their audiences to pause and notice their brand. They should, therefore, utilise various creative online avenues, such as online ads, to gain an edge over competition, engage with clients and boost customer patronage.

So, how exactly does one create a successful online ad?

A Catchy Tagline

Advertisers shouldn’t waste time dawdling — whatever their message is, it has to be clear right from the get-go. Customers only spend a few seconds browsing online content, so if the ad doesn’t catch their attention right away, they’ll scroll past it and the ad will end up forgotten. A one-line, killer copy with complementary visuals, however, is easy to process and even easier to remember. Summarize the offering and focus on the benefit. This will be enough to pique customer interest and encourage them to check out the brand.

Know Your Competitors

Monitoring the competition's progress is important because it tells advertisers what they should and shouldn’t do. Being familiar with a competitor’s marketing efforts and content strategies will make it easier for a company to differentiate themselves and highlight their own unique offering. According to pay per click experts, using a competitive digital report can help advertisers make informed decisions about their online campaigns and make sure they stay ahead of the game.

Keep It Simple

Simple and effective communication is key when it comes to online advertising. It may seem tempting to take advantage of design and imagery, but simple, uncluttered design is what will hold a customer’s attention most of all. Likewise, advertisers should avoid using too many words to explain their services: an ad should only serve up the meatiest portions for the consumer.

Creating an effective and memorable online ad lies in grabbing a customer’s attention right from the start. Using the right techniques to achieve customer attention will make it easier for advertisers to engage with clients and boost conversion rates. 

Google AdWords: Maximizing Its Benefits

Google AdWords Both big and small businesses are using the presence of the internet and the effectiveness of online marketing to their advantage, as much as possible. This is where Google AdWords come in. There are some people who successfully made it, but do not really know how to use it, leading to a loss in profit.

To maximize the benefits of Google AdWords, you should know how it works. Let this article be your guide.

  1. The right keywords

The whole sense of joining the Adwords world is to get people to notice your product or services. There will surely be competitors all around the world, so the best one can do is to stay unique. Having the right combination of words to make up the perfect keyword can help you do that.

  1. Reasonable budget

Setting a reasonable budget, enough to get your Adwords campaign running and getting clicks all throughout the day, should be your goal. Small businesses, according to, should focus on getting more click and views than being visible and staying on top positions. This can be done by lowering the bid to 30-50%.

  1. Negative keywords work too

Negative keywords such as cheap, free, samples may not really give a good vibe to your brand, but they can help you save money by saving clicks. Having a broad keyword (those intentionally excluding negative keywords) can land you wasted clicks. In such cases, including a negative keyword is not at all bad, but is, in fact, practical.

  1. Jumping in without the basics

For Adwords to be effective, one should be able to compute the ROI. Thus, one should not jump into the Adwords arena without knowing the basics of how the campaign works. Doing so can actually give you more losses than gains.

Running a small business and want to try this strategy? Learn more about Adwords through short courses online. Hiring professional help can also reap benefits for your company.

The Reality about Your Passing Away You Have to Face Now

Funeral Service in TaylorsvilleOne of the things that a lot of people do not want to think of, more so, prepare for, is their passing away. Although it definitely is hard and sad to have thoughts about death, you need to face the reality that, one day, you will pass away and leave your loved ones behind.

This is the primary reason you have to plan for your funeral now, or the day may come and all you will leave behind is a huge amount of funeral-related expenses on your family’s shoulders.

Postponing until it is too late.

Arranging plans and preparing for your dying and the funeral that comes after it is something you can easily delay. However, you should think about how, as you get older and older, your physical and mental health goes down as well. The last thing you want to happen is to pass away without having any funeral plan prepared, because it will only dramatically increase the sorrow and stress your family will experience.

Keep in mind that emergency funeral services cost more – a lot more – than a funeral plan, so it only makes complete sense for you not to postpone getting one while you are still alive and kicking.

What you can get from preparing for your passing and your funeral

There are just so many benefits of dying prepared, like having a funeral plan under your name, shares. For instance, your family in Taylorsville does not have to worry about the costs of caskets anymore, since you have already arranged for one. Remember: caskets come attached with a significant price tag, and you do not want to leave your family having to think about this expense.

The bottom line is, as sorrowful as it is to think about your death, dying prepared will give you and your loved ones some sort of peace of mind.