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Website Design Planning

Essential Tips for Successful Web Design

A website’s success depends on its content and design. Aside from successfully communicating to your audience the website’s content, the website should also have a functional design that improves the customer’s user experience. If you’re planning to build or improve your business’ website, here are a few tips for you. Plan your website Decide whether

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Why You Need to Update Your Manufacturing Website NOW

Buyer expectations of manufacturers’ websites have changed. They are now more internet savvy than their predecessors and only want the best security and user experience from a website. If your website is not up to date, chances are, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Here’s why you may need to update

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3 Ways to Increase Online Sales this Christmas

Did you know that in 2016, about 1.6 billion people around the world bought something online? And as more and more companies sell their products and services online, more and more people add to the lucrative world of online shopping. If you’ve just started on e-commerce, here are three ways on how to boost your

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Hotel Reservation Booking on a Tablet

Recommendations For A Hotel Digital Marketing Plan

Even in tough economic times, leisure and travel trends remain high. People are still going on tours where they could have fun and take a break from the ordinary. This makes it imperative for you to consider online hotel marketing for your business to tap into new markets and expand its profit prospects. Below are

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Businessman Holding a Laptop With a Landing Page

3 Effective Strategies For Boosting Landing Page Conversion

Are you wondering why your landing page isn’t delivering the results you are looking for? One of the causes may be is that you’re implementing ineffective strategies to boost conversion rates. Experts on graphic design from Provo list the following ways to boost the performance of your pages. Provide Incentives Landing pages are a great way to

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The Real Deal About SEO for Musicians

Musicians are two things: creators and entrepreneurs. Generally speaking, they have the ‘creator’ part down pat. What matters now is the ‘entrepreneur’ aspect of the job. Once they’re done creating material, it’s their job to sell that material. Most of the time, it’s through a digital platform. But when trying to sell via such a

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SEO NewsBites: 3 Google Updates You Should Expect in 2017

SEO trends are constantly changing — and this is because of Google updates. Google releases algorithm updates almost every week on their Webmaster blog, keeping the digital marketers on their toes.  But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Google, after all, is user-oriented, and it will do everything to fulfil the search goals of

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3 Ways to Hire the Right Web Designer

One of the most important factors of building a website is the design. This is because user experience will be greatly affected by the design of your website. It must be aesthetically appealing, be effective in persuading your visitors to do some shopping, and make people want to know more about your business by browsing

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Email Marketing DOs and DON’Ts for Newbies

When trying out email marketing for the first time, hitting that ‘send’ button might give you some anxiety — is your email on point, is it clear enough, will recipients like it? You’re under pressure to make a great impression on your email subscribers. Prior to hitting send, make sure that you know these most

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Visual Appeal: Grab Customer Attention with a Catchy, Unforgettable Ad

With increased access to the internet, users consume a huge amount of new images and fresh information every day. The resulting sensory overload is making it harder and harder for online advertiser to get their audiences to pause and notice their brand. They should, therefore, utilise various creative online avenues, such as online ads, to

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