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4 Important Things You Must Do to Improve Your SEO Campaign

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a gruelling task. With Google constantly updating their standards to further serve internet users, you should also keep up with these updates to improve your rankings and online presence. Here are some things you can do today to improve your SEO standing and ultimately find more customers online. One

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Why It’s Time for America to Optimize for Bing?

Ever since the term SEO was coined, it has always been Google. The undisputed king of the hill has been at the consciousness of every digital marketer, which actually makes a lot of sense. Controlling nearly 65% of all the searches performed in desktop computers in America on March 2015, all sane site owners would

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Is SEO Still Relevant?

When you search the question ‘is SEO still relevant?’ chances are you will get several million references to it, but search engine optimisation specialists agree that SEO is more relevant than ever. While it has changed over the years because of changes in search engine algorithms, there is renewed commitment from major companies to invest

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Mobile Websites: 5 Design Rules to Live By

If market predictions hold true, the world will have around 2.5 billion mobile phone Internet users come 2015. Thanks to the rapid penetration of the smartphone market in both developed and developing countries, the industry continues its massive growth every year. This large figure compels businesses to make adjustments and hire online marketing services, so

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The How-Tos of Search Engine Marketing

Website designers rarely consider the need for promotion of the website when they plan the layout and its content. Once the website is up and running, however, the need for marketing it arises. This is a challenge, as a visible online presence is the reason for having a website in the first place. The website

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Alone and Thriving: Living Within Your Means

When it comes to living alone, it is always best to keep track of where your money goes. This helps ensure that you do not live beyond your means. By taking charge of your income, you will reduce stress associated with financial management and will feel more secure and in control, despite living independently. Whether

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Significant Marketing Mistakes That Can Hurt Businesses

Marketing has the potential to either make or break businesses. This is the reason companies allot a huge chunk of their budget to launch campaigns to further their brand. Unfortunately, good marketing is a complex machine that needs to be well put together to be effective. The truth is that effective marketing is much more

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