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The Longer You Delay Investing in SEO Services, the Greater Your Losses

Man looking at a wall of SEO conceptIn Connecticut CT, search engine optimization (SEO) is something you most likely have heard countless times already. You probably even have some knowledge about it. You might even have heard people telling you that your business needs it. But for some reason, you keep putting it off.

However, you should know that you’re not just missing out on a lot of benefits — your business is actually losing a lot too. The longer you delay employing SEO, you lose more opportunities.

Long-Term Results

SEO, when done right, will bring you results. However, like with most long-term goals, you cannot expect great things from your campaign overnight. You need to be patient. This will surely pay off not only in the long run, but throughout the entire time you have it going as well.

A Jump in Overhead Costs

You want your chosen SEO firm in to deliver a well-crafted campaign. As such, you really have to include their expertise in your budget. SEO is a specialty, which means that people who carry them out underwent extensive training and education. So, it only makes sense that they will charge a price corresponding to their expertise and skills.

The costs of SEO today shouldn’t scare you, though. You should regard it with respect and feel glad that you can have such business-essential services delivered to you at such a price. Also, you should jump at the opportunity as soon as possible, seeing that these rates will go up in the future.

Rising Above the Competition

This is one of the primary reasons you should get your SEO campaign started right away. While not all your competitors may have their own SEO campaign already running, there surely are several of them out there. The longer it takes you to get your own campaign started, the more customers they’ll snatch from you.


All the Reasons You Need an SEO Campaign Right Now

An illustration of SEO on a laptopWhen effectively and properly executed, SEO will have an astounding impact on marketing results. From significantly increased brand awareness to improved brand recall, all these benefits ultimately lead to improved revenues. As such, it has become one of the most popular online marketing strategies today.

You may still be in the process of deciding whether to work with a highly reputable and experienced Denver SEO company or not, most likely because you feel intimidated of the costs. However, you shouldn’t let these get in your way of reaping the many benefits it’ll bring. Instead, you should look at the huge impact that not having an SEO campaign has on your brand. And here are all the reasons you should have one as soon as possible.

The results need time to take effect

Optimizing your online assets for search engine definitely brings great results, but you can’t expect to see them overnight. You need to give it some time to take effect, but once you start seeing the results, you’ll continue seeing them, with constant monitoring and updating.

This means that the longer you put off implementing your SEO campaign, the longer you’d have to wait to see results. And the longer you delay, the more potential customers you lose.

Your SEO-using competitors are already taking your market share

Because SEO has become so popular, you can’t discount the possibility your competitors already have their own campaigns. In other words, they are already benefiting from this online marketing method. This means they’re most likely enjoying the patronage of consumers who could have been your customers.

Keep postponing having your own SEO campaign developed and implemented, and you’ll just suffer from even more loss. Seeing as you don’t want your competitors to take over your market share, then you should no longer think twice about working with SEO experts.

These Ideas Will Improve Your PPC Headlines

Concept Art for Pay Per Click

Concept Art for Pay Per ClickThe adage ‘first impressions last’ rings partly true to ad copy, because the headline is the first thing that a potential customer sees before they decide to either click on an ad or not. That’s why you need to make the headlines you use count, as they can determine whether you convert a person or not.

A Denver-based expert on PPC notes the following techniques that improve the conversion rate of your ad headlines.

Start with a Question

When you leverage the intent of your audience in the ad copy, the conversion rate rises. One of the ways to do this is to ask a potential customer a question in the headline. This piques the curiosity of those who read it; it may also touch upon a feeling or need of a person, making them want to know more about it.

Solve the Problem

Some brands make the mistake of going on and on about their products features. However, a person will not care about this, they want to get an answer to their questions or find someone to solve their problems. Make your headline appear as though you are resolving a problem, quenching a need or you are a hot commodity a person can’t live without.

Insert the Keywords

This is an obvious technique; always include the keywords in your headline because a potential customer may be using these when they make a query. Having the entire phrase or just the important words may put you atop a search result.

Include Numbers

Statistics impress people because they know your claims are factual. Add numbers to your headlines to grab the attention of your potential customers. However, make sure to back these up with results, as bogus stats create a negative perception which you may never get out of.

These techniques enable you to create a catchy headline that may entice a potential customer to click on your ads. However, it is still up to you to improve the features and the benefits of the products or services you offer to deliver the solution a person wants.

3 British Ads That Generated Buzz and Sale for Their Companies

Advertising ChartWhile all ads strive to be memorable, not all of them work, and even those that are hard to forget don’t always mean sales to companies. For this reason, these three British ads are unique. They don’t just make it to the top British ads of all time, but they also increased profit and market:

1. Gorilla by Cadbury (2007)

A gorilla playing the drums while listening to Phil Collins seems to be completely out of touch with Cadbury, but it worked. The campaign launched in 2007 generated a lot of positive reviews from consumers that improved the brand’s perception significantly after it suffered a major issue of salmonella contamination. Most importantly, it translated to 6 percent revenue growth.

2. Always a Woman by John Lewis (2010)

It’s hard to market insurance, but John Lewis is a master of selling home insurance coverage while pulling your heartstrings. Take, for example, it’s 2010 Always a Woman campaign, which was a massive hit among telly fans and, of course, women who probably cried buckets of tears seeing a child transition from an infant to old age within 90 seconds. The ad, which is also a fantastic example of direct response TV production, experienced almost 40 percent increase in sales after the ad appeared.

3. Surfer by Guinness (1999)

Considered as one of the best ads to ever grace UK television, Surfer featured a group of men riding the waves that eventually became galloping horses. The TV appealed because of its gorgeous imagery, stirring voiceover, and strong message of never giving up. Most of all, it transformed the beer brand from something cool to meaningful, awarded them multiple advertising recognition, and gave the company one of its biggest sales and market share.

Would you like to have an ad that creates impact too? Then work with a great team like thecoalshed. Venture into direct response TV as in the case of John Lewis. Be creative and think out of the box. Who knows, yours will be part of the list in the future.

Creating Great Signage: Sign Supplies Used by Industry Professionals

Shopping for the Sign Supplies

Shopping for the Sign SuppliesIn creating successful signage, having good graphic design skills is just half the story. Industry professionals make use of sign supplies to create top-quality signage. Thus, if you want your signage business to succeed, consider purchasing these supplies to help you produce great signs that will make your business boom.

Self-Healing Cutting Mat

A cutting mat is one of the tools that you will be using on a regular basis. So, use a self-healing cutting mat when you cut materials on your work table. This lengthens the life of your workspace. It also prevents cutting grooves, which could disrupt your straight cuts.

Precision Knife

Look for knives that allow you make accurate cuts into a corrugated board without using or relying on markers, straight edges and measuring tapes. Knives, such as the Plast-Kut knife, can provide you the results you want without any fuss.

Roller Trays

This tool can make managing larger rolls a one-person job. It safeguards the edges and surface of your completed graphics while you roll out the amount needed to cut.

Strong Magnets

It’s possible to prepare, align and fasten your graphics perfectly by using strong magnets. It eliminates the need for extra adhesives like tape or glue and prevents any sticky residue from getting left behind the graphics.

Vinyl Rack

You’ll certainly need a place to store all your tools after using them. This storage system can help keep your shop organised and efficient. It’s also ideal for storing various types of tools and materials and keeping them all safe from damage.

Safety Ruler

Having precise measurements is the key to making great signage. A good safety ruler achieves this goal. It also keeps your hands safe with its finger guard.

Equipping yourself with these tools can help you create good signage. These tools are essential in creating beautiful signs. In fact, the most skilled sign makers would have trouble creating signage without them.

3 Colors that are Known to Attract Customers

Product Label

Product LabelChoosing the right colors to deliver the correct message to your customers can give you an edge over your competitors. The shades you choose must relate to your brand and reflect the image being projected.

Did you know that you can increase your product sales just by simply choosing the best colors for its labels? Welcome to the world of color psychology where your packaging and label colors can set your product apart and ahead of its competitors. In fact, the practice of using colors to attract customers is prevalent in the food and beverage industries. If you are into beverage production, you would want to know three of the colors that are known to attract customers. What are these?


Without a doubt, red is the one that is most noticeable to customers because it easily stands out from the rest of the colors, particularly in brightly-lit aisles of supermarkets. This does not mean you need to color every single label or packaging of your beverage product into red as you might end up with items that look bloody. Some beverage labels printing companies make it a point to integrate red with a variety of other shades, creating a lovely blend of eye-catching colors that capture customers’ attention.


After red, perhaps the most noticeable color that manufacturers integrate into their product labels is blue. In fact, this color is the most popular with one of its many shades being used in almost all labels and packaging. According to Empower Yourself With Color Psychology, blue is associated with loyalty, honesty, and trust. Others view the color as something that denotes reliability and responsibility, as well as confidence and security. Perhaps, this is also the reason why many insurance companies and banks use a particular shade of this color in their logos and billboards.


Another popular color that is usually used in food and beverage packaging is yellow. Most color psychologists associate this color with sunshine, happiness, cheerfulness, and warmth. This is probably why this color is often used in breakfast cereals and other morning food products like pancakes or butter. A white paper published on the University of Wisconsin website states that yellow is the fastest color that your brain can process, making it the best color to capture attention. It has also been found to stimulate your appetite and can make you feel optimistic and cheerful.

If you noticed, these three colors are usually prominent in packaging and labels of products like foods and beverages. You can use any shade of these three that closely resembles your company’s colors. You can also integrate other hues like green or orange with any of these three shades, generate an eye-catching blend of striking colors. Remember, the colors that you select should send the correct message to your target market so potential customers would be motivated to buy your product.

6 Top Pay-Per-Click Marketing Trends You Should Expect this 2017

PPC Marketing in Denver

PPC Marketing in DenverMore than 50% of people who click on PPC ads end up calling the advertiser, says one survey. With that, it looks like PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is still one of the strongest digital marketing strategies today. The challenge with this type of marketing, however, is its ever-changing trends. The techniques you used in 2016 may no longer be effective this year.

To stay on top of the competition, here are a few trends you should watch out for in 2017:

  1. Video Content

Video content has made waves in the digital marketing industry in 2016. Now, many websites include a variety of video content — from promotional clips to animated presentations — on their pages. Experts say that this growing popularity of video content is bound to enter the PPC shores, as well. Hence, there is now a challenge for PPC campaign managers to create catchy PPC video ads that can deliver high conversion rates.

  1. Live Data

Recently, users were introduced to ads displaying real-time data, such as product availability, dates, times, and other varying statistics. According to a number of experts, these innovative ads caught a lot of attention at the time of their release. It seems that live data ads are here to stay so don’t be surprised if they’ve become a huge trend this 2017.

  1. Bold Designs

Google has recently expanded the text allowance for advertisements on all devices. This recent development provides a huge opportunity for small businesses to improve their current campaigns. With more ad space, PPC campaigns can be bolder and better. So, watch out for more daring PPC ad designs and prepare to be competitive in this aspect.

  1. Untapped Keywords

According to several PPC management experts in Denver, keyword research is a key step in any campaign. Without the relevant keywords, the ad won’t likely connect to the right audience. But with other websites targeting the same keywords as yours, competitive keywords may no longer work as effectively as they used to.

In the last few months, there had been talks about untapped keywords in community websites like Reddit. Some experts say that this development might affect PPC campaigns, too. It’s even possible that 2017 will be the year new strategies and tools for searching untapped keywords will emerge. It wouldn’t hurt to start looking for untapped keywords related to your products and services as early as now.

  1. Remarketing

Remarketing, the technique of creating an ad that essentially follows target users wherever they may go in the virtual world, has been a go-to strategy for some PPC campaigns. Experts say you should expect more businesses employing this technique in 2017 — and it’s better if you join this bandwagon, too. After all, the more target consumers become familiar with your brand, the higher the chances they’ll buy from you.

  1. Lookalike Audiences

Looking for lookalike audiences has become popular in the PPC world during the latter part of 2016. With this strategy, you can find potential clients by searching for users who shared a common interest with the current audience that you market to. Some experts say that this technique has increased the conversion rates of a lot of businesses, and they’ve predicted that it will be a key focus for many PPC campaigns this year.

By following these anticipated PPC trends, you can better prepare your PPC game for this year. But apart from utilizing the techniques mentioned above, remember that PPC ads work effectively if they stay true to the message of the brand. Once you learn to mix a strong brand identity with a trendy strategy, you can definitely expect an increase in the number of new clients for your business.

Perception Can Make or Break Your Business

Positive Brand Perception in Park CityWhen you are running a business, it is in your best interest to ensure positive consumer perception for your company. Positive brand perception allows your business to grow its customer base and gain competitive edge. But how does it happen?

Looking at Perception

According to World Trans, perception varies from one person to another. One person may see your business as something highly valuable, while another may see it as something treading mediocrity.

Consumers will see your business in different ways, but the most important thing here is to work toward building positive views about your company. If more than 50% of those who encounter your business think highly of your business, you will have an easier time expanding your customer pool and increasing competitive edge.

Improving Perception

Do people have a good perception of your business? You could say, “Yes” with all certainty, and at the same time, you could also say, “I don’t know.” If you are not sure about how consumers view your brand, consider getting a reliable public relations firm.

A public relations agency can showcase the best parts of your business, and ensure that people take notice of your positive image. An excellent PR firm also has the capabilities to turn things around for any company, even though a situation appears bleak.

Maintaining Perception

Once you achieve positive consumer perception with the help of a public relations agency, you have to work toward maintaining that perception. According to Small Business Trends, you can focus your efforts into various factors that contribute to how people view your brand.

Make sure that you improve your visual presence, the value of your business, and your relevance. Maintain your business's ability to engage and move consumers. These are some of the things that you may want to focus on to keep a good brand perception.

When it comes to business, perception is important. Your aim is to create a positive impression in the minds and hearts of people who interact with your business. Whether they are your customers, business suppliers or partners, creating a good perception will always be to your advantage.

Arranging Your Store Design and Layout for Maximum Customer Engagement

Store Design & Layout The total experience of shopping at your physical store is one that customers notice and appreciate. If it’s a good shopping experience, they are likely to share their story with friends and recommend your shop. They will become your own marketers.

If the experience is poor, on the other hand, customers will still talk about it, but the effect will be the total opposite. These days, with social media, it’s not even hard to get the word out that your shop is not worth a visit.

Here is some advice on how to design and arrange your shop. Read this before buying your shopfitting supplies:


Like it or not, physical appearance counts. This involves everything from the parking lot to the lights inside your shop. Make it too dark and that may be enough for people to stay away. The shop windows should always be clean and updated, with a style that does not make your shop look old or trying too hard. There is a balance in everything. Find that balance.


Do you like shopping in a store where you have to walk sideways down the aisles so you won’t hit other shoppers? How about one where only one pushcart can roll down the aisles? Accessibility is important, especially for those in a rush.

Floor Plan

The floor plan should, in fact, not encourage rushing. But don’t do it by making the aisles too small. Do it by controlling the flow of traffic. Something that flows naturally. But at every turn, place items that are likely to catch people’s attention and encourage them to try or inspect those items. This makes them stay longer in your shop, and that’s good news.

How you design your shop has a direct and powerful effect on how people react to it. Make them come back over and over again by designing it the right way. They might even bring their friends.

More Than Reviews and Testimonials: Other Types of Social Proof

Product ReviewsSocial proof goes beyond product reviews and testimonials. While these are most universally applicable forms of proof, other types can also benefit your business. You can choose the type that seems more suitable for your specific goal, industry or demographic.

Case Studies

Not all businesses can benefit from in-depth analysis of a product or a service. If you’re offering a B2B software, for instance, case studies can be beneficial. Data-driven content is used to provide evidence that a certain product or service can benefit a business. Statistics, graphs and survey included in the study can help support the efficiency of what you’re offering, and therefore encourage conversions.

Trust Icons and Logos

These may not seem as social proof, but experts suggest that they are useful for landing pages. Logos and icons tell a visitor that you are trustworthy or notable business and brands trust you. Companies featured on well-known publications usually add their logos to their landing page. SEO experts at note, however, that it is best to include snippets of reviews instead of just posting their names or logos.

Data and Numbers

Statistics work best when combined with other social proof. Many do this by indicating the number of clients they have served or the number of people who have bought and loved their product. You can also do this and then encourage visitors to get started by signing in using their Twitter, Facebook, or Google account. This is one easy way to attract new clients and increase conversions.

Social Media

Positive comments from customers in the form Facebook posts, tweets, or Instagram comments are another form of social proof. It is beneficial to take note or save every praise of people who have tried your product or service through social media. This works well for B2C, but may also be used for B2B products and services.

These are the other standard types of social proof, but there are also new ones used by several sites. Whatever you decide to use, it is important to test different types to know what best for your website and goals.