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Make the Move: 3 Steps for an Easy Transition from House to Condo

Man moving sofa

Moving to a new space is overwhelming, but it’s more so when you’re taking a leap from a house to a condo. It’s a big change in terms of using space, managing finances, and keeping up with responsibilities. To help you prepare for this big transition, here are some steps to take:

1. Reduce your stuff

Man moving sofa

In most instances, you’ll have a considerably lesser space in your condo compared to your house. This means it’s impossible to take the same stuff from your previous home to your new place — unless you want your condo to be jam-packed.

The sensible thing to do is to declutter, and this is where most Filipinos hit a wall as they find every little thing sentimental. It’s hard for them to let go of certain things — it could be a souvenir they got when they traveled overseas, a cute packaging of a product they don’t usually buy, or a memorabilia of someone who they admired.

The rule of thumb here is if something doesn’t have that much monetary value, and you can remember the event attached to that item, it’s okay to dispose of it. Doing that doesn’t always mean throwing things to the trash, though. It could also mean giving a few items away to relatives, holding an online auction (for collector’s items), holding a garage sale, or donating to charity.

2. Know your responsibilities

Your new place will bring new duties, along with rights as a condo owner. For instance, you enjoy the right to safe and clean outdoor spaces. In your big house, you do the yard work to maintain curb appeal and whatnot, but now that you’re living in a condo, the property’s personnel does all that task. It doesn’t mean that you’re completely free from such responsibilities, though. You need to comply with the rules set by the management and homeowners’ association, particularly of using the outdoor spaces, to promote safety and cleanliness and to respect other residents’ rights to use the condo’s facilities.

If big, open spaces should be part of your non-negotiable list, you may want to look into getting a condo for sale in Quezon City. Most of the developments in these locations feature sprawling green spaces compared to those located in the business districts.

3. Consider your finances

Woman counting money

Aside from organizing your stuff, you should also arrange your finances. Some people who have long been living in their houses fail to consider condo-related fees, like parking, realty tax on common spaces, and membership (as some condo providers charge this separately for the full use of amenities).

Make sure to set up a budget that includes the cost of buying and maintaining a condo, along with your monthly income and savings. To do that, add all the possible expenses you could have plus an allowance in case an emergency happens. That will be your monthly payment. Now, for you to make sure that you have enough and that you will not spend them somewhere else, set aside some money for those fees as soon as possible.

The transition from a house to a condo can be nerve-racking. But, you can manage the stress well by planning and applying these strategies.

Why You Should Buy Wholesale Garments

Garment Wholesales

Garment WholesalesWhether you are an owner of a shirt printing business or you run a small apparel shop, buying wholesale blank apparel is one of the best ways to increase your income. Find out why most owners of this type of business are taking advantage of buying blank apparel in bulk:

More Options

Are you looking for plain t-shirts or hoodies? Are you planning a summer promotion or have giveaways that can be worn during winter? More often, garment manufacturers have many different stocks that will suit your needs. You will be surprised to know how huge the selection of garments can be.

Lower Price

For experienced business owners, timing is important when getting better deals. Have you seen hoodies being sold during summer? The same holds true for wholesalers; off-season products are offered at a lower price, even lower when bought in bulk. Some manufacturers and suppliers even offer free shipping.

In addition, warehouse clearance sale offers extremely low prices. You might think the apparel may not be ‘in’ next year. But remember that overall shirt styles do not drastically change a lot; sometimes only the colour is different. That said, buying apparel in a clearance sale gives you more time to prepare for the peak season.

Ready for the Peak Season

With a complete pile of inventory, you can be ready for the influx of customers come peak season. Whether you are selling hoodies and sweatshirts during winter or sleeveless shirts during summer, you do not need to rush around looking for garment manufacturers who can meet your needs. Always remember that these items are always on offer on a standard price during the peak season, some even higher if rush order.

Printing custom designs for t-shirts or selling your own designs is a very rewarding business. By investing in quality materials especially during the off-peak season, the return on your investment will be more fruitful and fulfilling.

The Unexpected Benefits of Buying a New House

Buying a New HouseBuying a home is one of life’s major decisions and buying one that is newly constructed is perhaps the best investment you can make for yourself. Here, we have some of the benefits you get to enjoy when you buy a brand new home.

More Efficient

If you’re big on energy savings and a fan of green living, you’re going to benefit hugely from living in a new home. These new homes in Kansas City, for example, are designed and built with efficiency and today’s lifestyle needs in mind. The spaces are designed in a more logical and practical way. The structures are built with energy-efficient materials, there are more outlets, more windows for natural light to come in, and some even fit the home out with energy efficient appliances, too.

More Holistic Environment

Today’s builders and developers create better recreational spaces and top class amenities. These places are designed with today’s healthy and active lifestyle in mind, as well as the basic things that people need and do on a day-to-day basis. Aside from parks, swimming pools, and a tennis or basketball court, newer community developments have more facilities for sports and leisure, as well as for fitness and health. There are bike paths, jogging trails, meditation parks, fitness centers, and even stores that sell organic, vegan, and other healthier food options.

First Owner Experience

Perhaps the most rewarding thing of all: Buying a new house gives you the privilege of being the first to enjoy the house and everything else that comes with it. These include the opportunity to set a maintenance plan in place, control over the interior design, and even the landscaping.

Owning a new home has many benefits and advantages. If you’re in the process of buying a house, you might want to consider buying a new one so you can enjoy all these and its many other benefits.

Singapore and Manila Have Biggest Stocks of Flexible Offices in SE Asia

Conference RoomManila currently has the second largest supply of flexible workspaces in Southeast Asia next to Singapore, according to JLL.

The growing volume of flexible office space for rent in the Philippines could be one reason for this, as many companies want an alternative to sky-high rents of buildings in city centers. By 2030, JLL expects flexible spaces to represent 30% of corporate portfolios.

A Cost-efficient Option

The concept of shared office space has gained traction in the Philippines during previous years. Millennials mostly drive demand for these properties in their search for a more conducive work environment.

Companies that want to rebrand themselves consider this work arrangement as well since they believe flexible offices improve workforce morale and productivity. For real estate developers, this means a new source of business aside from cashing in on rising rental rates due to strong demand from Chinese tenants.

Commercial and Residential

Rental rates for commercial and residential properties in the Bay Area and Makati City have increased because of demand from Chinese gaming companies, according to Colliers International Philippines. In the first half of this year, these companies occupied more than 180,000 square meters of office spaces. Leasing rates for residential properties near their offices have consequently increased as well.

This occurred because of their employees’ preference for buildings that are close to their workplace. Condominiums in Makati are particularly popular among them. For instance, the monthly rental rate for a three-bedroom unit in the city’s central business district increased by up to P1,080 per square meter.

The forecast increase in flexible office spaces seems possible with the changing needs of tenants, especially startup companies and individuals. Freelance workers in the Philippines also cause demand for such properties to be stable, which leads many developers to launch suitable properties for them.

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Business

Photography for Business

Photography for BusinessYou want to set up a business website and photos are part of the details you should add to it. But hold that thought, where will you get the photos? From the Internet, like stock images maybe? Absolutely not. JayLynn Studios and other experts list why you should use professional photography services for your business photography needs in Salt Lake City:

Critical for Branding

Your brand is a reflection of what your business is all about, and it’s hard to find stock photos that speak for it. When creating custom photos, you can choose to show your team or business environment. Custom photos will evoke emotional feelings and create an attachment of your business to visitors.


Even the best camera cannot give you the best photos if the photographer does not have the relevant experience in using that camera. The greatest advantage of a professional photographer is the experience that sharpens the artistic aspect of taking photographs. Photographers know the right angles, positions, and look that will complement to give you a great photo.

The Right Equipment

Photography studios are not complete without the essential equipment that works together to create outstanding photos. Professional photographers have the necessary equipment that includes cameras, tripods, and lighting packages. Professional cameras have features, such as zoom, flash, and focus, and cannot compare to a smartphone that you would use to take photographs. In addition to the right equipment, photographers have the right software to edit the photos for more excellent photos.

Professional photos are a good element to add to your website. Compromising the element of professionalism in your business photos could limit the impact of your message. Therefore, look for a professional photographer for all your business photography needs and discuss the various applicable rates.

4 Ways to Invest Your Savings

coinsIf you have already been working for a few years now, you know how important it is to have savings. These do not only make you financially secure but also give you a safety net should you experience problems in the future.

But you can also use your savings as a way to earn even more by putting them on investments. Here are four ways you can invest your money:

Buy Land

The purchase of land is one of the smartest things you can ever do as an investor. First, land is not too expensive. In fact, you can buy a decently sized patch of land for a few thousand dollars. They also require less upkeep while increasing in value as time passes by. They also have a lot of potentials, especially when located near a busy place. Purchase land for sale in Whittlesea, Victoria as a way to invest your money effectively.

Purchase Stocks

If you know enough about the stock market, it would be a good move for you to invest in it. While the financial returns are not immediate, it can earn you a lot in the long run. Make sure that you play your cards right as one wrong move can result in the loss of money.

Build a Business

If you have an entrepreneurial instinct, you should start your own business. Make sure that you are passionate about it, however, to ensure its success.

Become a Lender

You can also be a lender for those who need immediate access to cash. Assign a reasonable interest rate and then provide them with the money that they need. Of course, do the necessary background check beforehand.

Never underestimate the value that having savings can create in your life. It can do a lot in protecting you from financial issues that you may experience. You might as well invest some of it also so that it will also grow.

5 Investment Ideas to Secure Your Future

Piggy bank, calculator and coinsUsually, when a person reaches their 20s, they already start thinking about investments to make. It is essential that the investor puts their money on assets that will reap benefits for them while shielding them from financial problems.

For those concerned about any potential financial difficulties in their future, these five investments will help soften the blow.

1. Real estate property

The first major investment of a person in their 20s should be a house. With the housing market constantly fluctuating, a homeowner should take advantage of the security that having a house provides.

Houses for sale in Kennewick, WA, strengthen the investor’s bargaining power. Retter & Company Sotheby’s International Realty notes that if the family encounters financial difficulties, later on, the investor can also post the house for sale.

2. Backup savings account

If there are financial problems, a person should have a savings account that will solely be for emergencies. This will serve as a safety net if there are no extra funds.

3. College degree

Education is the best investment because it adds more value to a person. The investor should invest on their own and their family’s education. This will enable them to find jobs, which will, later on, result in salaries and other benefits.

4. 401(k) plan

Any investment manager would suggest saving up for retirement early. A 401(k) arrangement with the employer will enable the person to look forward to a comfortable retirement.

5. Small business

A small business is the smartest profit-producing investment a person can ever make. A small business has fewer risks, can be easily managed and can depend on something that the owner is passionate about.

If the owner already has the capacity and finances to expand, they can open another branch or get more significant operations.

Investments should be more than just turning profit and earnings for the investors. They should also aim to establish financial security and safety nets.

Get The Ideal Mortgage Product With 2 Simple But Effective Moves

Mortgage Loan AgreementMany people overlook the need for preparation when applying for a mortgage loan to buy a home. Unfortunately, such oversights only serve to put a damper on the process and ruin the homeowning experience.

The hefty price tags on homes make it impossible for most people to own a home without a credit facility. The $200,000 asking price is way above the financial income of many. Luckily, the affordable mortgages in Chandler AZ from lenders like the Deb Klien Team put you closer to realizing your dreams. However, to take full advantages of these loans, you need to take a few proactive measures.

Educate yourself on mortgage

Rushing through the process of mortgage application without adequate preparation is the bane of many first-time buyers. In such a situation, you are likely to settle for any mortgage plan without giving too much thought. Do you know, there are more than six types of mortgages? Each is tailored to suit different buyer needs. It is, therefore, of great importance to have great insights into what they entail.

You need to tell between a fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage as well as their merits. Again, you need to understand the benefits of a government-backed mortgage such as the Federal Housing Administration. Only by having a great insight into all these types of loans can you make the right choice.

Negotiate your interest rates

After picking the right type of home loan, you need to ensure that the interest rate on it is affordable. Unlike normal negotiation, this takes a bit of preparation. Your creditworthiness is your greatest asset when negotiating a loan. You need to demonstrate to the lender that you are indeed credible and pose little or no risk to them.

To this end, you need to have a high credit score, preferably higher than 700, a low debt-utilization ratio, and history of paying your debts on time. Building a stellar financial history takes some time, so you are better off starting the process long before you approach a lender. Such a move ensure that you have a pleasant experience owning your home.

Buying a house through a home loan can be a tricky and complicated process. Instead of feeling in the dark, you should make adequate preparations for a successful process.

3 Rules You Must Be Aware of About 1031 Exchanges to Get Approved

Couple with investorOne of the hottest topics investors and businessmen are discussing is the 1031 exchange. It is also called the “Like-Kind Exchange” or the “Starker” and is simply defined as the swap of one investment, property, or business for another.

The 1031 exchange allows businessmen and property owners to do the swap without being taxed, or at least get a much smaller tax. There are rules that you must follow to get approved and avoid getting repealed and today, 1031 Exchange Place is going to discuss what those are.

1. The Exchange

Despite the term “Like-Kind,” you definitely can exchange your business or investment for a different type of property.

For example, you can exchange your apartment building for a strip mall, a raw land, or even for a ranch! You just have to make sure that you are eligible for the exchange and that the investment or business that you are exchanging for is qualified for 1031.

2. Delayed Exchange

Finding someone who owns the property that you want and them wanting your property in return can be difficult, which is why delayed exchanges are acceptable.

You would have to find a middleman to hold the cash after you sell your property, That middleman is considered as the intermediary, which will be then assigned to buy the replacement property using the escrowed cash.

3. Replacement Property

Since we have talked about the delayed exchange above, we should then talk about the timing rules that you would have to be aware of when it comes to this type of exchange.

The exchangor must identify the replacement property that he wants to acquire within 45 days, and the transfer must be closed and done within 180 days. It is possible to designate three properties, as long as you make sure that you eventually close one of those.

Knowing the DO’s and DON’Ts of a 1031 exchange will save you from getting repealed when applying for one. Do your research and follow the rules to get approved ASAP.

Four Factors That Will Make Managing a Rental Property Much Easier

House miniatureHaving properties for rent is a great way to earn extra cash. Instead of acquiring properties and leave it unused for years, renting your property can help generate additional income without putting much effort. But, what are the things you have to consider when renting out a property?

1. Lessen the chances of vacancy.

One way of eliminating vacancies in your property is by getting a long-term tenant who will rent your property for an extended period.

Another way of ensuring that your property will not be vacant for long periods is by shortening the turnaround time. You may do so by creating ads to attract more potential tenants.

2. Conduct your thorough research.

It is always best to know what you are getting into before you take any steps. You might want to attend seminars or read investment books to learn more about the process and create more sound decisions in the future. Turn any area of your residences into a rental property to multiply your profits.

3. Know the perfect time to increase rent.

You have to know the perfect time to increase rent and how much the increase will be for your long-term tenants.

Consider demand in your area before deciding on rent adjustments. Checking ads or even speaking with other landlords can give you an idea of how much an ideal increase should be and when it is best to apply it.

4. Know all the costs and expenses.

You should know all the expenses associated with owning a rental property and match it with the cash flow. Applying for a mortgage can make the process much more comfortable, but you will need to pay at least 20% of the total property cost before you can own one.

Owning a rental property comes with its pros and cons. So, it is important to research before you consider buying one. Do not forget to ask advice from an expert to get a much better idea of how property rental works.