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Woman checking her plants in the greenhouse

Gardening 101: Basic Care and Maintenance

Maintaining a green lush garden or a healthy lawn is not that easy. This requires consistency with a daily routine. From transplanting or repotting the seedlings, watering and fertilizing schedule, and trimming or pruning trees to treating weaker plants and pest control strategies, everything needs to be on point. Watering While water is the primary

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Minimalist living room interior

Achieving the Minimalist House Design

Minimalism is one of the most important movements of the 20th and 21st centuries across art, architecture and music. It draws inspiration from Japan’s Zen philosophy, which values simplicity as a means to achieve inner freedom. Minimalist architecture also finds roots in the De Stijl and Bauhaus’ styles, which combined abstraction and simplicity with functional

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Person planting rosemary in a container

How to Start Your Container Gardening Project

Gardening is a great way to release stress while making your home look aesthetically pleasing. It has become one of the most popular types of gardening, as it is fairly easy yet it gives off a creative and elegant vibe in your garden. Here, we will discuss some of the most important tips you should take

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Man fixing patio with concrete blocks

A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting Patio Stones

  Different types of stones are suitable for different types of environment. For instance, if you live in a snow-prone area or an area that is susceptible to soil erosion, materials such as bricks and concrete may not be the best option as they crack and break under pressure. For best patio constructions, it is

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4 Things you should Do Before Buying a Solar Power Device

Thanks to multiple energy consumption campaigns and go green movement, more and more residents today use solar panels in Utah. While this may seem like a good long-term investment to save on utility bills; and not to mention, good for the environment, there are a few things you need to consider before switching to solar

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5 Tips on Strengthening Home Security

Our homes represent a huge investment for a lot of us, which is why we are extremely protective of it. To make sure that our homes are safe, we need to ramp up our security features so that no burglars will enter. For those who want to make their home to be more secure, the

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Landscaped garden with pond

Guide to Basic Landscape Maintenance

Landscape requires thorough maintenance for every plan to look their best. Which is why most people often refer to commercial landscaping services in St. Clair Shores for help when it comes to their lawn. How do you begin with managing it? Here are a few ways on how to maintain your commercial landscape. Start with

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Make Greenhouse Plants Flourish in Winter with Grow Lights

Growing healthy plants can be difficult even when conditions are optimal. What happens, then, when it’s winter and everything is dead? Attempting to grow anything might seem like an exercise in futility. Greenhouses are wonderful for growing plants in any weather or season. It provides warmth, maintains a consistent temperature, protects plants from harsh winds

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