A dentist holding a fake set of teeth in her hands showing how implants work

Maintenance Care for Dental Implants in Sutton Coldfield

Dental implants are a long-lasting tooth replacement solution and, while they do not require extra-special care, taking good care of them and cleaning them regularly along with the rest of the natural teeth is highly recommended. Caring for dental implants, as well as caring for natural teeth, can help prevent gum disease and other oral

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How to Enhance the Psychological Well-Being of an Elderly

Along with deteriorating physical health, seniors also have to battle mental health issues. Here are some things you can help them do to ward off feelings of helplessness and low self-esteem. Maintain a Routine Following a routine gives them a sense of purpose. Even something that’s seemingly mundane, such as taking a bath, can do

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Going to the Gym: Ways to Motivate Yourself

You want to lose weight, so you join a fitness center and promise to stick to a certain routine. It seems to go well until you start losing motivation after a few weeks and later on, stop going to the gym eventually. This happens to almost everyone. The good news is you can always relaunch

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Helping Families Deal with the Loss of Their Pet

Try as you might, some pets are beyond saving. The family may decide to let go and give the pet a painless death. Even if it’s their own decision, it will not be easy. Losing a pet is just like losing a person–a family member. As the pet’s doctor, you need to be there to

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The Biggest Christmas Health Risks—and How to Overcome Them

Ready for Christmas? The holiday season is a time for celebration with family and friends. But while you may have your Christmas menu planned, your presents wrapped, and your tree decorated, the most wonderful time of the year also comes with a list of health hazards. Here are some of them: Colds, Sniffles, and Flu

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Headaches: When You Should See a Doctor

You have probably experienced headaches a lot of times and turn to over-the-counter medication to relieve the pain. In other cases, a short rest or a meal is enough to reduce its severity and eventually clear the pain up. A severe headache, however, it may indicate the more serious concern. While serious problems are rare,

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Making a Monarch: How a Stuttering King Found His Voice

In 2010, The King’s Speech earned more than $130 million in the cinemas. Audiences loved the story of George VI of the United Kingdom, the country’s World War II monarch. Despite its setting, however, the movie focused on a more personal matter: How the modern monarch overcame his speech impediment and, in doing so, used

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Different Waste Management Methods

Even though some people are very environmentally conscious, they still produce little waste. In some cases, it becomes such a big issue. In that case, one might need environmental services in Utah to help them manage their waste properly. Different communities all over the world handle waste differently. Some common waste management methods include composting,

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Binge Eating Disorder

Three Long- and Short-Term Effects of Binge Eating

According to statistics, about 2.8 million Americans are suffering from BED or Binge Eating Disorder. It is a severe eating disorder wherein people tend to binge eat until they are uncomfortably full. Unlike Bulimia Nervosa, they don’t vomit or purge it all out. Here are some of the long-term and short-term effects of BED that

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What Issues Can Medical Spas Fix?

A medical spa, also called medi spas, is a cross between your dermatologist’s clinic and the traditional day spa. Apart from beauty benefits, medical spas have physical and mental health benefits as discussed below. With several procedures to choose from, medical spas will leave you rejuvenated and recharged. Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic, Salt

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