Good as New: On Performing Vintage Bicycle Restoration

Maybe you’ve got an old dumpster bike in your garage, but you just haven’t had the heart to chuck it out. It might still be salvageable, you think, despite the rust and worn out components. With so many things to restore, however, it might still be more practical to buy an entirely new bike instead.

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3 SME Website Stats You Need to Know

Studies show that about 22 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises or SMEs in the United Kingdom say that their biggest concern for 2017 is the rising costs of business. Even in today’s highly digitised world where businesses compete for customers in the online arena, many still view having a website and IT support as

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Make Your Office Happier and More Productive Using Colour

Need more focus to complete your deadlines? Perhaps a mood-lifter at work, or something to help calm your nerves while working? Consider changing the colour of your office space. Studies have shown that using the right colour palette in your workspace could do wonders not only for your productivity, but your general happiness at work as well.

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Value Proposition in Melbourne

Creating a Value Proposition That Will Connect with Your Target Audience

The value proposition of your product offerings is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects of your entire marketing message. It tells potential customers why they should choose your business from others, and makes your offerings’ benefits evident from the get-go. Communication isn’t that easy, and it must trickle down to all levels if you

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Excellent Office Design

Office Decoration: A Guide to Flooring, Window Treatments and Office Furniture

To get your preferred office decoration right the first time, you should plan it carefully. Many studies have revealed that a pleasant and striking workplace helps retain employees, improve morale and accomplish high levels of productivity. It likewise assists in developing a positive effect on visiting clients, which will provide your business that much needed

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All the Help You Need: Business Support for New Businesses

A new start-up can be compared to an infant learning how to walk. As a business owner, you have the responsibility to learn the ropes in your company. You have to lead your employees towards your company’s goals. Of course, just as an infant needs parents for support, your start-up company can use some support

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8 Warning Signs Your Project’s About to Go Wrong

Two words strike fear in your heart as a project manager: delay and over-budget. When you’re leading a team, you want to keep those two petrifying words out of your vocabulary. You do everything possible then to steer the project toward success. Although, your project isn’t going in the catalogue of catastrophes the way

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First-Time Job Hunter’s Guide for Creating Your Best Resume

Creating a resume for the first time can be quite intimidating. You may be a bit bothered that you don’t know what to include in your CV. Also, it can be daunting not having enough information for it to be formidable enough to grab your potential superior’s interest. However, aside from your educational attainments, there

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The Significance of Consignment Packaging

Consignment packaging may seem like a really mundane thing to bear significance, but unless you understand how businesses rely on services such as these, then it will barely matter to you. Take packaging consumable companies like, for example, and how they offer consignment packaging. Eastpac, in particular, claims that they designed the service to cater

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