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The Network Works: Using Your Connections to Get a New Job

HR manager interviewing young man in officeGetting a new job or shifting to a new career may prove to be quite difficult if you are looking at the wrong places. If you have exhausted some of your top resources, maybe it is time to look at your network and see who among them can help you find a job.

Whether you are looking for food processing human resources employment opportunities at Stanislaus Food Products in Modesto or a clerical job in New York, the people and the relationships you have made with them can help you start anew. Here are some of the things you might want to keep in mind.

Do not be upfront

If you have not seen them or met them for a long time and yet they prove to be a valuable connection, you may want to take things slowly. Do not be upfront and ask for their help right away. You ought to warm up to them a little. Invest in their time; you can invite them for a catch-up session first. This is one way of showing them that you cherish your connection with them.

Offer something in return

Remember, this is going to be a give-and-take relationship. So what you need to do is offer something that may also help them in their career or current undertaking. For one, you can refer to them to new clients. You can also recommend suppliers that can help them in their project.

Thank them

Once you land the job, you ought to thank them. You can send them a modest gift, a food package or restaurant voucher for instance. Or better yet, meet them personally and talk some things over coffee. Doing this is showing that you have appreciated their help.

Do not lose hope if your job search is currently taking your nowhere. What you need to do is look at your connections.

How Marketing in the Hospitality Industry Boosts Business

ReceptionistsRecently, more people have continued to discover the great benefits of the hospitality marketing industry. According to recent studies, the hospitality industry and marketing is rising among job seekers and opportunities all over the world.

Additionally, the market for the hospitality industry is increasing every year and use various forms of media to get the information they need. For those in the industry, hospitality marketing is essential not only to attract talent but also to expand its reach in the market.

Attract job opportunities

The hospitality industry offers a vast range of employment opportunities to skilled, inexperienced, and experienced. If you promote a hotel, or even a service company using social media, it enables you to reach possible clientele and applicants to your business.  Knowing how to use social media and the Internet to attract talent is essential to keep any company ahead in the industry.

Market new services and promos

Making clients happy and relaxed is everyone’s goal in the service industry. Using the right strategy, you can use both traditional marketing methods as well as digital technology to promote your services and provide clients with unique rewards and promotions. You can also provide additional services through the Internet, such as bookings, reservations, room service, and transportation.

Provide vital information

You can also provide your clients with the information they need for their holiday or business trip. You can use your website to give them information about activities or attractions they might want to do during their stay. Aside from this, you can partner up with other businesses to help your clients plan their vacation.

Marketing in the hospitality industry is not only for promoting your business. You can use SEO techniques to advance your hiring and find the right talent that would suit your company. You can also use it to expand your services or partner up with local businesses to give your clients the best experience on their holiday.

What To Ask Before Engaging A Recruitment Agency

Applicants Waiting In Line

Applicants Waiting In LineFinance is a broad sector that encompasses experts in banking operations, accounting, risk management, IT and product control. If you need assistance with recruiting staff for your financial services, it will be essential for you ensure that you make well-deliberated decisions. KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd explains that you want to find an agency that can do more than just satisfy your current staffing needs. Know more about these recruitment agencies before engaging their services.

Where do you find your candidates?

It pays to work with a recruitment firm that can find the best talents. However, their means and methods of finding the best talents are essential to make sure that the ones they find for you suit your company’s culture and staff needs. If a particular agency does not cast its nets far enough, you may have to settle for talents with lesser skills and expertise.

Do you provide training and support?

Top rated finance recruitment agencies will want to ensure that your performance and profit goals are met. They will not only help you find the ideal employees but will also lend a hand with training and support. This ensures that your future employees receive the right training and will be prepared to help you meet your business goals.

Can you provide police checks and applicant references?

Choose a recruitment agency that could help you check the background of the applicants and provide a list of viable references. They can help you prevent security breaches especially if you want to hire someone for your finance department.

Reliable firms will nurture a vast network of skilled candidates. They will have what it takes to promise those seeking employment of constant guidance at every step of their career. Consequently, they will have unmatched access to the finest finance specialists who are looking for a great company to work with in the market.

4 Major Features of a Successful Franchising Business

A person working on the business' finances Opening your business for franchise is one of the best ways to leverage growth. However, simply because you’re achieving some sort of stability and getting pumped up profits doesn’t mean it would be a successful franchise automatically. If your business has granted you time to relax a bit, launching it for franchise would mean that you need to put a lot of hard work and extra hours in it.

So, what makes a franchising business successful?


Franchising means better production volume and efficiency. Hence, it’s important that you have organized and streamlined procedures and processes. Like what Lee Colan, co-founder of The L Group, wrote on Inc., your business processes should never be people-dependent.

For instance, and other experts noted that you may need to acquire a specialized bookkeeping franchise instead of having one man manage it all.

Franchisee Selection

You can’t entertain every business owner interested in being a franchisee. It’s more than just about the money. You want to take care of your business’ reputation, so you wouldn’t want to put your brand name in the hands of someone you’re not sure will make a great franchisee or someone who has bad records in the business. There is going to be a franchisor-franchisee relationship, so it’s necessary that your business values and ethics are aligned.

Training Programs

Upholding the quality of service or products should be a priority in setting your business for franchise. If one franchise is not performing at par with the standards that you have practiced, it will hurt your whole business. To do this, you have to provide training, coaching, and continuous support to franchisees.


It’s not only internal processes that you should streamline. You should also be communicating the same marketing message and must express that you respect the independence of your franchisees. When it comes to your branding message, consistency is the key to success.

Setting up a successful franchising business is rewarding, but it’s neither going to be easy nor quick and fast. However, if done well and if you’re willing to do extra work, it can be prolific and open business opportunities that can put your business on the map.

The Benefits of Recycling Used Oil

Oil Being Poured

Petroleum products will never outgrow their purpose. Time may riddle the material with dirt and, after a while, it can also damage any kind of motor engine, but that’s not always the case. In fact, these are actually salvageable. Unless it has been contaminated with water, solvents, gasoline, antifreeze, and other fluids, used oil can still serve its purpose.

For Waste Petroleum Combustion Limited, a waste collection specialist, there are numerous sustainable ways to properly dispose used oil. A little research on your part offers helpful answers.

Who Should Recycle Used Oil

Proper recycling of used oil is something you should start doing if you belong to any of these groups:

  • Motor Vehicle Owners: one person’s waste is another person’s treasure. You might not be making bank by selling or recycling used oil, but you do your car and Mother Nature a favour when you do.
  • Businesses: Whether yours is a small, medium, or large-scale enterprise, recycling oil used in your various operations is one way to reduce your business’s carbon footprint.
  • Growers/Ranchers: If you are in the farming industry, apart from the profit you get from seasonal harvests or meat and poultry products, you can also turn used oil from your machinery as profit generator.

The Benefits of Recycling Used Oil

Recycling used oil comes with numerous benefits, particularly for the environment. First, it prevents water and soil pollution, which spares the earth a couple more years of healthy living. It conserves valuable and non-renewable resources through fossil fuels, as well as enough energy for other important matters.

If you plan to join the recycling trend, you can always take your supply to used oil collectors and facilities. A do-it-yourself trend is commendable, but if you wish to be sure, always trust the professionals.

No matter what option you take, know that you are doing yourself (and the Earth) a great favour.

Why Location Matters for a Start-Up Business

Office BuildingsWith high-speed internet and increased connectivity, a reliable laptop is all you need to launch a successful enterprise remotely. However, at some point, being in the right location gives start-ups access to capital beyond funding. Here is why start-ups should think carefully when deciding where to put up their business.

Good Locations Attract Great Talent

Singapore ranked first in the survey for world’s best business environment. Among the factors for the republic’s win is its attractive labour market conditions. As the pool of good businesses setting up base in its shores diversifies, so does the government’s support for the growth. All that brings top talent to the country with relative ease. You can take advantage of this. When job seekers look for companies, they do not only consider how much they like the company or the nature of the job, the location of the business is also a major consideration. Job seekers will be wary of companies located in unknown areas and will not move to remote places for start-ups. Setting up your office in good locations like Singapore enables you to utilise the country’s already experienced talent pool and build a strong team behind your company.

A Good Location Takes Care of Human Capital

Like it or not, a company located in a no-name corner of the world might be passed over in favour of one in a thriving metropolitan area like Singapore. It’s a matter of image. Lendlease-developed site Paya Lebar Quarter is an exemplary development in the country that has a balanced mix of residential, commercial and business infrastructures. The developers have also incorporated nature and culture to their design with the intention of giving workers, residents, and guests a healthy environment. Amenities are nothing short of stellar for future office occupants of Paya Lebar’s centrally located mixed use development. Your top talent can find quiet spots to work outdoors in Wi-Fi-enabled large open spaces; enjoy after hour beers in al-fresco or work out in the promenade or plaza before or after work to foster social bonding and collaboration among your team. Offices only in a central business district may soon be a thing of the past as more and more companies start doing business where employees want to live, rather than where they’ve been told innovation lives.

Your Neighbours Can Help You

A classic example is starting an app company in Silicon Valley. Like Google Ventures, being in Silicon Valley allows start-ups to pitch for funding from pillar companies. Being in Silicon Valley also gives the founders of start-ups access to mentoring from industry experts. ‘Location, location, location’ might be a tired adage, but it still holds true for start-up businesses. If you are in the business district, everything your company needs, be it banks or business partners, is a stone’s throw away. Start-ups best be near the pillar companies in your industry.

Two Surefire Steps to Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

A BusinessmanMany business entities make the mistake of not learning the market, and it causes them to lose their edge in a dynamic market. The article highlights some of the credible ways to stay competitive in a highly dynamic market.

Emerging technologies and dynamic market environment require the business community to rethink their business community. Every decision they make need to be ground in facts and actionable information. That way, you get to stay ahead of the game and anticipate the market and consumer needs. Long go are the days of taking a chance with your business. One slight mishap could have you ceding your market share to the competition. In fact, having made such oversights, some iconic companies with a global presence had to close up shop.

Keep an Eye on the Consumer

The secret to running a successful business practice lies in tending to the needs of the target audience. With so many players in the market, the consumers have a broad range of choices. If your products fail to live up to their expectations, it can only lead to a downward spiral. Hence, you need to embark on credible market research before putting a product on the market. By capturing consumer needs and identifying some of their pain points, you can be sure of a successful launch. That way, you can bring a new product to the market that provides a solution to a real problem.

Ensure Each Process is Data Driven

You can quantify just about every process of your business. That way, you can ensure every aspect of your business is measurable. By extension, you can keep an eye on the recurring trends. Other than tracking your performance, such patterns offer insights into consumers’ preferences. It enables you to identify your business cycle. It also lets you create a credible buyer persona, which is essential for success. According to DBA Services, with the help of a DBA consultant, you can roll out efficient data systems and matrices to suit your specific needs.

You stand a better chance of success in a dynamic business environment if you aren’t feeling in the dark or taking unnecessary risks. These incredible pointers can give your business an edge and increase your market share.

Planning Consultants: Why You Need One

Men planning to build an establishmentBuilding an establishment entails the expertise of different types of professionals. Architects, engineers, and contractors are needed, but some people choose to forego hiring planning consultants. The word “consultant” might have scared them off, but in reality, these professionals are essential members of your project.

What are planning consultants?

Planning consultants are responsible for getting the project approved. They offer advice, assessment, and planning services to make sure that your project will be carried out smoothly. Project consultants are well aware of the demands and policies of the government and make sure that your project complies with it. In instances where a project was not approved, Cato Bolam Consultants says that it is also the role of the planning consultant to pose an appeal and hopefully get the permission to build.

Despite the important role planning consultants have in any project, many think they are redundant hires. However, having one is still advisable for practical reasons.

When should you hire planning consultants?

It is advisable to have a planning consultant involved as early as possible in the project. In their field of work, they have the ability to see the big picture and interpret fast changing building policies. Your architect might be able to help you with certain regulations, but would not be able to help you get through some of the legalities.

Planning consultants also provide a different perspective on your company culture.  They could also give you an honest assessment of your plans and be able to link strategy with execution.  Doing so includes identifying what doesn’t work and doing the necessary changes to improve the plan.

Hiring a planning consultant for your project is an essential step in making sure that your project takes off according to plan.

Get the Locks You Have Always Wanted

YWoman having her hair extensionou most likely wonder how celebrities and models manage to have such glamorous hair. The answer is quite simple: many of them use hair extensions. But not just any extensions – they use the best ones to ensure that the addition looks as natural and beautiful as possible.

The hair experts at Anchante Hair explain that these beauty products aren’t just for adding length. You’ll now find clip-on hair extensions that also boost volume, making your tresses look and feel even more amazing.

Great solution to hair loss or thinning

Although thinning hair or loss affects more men than women, it has the same devastating effects, including a huge toll on one’s confidence.

You can regain your locks and self-esteem with hair extensions designed to give your head of hair more volume. You’ll find products specifically designed not only for those with finer hair but also for those suffering from alopecia. With these attached to your natural hair, you’ll feel more confident.

Quick and easy hair volume

A lot of people have naturally fine hair. The problem with this is that their crown looks flat, no matter how much they try to style or blow dry it.

If you’ve always wanted to have more volume, consider having extensions to have a thicker set of locks. You’ll be surprised at the significant improvement. There are several weights to choose from though, and your decision should depend on the specific hair type you have. For finer hair, lighter sets are more appropriate. For those with medium-thick tresses, look for mid-weight extensions. For a more voluminous effect, choose a thicker and heavier hair extension.

Make sure you invest in top quality hair extensions that will last long and complement your natural hair. You don’t need to suffer in silence when hair thinning or hair loss strikes; a hair extension can be the answer to your worries.

Office Styling Tips You Should Remember

Conference Table Workplace InteriorInstead of asking, observe. That is what one interior designer says to entrepreneurs when it comes to styling their offices. You should pay attention to what your workers usually do and how they use the items in the office. Based on your observation, decide how to change your workplace for the better.

There can choose many design themes for your office. There are lots of options for aviator themed office furniture sets if you are after an industrial feel. After deciding on a design theme, consider the following factors when you style your workplace.


It is a no-brainer employees should be able to move around in the office with relative ease. However, many office interiors tend to restrict workers’ movements. There might be too many tables or bulky equipment. The dividers might also be doing more harm than good.

If you want your employees to be more creative, you should make them feel more liberated in their workplace. Let two or more employees share one table to save some space. Moreover, encourage them to discuss while walking every once in a while, instead of just sitting in the conference room.

It is also a good idea to apply zoning principles in your office interior. Aside from the desks, there should be comfy chairs where your employees may want to rest. You may set up a place where they can catch up and drink coffee.


People still respond to natural elements like the darkness of the night sky. That is why you should not disregard adding some elements from nature when you style your office interior. Plants in the office are the best examples. You may also install bigger windows to allow natural light to come in.

You can mix and match natural elements and modern design themes. You can also go for wallpaper that has patterns found in nature.

If you want your employees to be more creative, you ought to think about improving their workplace first. When styling an office, consider what your employees want and need. Do not just ask them directly; you should also observe. You should also put into consideration movement and nature.