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Bridging Myth and Realities: Misconceptions About Steel Bridges

The use of steel in bridge construction comes with plenty of misconceptions. Some of these myths arise from past experiences and fail to take into account the improvement of materials, changes in technology and updates in the construction practices. Believing in these misconceptions, however, limits the competitiveness of your steel solutions. In some cases, it

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Check Out These Benefits of Customizing Your Truck

Although a standard pickup truck offers several benefits, customizations can boost both the appearance and the capabilities of your truck. While going custom might seem like a waste of money to some, the benefits of truck customizations far outweigh the cons. In fact, some of the benefits of customization might surprise you. Suspension Lift One

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Preparation is Key: Slim Hole Drilling Prep Work

When gathering data via any type of logging equipment, it is important for the measurements to be accurate. After all, these types of mistakes can be costly in both time and money, especially when you’re dealing with a slim hole well drilling project. Conduct these necessary preparations prior to the actual operation to ensure successfully

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What You Can Do Right as You Work from Heights

There are a number of different situations you may encounter whilst working from heights. Many of them have to do with safety, as accidents may be inevitable in this line of work. As operating from elevated platforms is particularly risky, you must be wary of keeping yourself safe. There are several things you can do

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3 Effective Methods to Bug-proof Your Home and Keep Pests Away

In response to changing weather conditions, unwanted guests like roaches, spiders, and ants make a beeline to your house to seek warmth and shelter. What’s more is they latch onto your food supply and bite or sting anyone who crosses their path. Larger pests, such as rats, mice, bats, and even squirrels, invade your home

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The Sensible Car Buyer: Why You Don’t Need that V8

Blame it on Hollywood and the music industry. Every rapper around the world seems to be spewing either angst-ridden lyrics or a study in their escapades beginning with promiscuity and ending with their brand of “rides,” and don’t forget all the “ice.” Whenever a popular celebrity arrives at some party on Sunset Strip or a

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Air-Conditioned Room

Why A Cooler Atmosphere Is Better For Sleep

Suppose you have to choose between sleeping in an air-conditioned room using thick sheets, and in an AC-less room without sheets. You’d probably pick the former. It seems automatic that folk would go for the prior choice. Otherwise, businesses like Legacy Heating and Air wouldn’t exist. Maybe science holds an answer to this human affinity to the

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3 Ways You are Likely to Compromise Your Car’s Engine

Car trouble often sends chills down the spine of many motorists since it means a trip to the repair shop. What many car owners fail to consider is that a mechanic, as a trained expert in car repair and maintenance, has a keen eye and is likely to notice anomalies with your vehicle. While most

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The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance to Your Business

Preventive maintenance plays a huge part in making sure that construction fleet machinery is functioning well and that nothing will negatively affect productivity in the workplace. It starts the moment you bought a piece of machinery, brought it to the worksite, and let it operate until disposed of.  Machine operators and technicians should undergo training on

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