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4 Skills You Didn’t Know Truck Drivers Need

A career in truck driving has its challenges, but it is as rewarding as any other occupation. If you see truck driving as the career for you, making sure you possess the skills needed for the job is the best way to get started. It’s not enough that you know how to drive either. Whether

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Dog and cat eating in one bowl

Best Fruits and Vegetables for Your Canine Friend

We all know how good fruits and vegetables are to our body. But did you know that they offer the same benefits to our lovable canine friends? They can also be very beneficial to dogs who have a sensitive stomach. So, aside from giving your furry friend dog food for a sensitive stomach, make sure to

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Woman carefully getting a test tube

The Forgotten Art and Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding

Canadians are paying more for prescription medication than most high-income countries. This is what a 2017 study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, found after comparing the volume and cost of primary care prescriptions between Canada and nine other high-income countries (Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands). In 2015,

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Recycled Bottles

Four Common Myths About Recycling

he debate on the impact of recycling has been ongoing for decades. Does it save money and energy? Although the advantages of recycling are quite evident, many people do not understand how their small acts can help global recycling efforts. This has led to several myths, which have left consumers confused and stuck in their

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3 Telltale Signs You Should Take Your Car for Brake Repair

Is it time to have a mechanic fix your car’s brakes? If it is, then the sooner you do that, the better for you. The fact is your car’s brakes may be the most crucial safety feature it has. They’re a reliable lifeline when a collision becomes a real possibility. Fortunately, there are easy ways

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Motorcycle driver on the road

3 Questions about Motorcycle Maintenance

A 2015 Pew survey in more than 40 countries stated that most households own a motorcycle. In the United States, about 53% has one. This type of vehicles is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. It’s faster, more cost-effective, and easier to obtain. Like all other vehicles, though, it also needs to be

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Ensure Your Safety on the Road, Pay Attention to your Tires

On the road, we see all kinds of vehicles like SUVs, 4WDs, wagons, trucks, and buses. Driving these vehicles entail great responsibility. Safety on the road is important. As a driver, you take need to take all precautions to stay safe on the road and keep pedestrians safe, too. Aside from a driver’s license and skill in driving,

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Is It Time To Use Your Car Less Often in Utah?

Gas prices in Utah have been on the rise based on the American Automobile Association’s (AAA) tally, which ranked the state as the ninth most expensive in the country. An AAA Utah report showed that the average gas price in the state amounted to $2.45 per gallon in March 2017. It now rose to $2.61

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4 Easy Ways to Make Sure That You Are Getting Genuine Car Parts

Everyone wants to save money on car maintenance, but when it comes to taking care of your Skyline, getting genuine car parts from K.D. Auto Spares during repairs is vital. Many car owners buy car parts without bothering to check their condition, only to regret later when they discover the parts are riddled with flaws. Here are simple ways

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