a woman holding her Invisalign

Better Dental Health

a woman holding her Invisalign

Straightening the teeth will improve the way they look and will often lead to better dental hygiene. Many people choose to have braces in Milton Keynes because of these advantages. Contemporary braces are designed and constructed with the patient’s comfort in mind. Tooth-coloured and transparent components enable Milton Keynes braces to maintain a low-key appearance. In some cases, they’re almost invisible. The days are long gone when straightening teeth meant having to wear a highly visible and uncomfortable dental appliance.

Solving problems

Braces in Milton Keynes are used to solve a variety of problems at dental practices such as Northlight Dental. Prominent front teeth can be a source of dissatisfaction with one’s appearance. Crowded smiles might be difficult to clean as well as unpleasant to see. When teeth are too close to each other and are situated at strange angles, a person’s toothbrush can fail to reach all of the dental surfaces. This can lead to a build-up of bacteria, and result in bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease.

Long-term work

Time spent wearing braces in Milton Keynes is an investment in long-term dental improvement. Treatments usually take a year or longer. Sometimes this can be shorter. It all depends on how much adjustment the teeth require.

The first step in any tooth realignment process is a consultation with the dental team. The patient explains what they’d like to change about their teeth, and the dentist takes detailed measurements of the patient’s mouth. The most suitable options can then be presented.

Clear aligners might be one way to go. These are worn over the teeth and do not need to be attached. Therefore, the patient can easily remove them when it’s time to eat dinner or clean their teeth. This low-hassle feature is complemented by a low-key appearance. In fact, the transparent plastic is almost invisible.

Fixed braces in Milton Keynes can be attached to the backs of the teeth. Known as lingual braces, these appliances apply gentle pressure to the teeth while remaining hidden from view. Precisely manufactured using innovative technology, braces in Milton Keynes produce long-term transformations in a person’s dental appearance.