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Australia’s Construction Sector is Booming

The Australian construction sector is showing signs of growth in the coming months. Current data has 8% of the GDP or gross domestic product coming from the construction industry, which is the largest non-service related sector. It added $134.2 billion to the country’s economy.

Further growth is forecasted as active construction projects is showing an increase of 2% every quarter. Moreover, the Australian construction industry is also showing growth in productivity with an increase of 2.8%. This means the annual employment rate is being equaled and sometimes even being surpassed. This productivity increase can be due to the new construction technology being used now, along with building techniques and modern construction hardware supplies.

More work opportunity

Not only is the construction industry a major contributor to the nation’s GDP; it is also a major employer. Currently, the employment opportunities in the construction sector are at 1.1 million. With the projected increase in the number of projects, the industry is expected to have more job offerings soon.

With a positive projection in the coming months, it’s important to find a construction supplier that could meet the high demand for construction materials.

What makes a good construction material supplier?

As construction projects are complex with so many variables at play, it’s important that your supplier delivers what is expected from them.

Materials. Your construction materials supplier should not end their service once all your orders have been off-loaded. They should provide you with invaluable advice on the materials you’ve ordered. They must have a clear understanding of where your materials would be used and offer suggestions on material composition and specs.

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Costing. A good supplier understands that both of you are running a business, but his main priority is to offer you the best material you need at the fairest price possible. They will not suggest a material that is not up to standards even if his part of the deal is to just sell to you. A reputable supplier will be fair with his price points.

Customer service. From the moment you first get in touch with them to secure your order, to delivery and collections, a great supplier will go the extra mile to give you exceptional service. They know that first-time customers must be impressed enough that they’ll become lasting customers. Are your calls answered promptly? Are your questions answered to your satisfaction?

Prompt delivery. The old adage has it that ‘time is of the essence’, and this couldn’t be truer than in the construction business. Your progress must never be stopped by delayed delivery. Once your orders are confirmed, it should be loaded immediately onto their delivery vehicles. In addition, a reputable company will deliver on the date they promised, having taken into consideration factors that may affect a timely delivery.

You want a stockist. An experienced company would have all of their supplies on hand. From the smallest screw to the largest material you can think of, they should have it. They know the value of a stockist and they endeavor to be one.

Location is key. To ensure timely delivery, find a local supplier that could meet all your needs. Not only will they save on delivery time; they’ll also help reduce your operating expenditures.

Whatever your project may be—say a school or a mall, it is important that you find the right construction supplier. This will ensure the success of your project.