Woman studying at home online

Adult Online Learners: Ways to Achieve Success

Woman studying at home onlineBy offering more flexibility for the working adults who wish to advance their careers, web-based education in the Philippines has revolutionized higher learning. Course materials are available online, and the student can study anytime and anywhere. Thus, a student who needs to balance work, family, and school can slot in each commitment as he or she sees fit.

There are many benefits of distance learning, but like most things in life, eLearning does have some challenges. Since students don’t need to attend the traditional classes, online learners need more self-motivation and time management skills to succeed. Again, eLearning depends on the Internet and technology, which is susceptible to network connections. Disruptions of connectivity and browser compatibility issues are likely to affect the learner adversely. That said, an eLearner can perform just as well as a traditional student, and here is how:

Set goals and put them in writing

Most eLearners work full-time and study part-time. This arrangement in itself is likely to present a myriad of challenges such as burning themselves out. On those days when you feel like giving up, it’s the SMART goals that will keep you motivated. List down why you’re going back to school and stick it in your study or somewhere visible. Goal setting will help you increase efforts, induce stronger focus, and prioritize things better.

Plan and prepare

Before picking a course, go through the syllabus so that you can deal with any personal or professional conflict ahead of time. The last complication you want is a board meeting conflicting with the test day—planning comes in to prevent this. It’s also key that you select a course that fits into your schedule. By looking at your demands, you can choose something that won’t throw you off balance.

Again, remember that balance is mandatory when studying part-time. Keep in mind that in some semesters, you may have the capacity to take three or four courses, while in others, you may afford to take only one course. The takeaway here is that you shouldn’t bite much more than you can swallow.

Inform your tutor of your learning preference

Man studying online coursesThe reason many distance learners disengage and fail miserably is that their learning experience fails to cater to their needs and preferences. Keep in mind that you may not be the only student the tutor is handling, and it’s likely that he or she has constructed a one-size-fits-all way of training.

Your lecturer won’t know how you prefer to be taught if you don’t tell him or her. Find out what you gravitate towards. Do you prefer lengthy reading materials? Would you rather listen to an audio lecture? Communicate how best you connect with ideas and the subject matter to the trainer and have him or her customize his or her training to suit your needs.

Designate a study area

Online learning will require you to have some quiet space for personal study. Look around your house and find that space that you can convert into a study room. You can transform an attic, a basement, a garage, or even a laundry room into a study room. Let your family understand that that is your sacred spot. Let them know that when you are there, you’re not open to disturbance.

Whether you’re taking an undergraduate course or a master’s degree online, it’s possible to succeed. It is important that you prepare in advance so that you can deal with challenges along the way.